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An introduction to online slots

Mr Green Online Casino is the place to be for the best new slot games. Our huge selection of the finest online slots makes it easy to find an exciting title to match your gaming style.
From jackpot slots to fruit themed games, we’ve gathered all the best game providers into one place to offer you a smooth yet fun gaming experience. All our players can enjoy the thrilling sounds, visuals and great all-round gameplay from the very best slot titles.
You’ll also find a wide range of game themes to keep you entertained whenever you come to play at Mr Green.

Fantastic Slots at Mr Green

We’re delighted to offer you the very best range of slot titles from the top game developers here at Mr Green. Titles such as the eternally popular Starburst and the adventurous Book of Dead.

How to Play Online Slots

It’s easy to start enjoying online slot games right now with Mr Green. Simply load up the game you wish to play, set your per-spin wagering amount, and away you go! The features and winning combinations of each game may vary, but it’s usually a case of landing specific symbols on active paylines to form winning combinations.
If you’re new to playing slots, then it’s best to start with a simple game and master the basics, especially when playing for real money. Always remember that winning at slot games is based on a combination of probability and pure luck. It’s always best to play responsibly and never chase your losses.

slots paylines

Paylines - What Are They?

Sometimes known as ‘winning lines’, paylines run across the reels and dictate where matching symbols must appear for you to win from each spin. They come in many combinations and can appear horizontally, diagonally, vertically or even zig-zagging across the slot’s reels.
The total number of paylines can be anywhere between a basic 5 up to 250 or more. Some slot titles allow you to choose how many paylines to activate; others will be decided by your bets. The more paylines that are active, the higher the bet cost per spin will be.

make a bet

Determine your Stake

Before playing, you’ll need to select your bet-value. This can either be done manually by changing the ‘coin value’ per spin or adjusting the total number of active paylines. This helps you to customise your online gaming experience.

slots paytable

Know your Paytables

Click on the info button, usually displayed as a wrench or a question mark symbol, to view a game’s paytable. This displays all of the game’s unique features and winning symbol combinations plus the list of possible payouts. You’ll also find the slot’s rules and bonus features explained, including how the scatter and wild symbols can impact your spins.

Online Slot Machine Symbols Explained

Every game will come with a whole host of exciting slot machine symbols. Some of these will trigger the free spins round or other bonus features when they land on active paylines. They can also activate multipliers to boost your potential winnings on each spin. Here are the most common online slot machine symbols:


Wild Symbols

Wild symbols can give your gameplay an extra boost by substituting for any other symbols, apart from scatters. If you needed to land four matching symbols on an active payline and you only got three plus a wild, the wild can act as the fourth symbol, giving you the win anyway.
You’ll also see some special wilds which behave in the following ways:

  • Sticky Wilds – will ‘stick’ to the reels beyond a single spin.
  • Stacked Wilds – will ‘stack’ up and usually land as blocks 2 to 5 symbols high, increasing your chances of forming a win. They might only appear on specific reels in a game.
  • Expanding Wilds – will ‘expand’ to cover the entire reel, usually the height of several regular symbols to boost your wins.

Depending on the slot’s rules, wild symbols can also multiply your wins on individual spins and even trigger the games bonus rounds.


Scatter Symbols

Landing scatter symbols on the reels in an online slot can give some potential larger winnings. They are commonly used to trigger a slot’s bonus round, such as the free spins game, when three or more scatter symbols appear at one time.
Getting more scatters can reward you with a larger amount of free spins, thus increasing your potential winnings.

