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Jackpot slots at Mr Green 

Jackpot slots are an innovative and engaging type of online slot that has risen as a variation to traditional slot games. These games incorporate many traditional features of slots while adding a new layer to the game. Instead of simply looking for winning combinations, special symbols, or free spins, jackpot slots offer players a chance to achieve considerable instant wins.
Overall, players spinning the reels will automatically qualify for this feature, which can be triggered randomly by landing specific symbols and combinations. There are several types of jackpot slots that feature different jackpot systems and, consequently, different jackpot amounts and winnings chances. What’s more, jackpot slots are available in different formats and feature different themes, allowing users to choose what slot suits their preferences.

An introduction to jackpots

The term ”jackpot” first appeared around the 1870s, from the poker game ”Jacks or Better”. Players put their bets in a pot that could not be won unless a player had a pair of ”jacks or better”. Over time the pot could grow to become quite large before anyone won it. Jackpots can be described as a prize pool that accumulates from every bet that players make on a slot machine. In the beginning it used to be on a specific slot machine at a casino and later went on to be from several different slot machines at the same casino. At online casinos, multiple players can play the same online slot, at the same casino or different casinos, at the same time. This makes the jackpot on a game rise much faster, and to much higher amounts.

What is a jackpot slot? 

Nowadays, users can access a broad range of slot games online. These games, which originated in land-based slot machines, have been expanded in the digital age and currently feature two formats: video slots and jackpot slots. Video slots are the classic version of slot games, in which players can win by landing winning combinations and other special symbols.
However, traditional slot games have also inspired alternative versions, including the jackpot slots. These slots borrow inspiration from poker games, which first introduced jackpots as an extra feature. Essentially, jackpot slots incorporate the same elements as regular slot games but expand winning changes by featuring a jackpot. This jackpot can be won regardless of players landing winning combinations in slot games. Ultimately, they are bonus prizes within games.
According to each slot game, jackpots can have higher or smaller chances of landing, while prizes can vary greatly. This is because jackpots can also come in different formats, with the two main types being: fixed jackpots and progressive jackpots. Fixed jackpots feature a final prize which remains the same through the game and is unchanged by the number of spins and the wagers’ amount. Overall, these types of jackpots tend to feature higher prizes, but they are tougher to win.
On the other hand, there are also progressive jackpot slots, the most popular alternative to fixed jackpots. These types of jackpots are made out of specific percentages of the players’ wagers and also have their own variations (stand-alone progressive jackpots, local progressive jackpots, and wide-area jackpots). These types of jackpots are non-fixed, meaning they will increase with each spin, with players also having the option of increasing their chances of winning by placing higher bets.

How to play a progressive jackpot slot

Playing a progressive jackpot slot machine is, in general, just like playing a regular slot machine, but there are some differences. For example, progressive slots have a jackpot meter, which shows the current value of the jackpot. As you play you can see the jackpot rising all the time. The jackpot meter can be found in the actual slot itself. You can also find a list of the progressive jackpot slots and how much each respective jackpot is worth under the Jackpot section.
The gameplay is just like any other slot machine where you can set your bet amount and bet levels. Just remember to read the the rules for the progressive jackpot slot you are going to play, in order to make sure that you qualify for the progressive jackpot. Some progressive slots might require you to play maximum bet spins, for example. You can find the rules for each game in the Game Rules section within the game.

Different types of jackpots

There are quite a number of people who have hit a jackpot and changed their lives; some even hit a massive jackpot. On January 20, 2013, a Finnish man played Mega Fortune and bet €0.25 when suddenly he hit the jackpot and was rewarded with a staggering €17,861,800. According to the lucky winner he ”laughed and cried at the same time” when he he realised that this was a dream come true moment. Another jackpot being over €10 million is the Guinness World Record holder, which was hit on 24 September, 2011. The lucky Norwegian couldn’t sleep and ended up winning €11,736,375 on Mega Fortune. He later said that after the win he really couldn’t sleep because of the shock. In Sweden, a lucky woman won €7.6 million when she played Hall of Gods. She planned to use to pay off her house and loans with, as well as taking the entire family to Thailand. As the jackpots tick upwards, so does the potential for that life-changing win.

