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There isn’t another game on the slot market like Hammer of Fortune from Jade Games.

It’s a casino slot game that brings together storytelling and adventure, which in turn makes it one of the most interactive slot games ever produced.

It’s a game that sees you participating rather than standing on the sideline, with the choices you make in the medieval-themed story affecting what plays out on your screen.

Hammer of Fortune – How To Play?

When you break it down, Hammer of Fortune is a 6x4 reel slot with 50 play lines – but it’s so much more than that. The right half side of the screen is taken up by the grid where the action primarily takes place in this casino game.

The titular Hammer is the key to the plot of the story, which revolves around a hero by the name of Olaf. Young and oafish, it’s up Olaf to save his village from the treacherous Gunnhild, who holds the power to turn anybody to stone.

We’ll get back to the Hammer in a moment, but it’s worth keeping in mind that the Hammer’s energy level is key information in this game.

Your balance is displayed under the ‘Credits’, which can be located opposite ‘Total bet’, the amount that you are wagering.

Hit the Spin button to get started – if you’d rather just sit back and take it all in, you can also opt for the auto spin functionality. This allows you to choose how many spins you’d like it to work without your input, so it doesn’t go above or below how many times it actually spins for you.

If you’d rather play without the sound effects and game noises, you can do so by selecting the button on the top right, which is also the area where you will find more information and detailed instructions on the game.

Hammer of Fortune slot - how to play

Features of Hammer of Fortune

Same as any slot game, get 3 to 6 symbols in a row, and you’re onto a winner. The amount you win is determined by a couple of different factors: how much was the bet you placed, what the symbols you match are and how many of the symbols appear together. Multiply these three factors together and you’ll find out how much you will win.

In terms of values, the highest valued symbol is unsurprisingly the Hammer of Fortune itself, with six of those being worth the most on the reels. Following that, there is a set of three blacksmith's tools, where the order of the value goes: anvil, forge, pliers.

Following the tools, the symbols of value go Emeralds, Gold bars, Silver bars and lastly, wood.

What makes the slot special is the story that is unfolding on the left-hand side of the screen. Your characters will follow a Progress Map, with each spot representing a new in-game chapter, which brings with it a new part of the story as well as new characters.

Completing a chapter in the game generally takes around 50-75 spins, and when chapters have been completed, they cannot be replayed.

Hammer of Fortune - Astrid

Bonus Features – Loot Chest Wins

There’s one symbol that has gone unmentioned thus far, the Treasure Chest.

Get any three Treasure Chest symbols on adjacent reels in a horizontal line and you’ll be able to claim the cash prize that is on offer, a number of free spins, or even a combination of both.

The cash prize can be anything from 2x to 1000x of the total stake, while the Hammer of Fortune free spins can go all the way up to 120 rotations.

The cash prize and number of free spins that can be attained through the Treasure Chests is determined by the number of treasure chests you get on screen.

Hammer of Fortune slot - Ice Troll

Using the Hammer of Fortune

The titular Hammer of Fortune fill with energy as you spin your reels. The more you spin the more energy in the hammer.

When it’s full, you can choose to use it when there are three treasure chests that are on adjacent reels but not ones that are horizontally next to each other. Then, you can choose to knock out five symbols with the hammer to try and get to that all-important sequence of three in-a-row… which activates the Loot Chest Wins! Which could then lead to free spins.

What this means is that there is strategy involved, with tactical playing meaning you will perform better when using the Hammer.

Mechanics of Hammer of Fortune

At the end of the day, you want to have fun with your slots, and that’s something that Hammer of Fortune has in abundance – it’s great fun. It’s also good when it’s financially positive, so it helps to be aware of the figures – let’s take a look at some of the more important ones:

  • Max Win (coins): 5000
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Free Play available: Yes


One impressive facet of this game that may go unnoticed due to its polish is that it’s the first serving from the new provider Green Jade Games. The care and attention put into the game is evident – it’s an ambitious offering that offers a narrative, action-packed gameplay and room for a strategic approach.

When it comes to winnings, sometimes the way that victories trickle in may frustrate as you wait for a big haul, but that being said, it also means that the chance of losing large sums at once is generally less likely.

While free spins are a little harder to get than they are in other slot games, they are worth the wait, as they offer a premium reward.

When all is said and done, Hammer of Fortune offers a fun and unique slot experience.

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