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One of the most exciting and unpredictable card games to play online is Blackjack. What makes it even better is that there are a number of different blackjack games to choose from, with each one having its own unique challenge.
For example, you might want to alter the way you play a certain type of Blackjack depending on the house-edge of the game. Getting to know the appropriate strategy for each variant is important, which is why we show you what you can expect at Mr Green.

Different blackjack games

The original form of the game is Standard Blackjack and, not unsurprisingly, this has the greatest number of players at Mr Green.

It is easy to learn the standard blackjack rules and this will set you up for adapting them to other variants. The differences normally revolve around the timing of the dealer’s participation or when you can ‘double down’ on which cards. Either way, before each game, players should know the rules in full.
The table you choose will define what rules you are playing to and you will notice small differences between the blackjack games. But let us get acquainted with the ground-rules first, so you are confident before you start betting real money:

  • The main aim is to get a hand which is nearest to the score of 21.
  • This can be achieved in the first deal if your original pair makes a total of 21 (eg. Ace and king) which is called a ‘natural blackjack’.
  • The catch is that if you exceed a score of 21 you lose, or go ‘bust’. You will also lose your bet if the dealer gets closer to 21 than you.
  • A ‘double down’ is the process of upping your bet by a maximum of twice your original sum. This gives you the option of having your bet refunded to you or ‘pushed’ when the value of your hand is the same as that of the dealer.
  • An insurance bet is an option when the card of the dealer that is visible (the other is face down) is an ace. This side bet is offered at 2:1, regardless of the value of your own main cards.
  • As a result of these ground-rules, you can start to build up an idea of the strategy you will use for the required situation. Nevertheless, you must remember that each blackjack variant creates its own dynamics and this needs its own particular strategic response.

    Double Exposure

    While in standard blackjack only one of the dealer’s cards is visible from the beginning, double exposure blackjack games make for much more riveting experiences. As its name implies, both the cards of the dealer are facing up from the beginning. This ‘two-card game’, as it is also known, requires a change of strategy too, which must be factored in by the player.
    As with everything there are some clear pros and cons. While the cash you get for each combination is identical to standard blackjack, the dealer will always win when there’s a draw. Of course, a blackjack will always take the pot, although getting a top score of 21 is not as profitable as in original blackjack games. This is one of the drawbacks of this alternative.
    These differences from the standard blackjack games also call for their own strategic approaches, being aimed at those who like to take risks. Don’t be fooled by the reassurance of knowing what you are trying to beat, because with a tie leading to a loss you need to be surer of your tactics than ever before.

    Pontoon Blackjack

    As one of the games most related to blackjack, pontoon might be more familiar to those who played it in their childhood as ‘twenty-one’. In fact, Pontoon Blackjack is a derivative of Spanish 21 and it thus has its own quite unique and interesting hallmarks.
    One major shift from the family game is the terminology, where ‘stick’ is used over ‘stand’ and ‘twist’ replaces ‘hit’. Pontoon blackjack games are characterised by only being able to stand on a hand of 14 or over. But every time you hit for a new card, you can double the bet which is a big thrill.
    While the best hand is still a blackjack (ace with a ten-valued card) you can go for a five-card hand to win. Of course, this takes guts because you cannot get more than 21, but as you need to score less than 14, it might be worth it. This is one of the rules that can make pontoon even more of a challenge.
    Apart from occasional differences in splitting hands, Pontoon Blackjack is very similar to Spanish 21. It is this connection that gives these blackjack games a boost in the popularity ranks, as this variant is known all over the world.

    Blackjack Surrender

    You might think that surrendering is the last thing you want to be doing when you are playing blackjack games. But what if your starting hand is so poor you want to quit right away?
    Well, Blackjack Surrender allows you to do just that. While it is identical to standard blackjack in every other way, you can ‘surrender’ the first pair you get in return for half your original bet.
    This creates its own strategical challenge, since at first this might sound like an unnecessary loss of funds. But for the thinking player this remains a very interesting choice. Of course, it is necessary to use this option in only certain situations, but if these can be calculated correctly, a surrender can be very effective.
    Poker players, in particular, tend to be fans of this form of blackjack as it is similar to ‘folding’. If for instance you see that the dealer holds a ten card or Ace, it might seem pointless to continue. In this scenario, it may be easier to let go of the ego and do a ‘late surrender’ hoping for better luck in the future.
    If you play this form, just be aware that a surrender is only possible if the dealer has no blackjack from the off. If the dealer does have an ace and a ten-value card it is all over before you can even say ‘surrender’!

    Play Blackjack online at Mr Green Casino

    Live Blackjack

    Realism is often what is lacking from online card games. That is why Mr Green offers live blackjack to make you feel like you are in a real casino. There is even a dealer that welcomes you to whichever of the blackjack games you choose to play. Live blackjack adds to the excitement by creating an unrivalled atmosphere at a virtual table in a live casino.
    Live blackjack is designed so you can get away from your daily life during a lunch-break on your phone or with your laptop lounging on the sofa. When location or device isn’t an issue, being in the hot-seat of a casino at any time or situation makes live blackjack games an unmissable opportunity.
    Enjoy the HD video quality that really makes blackjack games come to life in a new and interactive way. The lively layout of a casino environment is imitated in live blackjack, bringing the user straight into this hive of action with entertainment like never before. Communicate with the dealers or the other players via the live chat option as soon as you get plugged into the latest in video casino gaming.
    Mr Green even brings two different sets of live blackjack games to its players, each with their own style that will appeal to different players and personalities. NetEnt and Evolution Gaming each provide live table products that will take you straight into this virtual casino atmosphere.

    Choosing the Blackjack for you

    As you can see the variety of options when it comes to blackjack games is endless. Making the choice can be daunting at first, but after a while you will get more of an idea what suits you best.
    The factors you want to look at correlate to what you gets you going. It could be high-risk pontoon or double exposure where you can see what the hand of the dealer is. Perhaps you just want to start with standard blackjack and see how it goes. Either way, build a strategy and make wise choices to get to the top.
    If you want to get an idea how to get to that point, Mr Green’s blackjack strategies is the best way to start this journey. We will teach you the basics of how to double down, split, insure your bet or just the best odds to look out for in each of Mr Green’s blackjack games.