Progressive jackpots at Mr Green

Fixed jackpots

Fixed jackpots are jackpots that feature a fixed amount of prize money. Unlike progressive jackpots, fixed jackpots do not increase over time. While this type of jackpot is non-progressive, the prize amount can vary according to different types of fixed jackpots. In fact, there are two types of fixed jackpots: the ones which are based on the players’ wagers, and which vary according to the maximum payout; and fixed jackpots that have a permanent cash prize, which is always the same regardless of the amount of players’ bets.

Stand-alone progressive jackpots

Stand-alone jackpots are a type of progressive jackpots in which the final prize gradually increases as players place their bets. However, in this type of jackpot, the prize amount originates only from bets placed in a particular slot machine on a specific online casino. Unlike most other types of progressive jackpots, stand-alone progressives are not linked to any other slot, resulting in smaller cash prizes. Nonetheless, the chance of triggering these types of jackpots is the highest among progressive jackpots.

Local progressive jackpots

Local progressive jackpots operate in a similar way to regular progressive jackpots. However, as the name indicates, local progressive jackpots are exclusive to a particular online casino. In this sense, the jackpot at stake only increases through wagers placed on slot machines that are part of a specific online casino platform. As a result, in most cases, local progressive jackpots have medium cash prizes, which are still higher than stand-alone progressive, but the chances of activating them are slightly higher than network/wide-area progressive jackpots.

Wide area progressive jackpots

Wide-area progressive jackpots are jackpots that tend to feature the highest earnings possible in progressive slot jackpots. These jackpots result from the combined percentages taken out from players’ wagers across a wide range of slots working in a network of online casinos. In addition, this type of progressive jackpots can also be available across several games belonging to the same game series or saga. They are usually operated by third-party authorities and can feature millions in earnings, although the chances of triggering such prizes are rather slim.

Progressive jackpots at Mr Green

At Mr Green, players will find some of the most inventive and engaging progressive jackpot slot games available. From the Old West to Mount Olympus, players have the chance to explore different historical periods, embark on relaxed and fun journeys, or embrace their adventurous side and explore ancient ruins and civilizations. Whatever their preference, they are sure to find a wide range of slot games that will take them wherever they want to go.

Mega Moolah 

Mega Moolah is a 5×3 online slot game inspired by the African savannah featuring not one but four progressive jackpots that can be triggered randomly during the game. These jackpots’ final prizes increase in real-time as players place their bets and spin the wheels. With 25 paylines, players can win up to x11250 their bet. This adventure into the wilderness is also packed with other special features including free spins, wild symbols, scatters, and multipliers that can reach up to x100.

Mega Fortune

At Mega Fortune, players will get to go on a luxurious ride around Los Angeles where they will be able to enter the race to win one of three progressive jackpots. Inspired by luxurious lifestyles, some of the symbols in this slot include limousines, golden rings, yachts, and dollar bills. In addition, players will also find 25 winning combinations that can offer them up to x10,000 their stake and exciting wild substitutes, free spins, and a truly classy gambling experience. 

Jackpots in other games 

Over the years, jackpot prizes have become extremely popular and so, in addition to slot games, jackpots have been incorporated into other equally popular casino games. In fact, the first game to have incorporated jackpots was poker and, as result, there are currently several poker games that feature a jackpot, including Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, Live Caribbean Stud Poker, and Live Casino Hold’em. Luckily, all three of these games are live games, where players will get enter a digital room where they will find real dealers dealing cards in real-time. In addition, while playing users will automatically enter the run for the jackpot prize, which also increases in real-time as more players join in and place their bets.

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