different slots

How to Choose the Best Online Slot Game

The exciting combination of bonus features, engaging themes, easy to master gameplay and fantastic potential payouts, have made slot games a top choice for many players. Choosing a slot game which fits with your budget and playing style can easily enhance your online casino experience.
No two slot games are the same. Some offer more regular payouts of smaller amounts whilst others payout bigger amounts but less often. This difference in the frequency of payouts is referred to as ‘volatility’ and is categorised as either low, medium or high.
Playing a low volatility slot will usually extend your gameplay by paying out smaller winnings on a more frequent basis. In contrast, a high volatility slot may payout bigger amounts less frequently. Slots classed as medium volatility sit between the two extremes and make an ideal choice for budget-conscious players.
A low volatility slot will typically pay you around 250 coins from its highest-valued symbol whereas, a high volatility slot can reward you with up to 10.000 coins.
It’s also worth considering the RTP percentage when selecting a slot game. This stands for Return to Player and represents the percentage that a slot could pay back for every €100 wagered. An online slot game with an RTP of 95% would payout €100 for every €95 wagered. Remember that this average is calculated over millions of spins, and your experience of a game can differ greatly.
Looking at a game’s paytable should tell you all you need to know about its specific volatility level and RTP percentage.

jackpot slots

What are Online Jackpot Slots?

Jackpot slots offer players a chance of winning potentially huge amounts from a single spin. They come in two flavours, progressive and fixed.
A fixed jackpot has a set prize fund to be won at random, whereas the main prize pot increases with every spin on a progressive jackpot slot-potentially reaching millions of euros. A percentage of each wager contributes towards the total prize fund with games often linked between multiple casinos. This helps the jackpot to grow rapidly in a short time. It’s also not uncommon to see a mini, maxi and mega jackpot on offer in the same slot game, giving you more prizes to play for.

777 slots

Myths About Online Slots

A typical myth about online slots is that they can go ‘hot’ and payout more, or, ‘cold’ and payout less. Playing any slot game is totally random, and each spin is entirely independent of the next or previous one. Online slots simply don’t go hot or cold.
It’s also untrue to think that jackpots cannot be won progressively. Each spin of a jackpot has an equal chance of winning the top prize, and there is no set time between jackpot payouts.

Playing Online Slot Machines - Key Takeaways

Before playing your next online slot game, consider these essential tips:

Set a Budget

Only play with what you can afford to lose. Set a personal playing budget and stick to it.

Do Not Chase Losses

Playing online slots should be fun, and there are no guarantees of winning. Losing is part of the experience, and you should never chase your losses, thinking you can win them back.

First – Play for Free

Try out new slot games by playing in demo mode first to get to know the game before playing for real money.

Pick Your Slots Wisely

Mr Green Online Casino has a wide selection of slot games, so take the time to select one which matches your playing budget and interests.

FAQ Section

How to play with online slots?

Simply click on the Casino tab for a selection of our Top Rated slots, including Eye of Horus. You can also explore our wide range of slots by selecting Jackpot Games with progressive slots such as Cash Volt. To play all you have to do is choose a slot by clicking on it, enter your stake and simply click on the spin button and you are good to go!

What are online slots?

Online slots are modern versions of the old fruit machine games and can be played on the internet for real money. Alongside traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack, they are one of the most popular forms of online gambling.

Which kind of slots can I find?

At Mr Green we offer a wide range of different types of slot games. There are slots such as Rainbow Jackpots Power Lines, which offer progressive jackpots, daily drop jackpots and hourly drop jackpots. You can also play Megaways slots and Mr Green Exclusive slots.

Can I play slots on my mobile?

All slots at Mr Green can be played on mobile phones. Our site is optimized for you to play slots on mobiles. You can also download our App to your iPhone or Android to play slots on the go.

What is the RTP of slots?

RTP refers to the Return to Player of each slot. It’s usually expressed as a percentage. While slots with progressive jackpots have a lower RTP and are often more volatile, slots with a high RTP are usually less volatile. Broadly speaking, a higher RTP means you will win more frequently but the payouts are smaller.

What are free spins and how can I use them?

We often give players free spins, which means you can play a slot without having to use real money. The benefit is that all winnings from free spins are yours to keep. To use free spins, all you need to do is click on the slot game and your free spins will appear automatically.