Play Mr Green's Hammer or Fortune

If you think you know all there is to know about online slots, you’ll be in for a shock when confronted with Hammer of Fortune.
This particular slot tells a story that will grip you from start to finish. Team that with the adventure of a lifetime and you’re left with an interactive slot game, the likes of which you’ve never seen before.
You aren’t merely a bystander in Hammer of Fortune; you have a role to play throughout the entire Medieval-themed adventure. You’ll need your wits about you, too, in order to make the right decisions to make it to the finish line.

How to play Mr Green's Hammer of Fortune

Of course, at its core, it still has the basic features of a slot game: this particular 6×4 reel slot game has 50 pay lines. A grid takes up the entire right side of the screen, which is where the reels appear. The left-hand side tells the story of the Hammer of Fortune.
The Hammer is the plot’s most essential part. It tells the story of a young protagonist by the name of Olaf who tries to defend his village from the antagonist Gunnhild. The villain is capable of turning anyone into stone.

We’ll tell you more about the Hammer shortly but for now, just note that you’ll want to remain aware of its energy levels throughout the game.
There’s a €0.10 minimum bet and a €100 maximum bet, the latter of which will attract those looking for a big payday. You can see your bank balance at any given time under ‘Credits’, which lies opposite Total Bet (your wager).

To start, you’ll simply need to hit the Spin button. If you want to use Autospin, you can just hit that button instead and keep your finger on it. You’ll be asked to decide how many consecutive spins you want to play.
You can also hit the button on the top right to turn off the special effects and sound. The button on the top left allows you to see the various pay tables, as well as access further info about the game.

Hammer of Fortune slot - how to play

Mr Green's Hammer of Fortune Features

You’re a winner if you find anywhere between three and six consecutive symbols. The amount you win is dictated by your wage, which symbols are revealed, and how many there are. Take each of those and multiply them and that’s how much you’ve won.

It’s probably of no surprise to you that the Hammer of Fortune is the symbol that offers the highest value. So, of course, six of those in a row offers the ultimate prize. Next, you’re looking for a minimum of three identical blacksmith’s tools, with the value, in order, being an anvil, forge, and pliers.

Then it’s the emeralds, gold bars, and silver bars. Ranking last in value is the wood.

But what is it about this slot that makes it stand out from the rest? Well, there’s the story being told on the left-hand side of the screen when you’re spinning. A Progress Map guides the three main characters, with each spot of the map acting as a new part of the story, with new characters constantly being introduced.

Each chapter typically comprises between 50 and 75 spins. There’s only one chance to play each chapter.

Hammer of Fortune - Astrid

Mr Green's Hammer of Fortune Wild symbol

A Wild symbol is an almost essential part of any slot. They assist you in achieving an occasional big win, along with smaller but regular wins to increase your bank balance while you’re hanging in there for a big bonus feature.

There’s definitely a Wild in Hammer of Fortune. It isn’t easy to work out what the symbol stands for, however. It could be a charmed bracelet. Maybe it’s a kind of lucky locket. It isn’t really relevant. It will immediately become obvious which symbol it is due to the word ‘Wild’ appearing in big golden letters. It’s impossible to miss.

It never appears on Reel 1 but it can appear elsewhere. Other than that, we’re on familiar ground. It can be used in place of any symbol in order to help you win, and there can even be a pair of Wilds in a winning combination.

Hammer of Fortune slot - Ice Troll

Hammer of Fortune Bonus Features

Mr Green’s Hammer of Fortune Loot Chest Wins

So far, we’ve left out any mention of the Treasure Chest symbol. It’s time to mention it.

Any three Treasure Chest symbols appearing horizontally on adjacent reels means that you can claim whatever cash prize is on offer or a number of Hammer of Fortune free spins. It could even be both.

The cash prize starts at 2x your stake but that number can go as high 1000x. The Hammer of Fortune free spins can go as high as 120 rotations. The opportunity to activate these free spins doesn’t come around very often but it does come around, and when it does, it’s time to party.

You could be sat there in front of whatever device you’re playing Hammer of Fortune on for a full hour just watching one roll in after another. And you won’t be risking any of your own money the entire time.

The amount of treasure chests you see on your screen dictates how many free spins you get, as well as the value of your cash prize.


Using the Hammer of Fortune

As you’re spinning along to the tune of the game, the Hammer becomes increasingly filled with energy.

When full, you can opt to use it when three treasure chests appear on adjacent reels but not in a horizontal line. You can also opt to use the Hammer to knock out a maximum of five symbols in a bid to see three in a row, which activates the Loot Chest Wins. They could subsequently lead you to the free spins.

So not unlike in chess or poker, there’s definitely some strategy involved in playing Hammer of Fortune, as it’s your decision on when to use the Hammer.

Hammer of Fortune Mechanics

Of course, as with any slot, the main aim is to have fun. That’s never been more the case than it is with Hammer of Fortune. You also want to keep in mind, however, that you should constantly be aware of what the numbers mean when you play them. Here’s a brief breakdown of the more vital ones.

Max Win (coins): 5000
Min Bet (€): 0.10
Max Bet (€): 100
Return to player: 94.99%
Volatility: Medium
Free Play available: Yes


The most intriguing aspect of Hammer of Fortune is that it’s the first game from a new provider called Green Jade Games.
For a new player in the market, they aren’t shy when it comes to being ambitious. There’s a case to be made that this is the most interactive slot ever created, as well as having the most complex plot-line.
Sure, you may occasionally find yourself getting slightly annoyed at the numerous small wins coming your way while you’re waiting on those larger wins. You’d have to be extremely unlucky, however, to lose a large part of your bank during a single spell.
It isn’t easy to get those free spins but once you get them, you’ll be rewarded time and again, so it’s worth being patient.
Hammer of Fortune is truly a unique slot that provides a lot of fun and a story you’ll fall in love with.

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