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Sports betting has become increasingly popular over the past 15 years. Tennis betting played an important role in this. Every day, millions of tennis fans bet on many different tennis matches around the world. With the best providers, including of course Mr Green, you will find numerous opportunities to make good profits with tennis bets. These days, you can bet on anything from the winner of a tennis tournament to the number of tie-breaks in a match. The popularity of tennis has increased significantly in recent years, however, making it a very competitive betting market. If you want to make a profit there, you need to prepare extremely well. A successful tennis betting strategy should be well researched and thought out.


Most sports have a season that runs for several months and ends on a specific day for all professionals. In tennis, however, it looks a little different. Major events take place here all year round. The Australian Open runs in January, the French Open runs from May to June, the Wimbledon tournament runs in July and
the US Open runs from August to September . There are also many other tennis tournaments that fill the calendar year.
This results in tons of chances to make big profits with tennis bets. The odds are good and often much more even than they might be in other sports.

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Grand Slam Möglichkeiten

At the four major Grand Slam tournaments (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open) a year, far more people bet on tennis than usual. Many casual players only know the most famous tennis cracks anyway. For you there are only the stars of the scene like Roder Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams – last year maybe Angelique Kerber. But at the big events with the stars there are the worse odds. You can therefore find bets with good value elsewhere. Rather, bet on an outsider, a nobody at a common tournament in the province, who is currently in good shape and whose hour is striking at this moment.

grand slam betting

Denken Sie an das Ranking-System

The ATP and WTA ranking systems stipulate that the ranking points earned in a tournament in the last year are deleted as soon as the tournament starts again this year. The points from the current year will then be re-credited to the player. So if someone played beyond their possibilities in a tournament in the previous year and the tournament is coming up again, they may lose a lot of points and only win a few new ones. A crash in the world rankings awaits him or her. This is particularly important for players who have to fight for the seeding list in Grand Slam tournaments. That is why they are usually highly motivated to achieve a good result. Betting on such players can be a profitable approach.

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Alle haben ihre Vorlieben

Tennis players are highly talented full-time professionals, but they certainly have their own personal preferences. Many of you prefer certain tournaments, cities, or toppings. There can be many reasons for this. Perhaps they have a private connection to a city or simply enjoy the atmosphere in one place more than elsewhere. If a player has performed significantly better than expected this year for no apparent reason, then make a note of that and think about it next year when the same tournament comes up again.

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Tennis Wetten Von Mr Green

Terminkalender im Auge behalten

The modern tennis player has a grueling schedule to deal with. Even the top ten in the world rankings prefer certain tournaments – be it for fitness or psychological reasons, the prize money or the world ranking points. This phenomenon can often be observed shortly before or immediately after the major Grand Slam tournaments. For example, there are some professionals who don’t take smaller tournaments that seriously. Watch the results of the players in these smaller tournaments. Keep the data in mind the next time you want to bet on supposedly good odds for this player to win a tournament at a smaller event.

tennis betting tactics

Vorsicht bei Satz-Wetten

It can be tempting to go into set bets, as they sometimes have very lucrative odds. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t put any money there. It does mean, however, that you should be careful. Players are not robots, even one-sided encounters can last for three, four or five sets. For men, three sets are played at a Grand Slam tournament and at the Davis Cup, otherwise only two. For women, all matches have two sets of wins. If you still want to get involved in set bets, research the way you play and the habits of individual players beforehand. Find out whether you are playing with equal concentration and motivation from start to finish, or whether you have a slack every now and then and lose a sentence unnecessarily.

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Vernachlässigen Sie nicht die Handicap-Wetten

If you don’t find the odds on the winner of a match attractive enough, you should keep an eye on the handicap bets at Mr Green. In these bets, the worse rated player receives an advantage in points in advance in order to create a kind of equality of the chances of winning. A promising approach to these bets is to focus on players with heavy service games. If such a player plays against a better positioned opponent, he will likely lose the match in the end. But he has a good chance of making only a few of his own service games over the course of the entire game. If such service giants are credited with 2 to 4 games thanks to the handicap, you have a good chance of winning the handicap bet.

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