All type of blackjack games explained

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Blackjack is always a winning alternative that provides a high level of simple entertainment. This is mainly because the rules in the game are fairly easy to learn, but did you know that these can actually vary from one casino to another and that there are exciting versions with distinct differences?

Sometimes the rules state that the house must stand on all 17s, while they at other times say they must hit on the soft ones. Our own options may also differ as we’re sometimes allowed to double the stake on all our hands, while we’re at other times only allowed to double a certain selection. In some special versions of blackjack it’s even possible to double the stake several times.

These different rules and game versions do not only have a great impact on the strategy we should be using, but also affect how big the house edge is. Some versions can in fact be more profitable for us to play than others. We will therefore take a look at the most common versions, how the rules differ and what positive or negative impacts this may have.

Standard Blackjack

This is the most common version of blackjack online you’ll come across which is played more or less the same everywhere. There are however some things that can differ, such as when the dealer must hit or stand, what cards we may double down on, if we’re allowed to double down after a split and how many decks are being used.

standard blackjack

Double Exposure

Double exposure is a highly entertaining version of the standard blackjack, in which both of the dealer’s cards are visible before we make our choices. Even though this gives us a huge advantage, the expected payout is about the same as in standard blackjack. This is because the dealer will win every time it’s tied (except on a blackjack) and that winnings on 21 have a lower payout than the original version.

double exposure blackjack

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Are you looking for an exciting version of blackjack with distinct differences to the original? Then Pontoon is the perfect choice! Here you won’t be able to stand on anything lower than 14, but you will be able to bet double your stake for every extra card that you hit. You also have the possibility to create a hand with five cards that beat any other hand than those that have 21 with just two cards.


Blackjack Surrender

This version is just like ordinary blackjack, with a small exception that could play a big role. In this version you have the possibility to surrender (give up) your starting hand and receive half your stake back. Does this sound like a bad decision? It’s actually something that could save you a lot of money in the long run if you just use it correctly.

blackjack surrender

Live Blackjack

What’s better than getting a true, authentic blackjack experience no matter where you are? With live blackjack it doesn’t matter if you’re travelling or relaxing in the couch at home, you’ll still be able to enjoy the same thrilling experience as when visiting a real casino. While high definition cameras make it possible for you to see and hear everything that’s happening at the table, a chat will allow you to speak with the lovely dealers and other players at the table.

live blackjack