Play Hammer of Fortune at Mr Green

Hammer of Fortune is one of those online slots games you’ve always been waiting for. A feat of creativity and innovation, it’s the envy of developers and studios alike. And now, at Mr. Green, it’s available for your gaming pleasure.

The perfect mashup of storytelling and engrossing game mechanics, Hammer of Fortune is an exceptional gaming achievement with inventive fluidity and momentum that powers you through the slot game.
Why be a spectator when you can actively take a role in experiencing a carefully curated gaming environment that draws upon medieval history.

It’s all waiting to unfold, don’t miss out!

How to play Hammer of Fortune

At its core, Hammer of Fortune is a 6×4 reel slot with 50 play lines. On the right half of the screen, you’ll find the grid where the bulk of the action takes places. On the other side of the reels, the lefthand side of the screen features the Hammer in question with the narrative being told alongside it.

The key to the game, the Hammer of Fortune tells the story of young Olaf, a brash but courageous hero, trying to save his village from the treacherous Gunnhild. A worthy foe, Gunnhild possess the ability to turn anyone into stone.

Apologies for burying the lede, but let’s take a slight detour before unpacking the lore behind the Hammer of Fortune.

In terms of wagers, a minimum bet is $0.10 with the maximum bet a gobsmacking $100, providing players on both ends of the spectrum the ability to maximize their gaming experiences. Bank balances are displayed under the Credits tab opposite of the Total Bet, where your wager is displayed.

Once you’ve wagered, hit the Spin button to get the game started. Additionally, you can take advantage of the Autospin function that allows you to automate the process. Once you’ve set a prearranged amount of spins, you’ll only have to keep your finger placed on the button to continue playing.

Furthermore, you’re offered full control of the gaming experience with the sound and special effects directly under your control through a button in the top right. Also, you’re able to choose the style of paytables while also accessing further information about the game by clicking on the button located on the top left.

Hammer of Fortune slot - how to play

Hammer of Fortune Features

To win, all you need to do is line up three to six of the same symbols in a row. Winnings are determined by how many symbols you’ve lined up, the types of the symbols, and your wager amount.

As you’d expect, the Hammer of Fortune symbol is the highest valued symbol in the game, and a lineup of six symbols is the highest rated combination in the game. In order of value, after the Hammer, it goes blacksmith tools, anvils, forges, and pliers.

If that wasn’t enough, you also have emeralds, gold and silver bars, and wood.
Finally, the most important feature is undoubtedly the story. A shining example of what a slot game should aim to be, the story unfolds on the left-hand side of the screen while you’re spinning your way through the game. You can follow the progress of the stories central characters through the Progress Map and track your efforts through each completed chapter. Remember, each successive chapter unlocks a new storyline and character arcs for your enjoyment.

Generally, it takes between 50 and 75 spins to complete a chapter in the game within this casino game. Once completed, you’re unable to replay past chapters.

Hammer of Fortune - Astrid

Hammer of Fortune Wild symbol

As with most slots, a Wild symbol is featured in Hammer of Fortune to aid you along in your gaming experience and increase your winnings with the occasional bonus.

In Hammer of Fortune, the Wild symbol is an enigma with no real discernible characteristics. It could be a locket, bracelet, or some other charming piece of jewellery. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to pick it out by the easily identifiable ‘Wild’ in big golden letters.

Able to appear anywhere except for Reel 1, the Wild symbol follows the usual set of rules and is able to replace any symbol and secure a win through a successful combination. Also, who’s to say you can’t have two Wild symbols in a combination? Not us!

Hammer of Fortune slot - Ice Troll

Hammer of Fortune Bonus Features

Hammer of Fortune Loot Chest Wins

Not to be overlooked, the Treasure Chest symbol is a mighty rival to the Wild symbol.

Boasting an impressive prize, if three of the Treasure Chest symbols are aligned along adjacent reels in a horizontal line, you’ll be able to claim either a cash prize offer, a number of Hammer of Fortune free spins, or both.

A multiplier on a wager, the cash prize offer could fall anywhere between 2x and 1000x the total stake at the time of appearance. The free Hammer of Fortune spins top out at 120 spins.

The key factor determining the size of the cash prize and the number of free spins is the number of Treasure Chest symbols you receive on screen.

Using the Hammer of Fortune

As you play your way through the game, the Hammer of Fortune slowly gets filled with energy until it reaches full capacity. Once there, you have the ability to use the Hammer whenever you like.

For example, you could use the power of the Hammer to eliminate up to five symbols in the hopes of perfectly aligning the three Treasure Chest Symbols horizontally. If successful, unlocking the most powerful sequence combination in the game thereby activating Loot Chest Wins.

Who said this game didn’t require strategy! The perfect mix of titillating excitement and careful plotting, Hammer of Fortune has it all.

Hammer of Fortune Mechanics

If you’re not worn out from the strategy discussion above, let’s quickly go over some numbers to make sure you’re well equipped with all the information you’ll need to optimize your playing experience.
Key information:

Max Win (coins): 5000
Min Bet ($): 0.10
Max Bet ($): 100
Return to player: 94.99%
Volatility: Medium
Free Play available: Yes


The newest release from Green Jade Games, Hammer of Fortune is a captivating gaming experience that features an epic storyline with interactive slots and amazing prizes.

A game of highs and lows, you’ll be thoroughly engrossed by the internal mechanics of the game all the while keeping track of numerous narratives developing with each chapter completed on the Progress Map. Also, you can’t forget the potential prizes on offer!

Exclusively at Mr. Green, have a blast playing Hammer of Fortune and try your luck wielding this mighty weapon and reap all of the spoils made available by its might.