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The game of Blackjack is always a winning proposition that supplies countless hours of fun and entertainment. The explanation is simple. Blackjack has rules that are relatively easy and fast to learn. Still, you might be surprised to hear that there are variants of blackjack involving different rules and strategies.

For example, in some rules, the house must stand on a hand of 17. Some rules state the house must hit on soft hands. The options may also differ, sometimes allowing you to double your stake on all hands or a particular selection at other times. Some versions of blackjack even accommodate doubling the stakes, multiple times.

The version of the game and the rules will affect the strategy as well as the house edge. This means that some Blackjack games are more profitable than other ones. For this reason, we examine the more common variants, including the differences in rules and the positive/negative effects that accompany them.

Different blackjack games

Standard Blackjack

The standard version of Blackjack Online is the most widely available and is approximately the same anywhere. Some things can be different, such as when the dealer must hit and stand, cards that permit a doubling down, whether doubling down after a split is allowed and the number of decks.

Double Exposure

An entertaining version of standard Blackjack is double exposure because both of the dealer’s cards are face-up even before we’ve made our choice. This gives players an advantage, although the payout is equal to the standard Blackjack since the dealer wins on any tie except Blackjack which is a disadvantage. Also, a further disadvantage is that wins on 21 will be lower than the original.


Pontoon is an excellent choice for players that are looking for something a little different from the original. Here, you can double your stake every time that you hit. However, you cannot stand on any hand lower than 14. There is also the chance to create a winning hand of 21 with five cards instead of only two cards in the original Blackjack version.

Blackjack Surrender

There is only a small difference between Blackjack Surrender and the original version of the game. With this variant, you can opt to surrender (give up) the hand you start with and receive half your bet back. In other words, this option will cost you half your wager. Used correctly, you could find that you have saved a significant amount of cash over the long run.

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Live Blackjack

Can anything match the feel of playing a Blackjack game in a land-based casino? Well, the answer is yes! This is because Live Casino Blackjack recreates the authentic experience of playing Blackjack against a live dealer at any location. You’ll enjoy a high-definition video feed that will allow you to view and hear the game. You can even chat with the dealer as well as other players at the table.

Some Live Casino Blackjack games available at Mr Green Online Casino Canada: