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An introduction to roulette

The game of the glamorous, the iconic and much-loved casino table game of choice—Roulette. Found in 99.99% of all casinos around the globe, Roulette comes in multiple variations and styles. From the classic versions of European, French and American, to enhanced and unique versions that can only be played online, all roulette games use the same basic play style that is simple to learn, and easy to understand. However, roulette also offers a surprising level of depth for the really serious players out there.

The earliest form of roulette is said to have been invented in a monastary in France in the 17th century. In an attempt to build a machine that would revolve endlessly without a need for energy from an outside source, a physicist failed, but a roulette wheel was born. The word roulette means “”small wheel”” in French.

How to play roulette

The core, fundamental challenge of roulette, is to predict on which number the ball lands. Players who do predict correctly, win. Roulette gives players multiple ways in which to bet in order to predict the outcome on the roulette wheel. There are many types of bets that you can place.

Colour bet
Choose the colour of the final number and place a bet—will it be red or black? But, if the ball lands on green, the bet loses. Pays 1 to 1.

Even or odd bet
Place a bet on whether the final number is ODD or EVEN. Pays 1 to 1.

Column bets
By placing your bet in a 2:1 space, you are betting that the ball will land on one of the numbers in that long column. Pays 2 to 1.

Below the black and red columns you can place your bet on groupings of twelve numbers. Choose from the 1st 12 numbers, the 2nd 12 numbers or the 3rd 12 numbers. This pays 2 to 1.

High or low bet
Place bets on whether the number will be in the top half of the board (1 – 18), or in the lower half of the board (19 – 36). Pays 1 to 1.

Inside bets
Inside bets are wagers you can make on specific numbers or selection of numbers that have higher paying odds. Here are example of inside bets:

Straight up bet
Betting on a single number gives the biggest payout of all. Pays 31 to 1.

Split betting
Place a chip on the line between two numbers to split a bet between two numbers. Pays 17 to 1.

Street bet
Place a chip on the end of any “”street”” or row of three numbers to bet on all three numbers in that row. Pays 11 to 1.

Corner bet
Place a chip on the intersection of four numbers to split a bet between all four. Pays 8 to 1.

Bet on six numbers by placing the chip on the edge of two adjoining streets. This is like a double street bet. Pays 5 to 1.

Types of roulette

Over time, the game of roulette has evolved in many ways. New forms of gameplay were introduced by the Americans, bringing the advent of American roulette. It’s important to understand the core differences so you can choose the online roulette game that’s right for you.

European Roulette
Since roulette originated in France, European roulette is potentially the most authentic version of the game you can play. On a European roulette wheel, the numbers range from 0 to 36 and are distributed randomly around the wheel. With the 37 numbers, the odds of winning on a are 1 in 37 on a straight up bet. The house edge in European roulette is small, at 2.7%. That means losing in European roulette brings smaller losees than American roulette, where the house edge is 5.27%.

American Roulette
The biggest difference in American roulette is the wheel itself. In addition to the 0 on European roulette, there is also a 00 pocket. If you study an American roulette wheel, you’ll notice that the numbers are arranged in a logical order, but placed opposite one another. For example, 1 is placed across the wheel from 2. With the additional 00, the chances of winning on a single number bet are 1 in 38.

Roulette at Mr Green

There are many variants of the standard roulette ruleset that have sprung up across casinos to give players more options to play, and more ways to enjoy themselves. Here are the roulette games on offer at Mr Green.

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