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Forget everything you know about online slots because you won’t ever have seen anything like Hammer of Fortune before.
Here, casino game meets storytelling, which in turn meets adventure, to bring you arguably the most interactive slot game ever seen.
You’re not so much a witness to the Medieval-themed story of the game as you are active participant in every step of it. Make the right choices to complete the game.

How to play Hammer of Fortune

At the most basic level, this is a 6x4 reel slot with 50 Play lines. The right-hand half of the screen is taken up by the grid where the main action unfolds – the reels that spin – while the left-hand half of the screen displays the all-important Hammer of Fortune, alongside the unfolding story.
The Hammer is key to the plot of the story, which revolves around a young and sometimes scatty hero called Olaf trying to save his village from the evil Gunnhild, who can turn anyone into stone.
We’ll come back to the Hammer in a little bit but for the time being it’s just worth saying the Hammer’s energy levels are worth keeping an eye on.
Your bank balance is displayed under ‘Credits’ opposite where the Total Bet (amount you’re wagering) is shown.
Hit the Spin button to get going; you can also make use of the Autospin function by just keeping your finger on that button. You’ll be invited to choose how many spins in a row you want to play without stopping.
You also get to decide whether you want the sound and special effects on by clicking on the button in the top right and can also choose to see the different pay-tables and read some more info about the game by clicking on the top left.

Hammer of Fortune slot - how to play

Hammer of Fortune Features

Three to six of the same symbols in a row and you’ve got yourself a winner. The amount of each win is determined by how many symbols you’ve got, which symbols they are and your stake wagered on that spin. Multiply the three together and that’s the value of your win.

The highest value symbol is unsurprisingly the Hammer of Fortune itself with six of those being worth more than anything else. Then it’s a set of at least three identical blacksmith’s tools, where the order of value goes: anvil, forge, pliers.

Then it’s the emeralds, the gold bars and the silver bars. Last but not least, it’s the wood.

Let’s talk about what makes this slot so special. While you’re spinning, there’s a story unfolding on the left-hand side of the screen. The three central characters follow a Progress Map, with each spot representing a new chapter, complete with a new storyline and new characters.

It normally takes 50 to 75 spins to complete each chapter and chapters already played, can’t be replayed.

Hammer of Fortune - Astrid

Hammer of Fortune Wild symbol

Few slots are complete without a Wild symbol to help you secure some occasional big wins and some smaller but consistent ones along the way to help boost your bank, while you wait for that big bonus feature to kick in.

And there’s certainly a Wild in Hammer of Fortune. It’s a little hard to decipher what the symbol actually represents. Some sort of lucky locket? A charmed bracelet? No matter. You’ll instantly know which symbol it is because it says ‘Wild’ on it in big golden letters; you really can’t miss it.

It doesn’t appear on Reel 1 for some reason but can show up anywhere else. Then, it’s the usual story. It will substitute for any symbol to help you secure wins and there’s no reason why there can’t be two Wild symbols featured in a winning combination.

Hammer of Fortune slot - Ice Troll

Hammer of Fortune Bonus Features

Hammer of Fortune Loot Chest Wins

We haven’t mentioned the Treasure Chest symbol yet so now is the time to do so.

Any three of them on adjacent reels and in a horizontal line and you’ll be able to claim the cash prize on offer, a number of Hammer of Fortune free spins, or both of them.

The cash prize can be anything between 2x and 1000x the total stake, while the Hammer of Fortune free spins can go all the way up to 120 rotations. Activating those 120 free spins, which is admittedly rare but can certainly be done, really is a case of Christmas coming early.

You could be sitting there in front of Hammer of Fortune just pressing ‘spin’ for as long as half an hour just watching more and more wins coming in. All without having to risk a cent of your own money, of course.

The cash prize and number of free spins are determined by the number of treasure chests you get on screen.

Using the Hammer of Fortune

As you spin away, the Hammer of Fortune gradually gets filled with energy.

When it’s full, you can decide to use it when there are three treasure chests which are on adjacent reels but not horizontally next to each other. You can then choose to knock out up to five symbols with the Hammer to try to get that all-important sequence of three of them in a row, which of course activates the Loot Chest Wins. Which in turn could lead to the free spins.

So there’s some real strategy involved here because it’s up to you to decide when to use the Hammer.


What’s interesting with this game is that it’s the very first effort of a brand-new provider going by the name of Green Jade Games.
And they certainly started full of ambition. This is arguably the most interactive slot ever made so far and we’re yet to see a game with such a complex storyline behind it, either.

There will be times when lots of small wins may leave you a tad frustrated while you wait for those big wins but then again, you’d have to be very unlucky to lose a big chunk of your bank during one spell.
Those free spins are most certainly not easy to get though they’ll infinitely reward you when you do get them, so it’s worth the wait.
All in all, Hammer of Fortune is a load of fun and a slot that’s one-of-a-kind.

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