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Versuchen Sie es Live!

In the beginning, live bets were only part of the range of sports betting providers. A lot has happened since then and the huge popularity of the bet has made it an important offering on all sports betting sites. Every day, millions of players around the world use the many different live betting markets during an event.

Live-Wetten…was ist das überhaupt?

Live bets are also known as “in-game bets”. They allow you to bet on many different things during an event. The concept has been adopted by gamers with overwhelming success and live betting is now available for just about every sport. However, soccer and tennis are by far the most popular.

In most sports, such as soccer, there are hardly any interruptions and the live betting markets are always available. However, the odds  are constantly changing and adapt to what is happening on the field. In other sports, for example tennis , where the match regularly pauses, the betting markets could also be temporarily closed. As soon as the game is resumed, the live betting will also be available again. In any case, a live bet is decided relatively quickly and is paid out immediately. For example, if you bet on the result of the next service game in tennis and you are right, you can reinstate the winnings at the next service game.

live betting

Optionen für Live-Wetten

Most live bets are placed on the winner of an encounter, with skilled players benefiting from the ever-changing odds. Odds on the winner can fluctuate widely during a game, such as a tennis match that goes back and forth.

However, a modern sports betting provider  offers much more than just a betting market for the winner of the game. Many of the pre-game betting markets also find their way into live betting markets. This includes, for example, the exact number of goals or the exact result of a set. There are also other betting markets, including the time window in which the next goal will be scored, the winner of the next service game and so on. Those who specialize in live betting have many opportunities to prove their skills. Due to its immense popularity, you can assume that you will experience more betting markets in the future, which will offer you more opportunities to put the bookmakers to the test.

live betting options

Wichtige Aspekte bei Live-Wetten

The basic requirement for successful live betting is actually to watch the game live. Following a ticker does not allow you to assess the game yourself and draw your conclusions from it. If you watch live, you can see at an early stage in which direction a game is developing. Not following the whole thing live gives you a major disadvantage. Find a reliable streaming service or watch what’s going on on TV (if it’s on).

Getting into live betting for the first time can be a little daunting, but it creates a lot of excitement! Every second there are different ways to place bets. Especially at the beginning you should limit yourself to selected betting markets and study their odds. If, for example, you are gaining experience with tennis live betting for the first time, it is best to only bet when you switch sides in order to slowly get used to all of the functions. Once you feel confident, you can place bets even during rallies.

Discipline is extremely important here. The overview can quickly be lost, especially with live bets. So make sure you have a plan and stick to it. Do not chase after losses and always keep the necessary calm.

live betting essentials

Live-Wetten mit einer Strategie

There are numerous strategies for live betting and with the necessary patience, you will soon find the right one for you. The most common way of using live betting is to hedge your bets before a match. For example, if you have bet on RB Salzburg, there could be an opportunity during the game where you bet on the other team and thus make a profit on both the Salzburg win and the opponent’s win.

Predicting the movements of a live betting market is an important part of being successful. In tennis there is currently the trend to attach too much importance to individual points and service games. The odds of winning can jump significantly from one moment to the next. You can use this to your advantage and find a way to wager your money on both players when the odds are favorable. If you can do that, you can sit back and make a profit either way.

In addition, you should find out everything about individual players and teams, especially how they behave in certain game situations. For example, some tennis players have trouble maintaining their performance over three sets. In a best-of-5 Grand Slam match , a player can dominate the first two sets, falls into a kind of mental hole in the third, and gets up again for the fourth set. It is quite possible that this happens to one player more often than to another. By knowing this and a lot more about all players, you can take advantage of them during a match and use live betting to your advantage.

live betting strategy

Die Freude an Live-Wetten

As with any type of sports betting, there are some risks involved in betting live. It’s a test of your psyche and certainly not for the faint of heart. Everything happens much faster and too much emotion is dangerous for your sports betting account. Only those who develop a strategy in advance and stick to it can have fun with the dynamic, exciting live bets and still make a profit.