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Going Live!

Initially only offered by a small group of online bookmakers, Live Betting has in the last few years exploded in popularity. With a spectrum of live betting markets, millions of bettors across the world take advantage of the exciting opportunities it offers each day.

Live Betting: What is it?

You may know Live Betting by another name: In-Play Betting. Regardless of the name, this form of betting lets players place bets on events as they are taking place, which explains their broad popularity. Furthermore, these events encompass many of the most popular sports, including tennis and soccer.

Most Live Betting market sports, such as the ones for soccer, where no significant stoppages exist over the game, have odds that evolve as the game unfolds. For some sports, like tennis, the action may periodically pause at the close of each set/game. While the game is paused, Live Betting markets are temporarily locked. After the event has ended, live market bets placed are settled.

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Live Betting Options

Every minute, thousands of dollars cross hands as the game unfolds. A majority of the live betting takes place in the Match Winner market. The event can go back and forth, taking a long time, such as in tennis, which can create opportunities for the knowledgeable bettor to make money.

The Live Match Winner market is just one of the event markets offered by today’s sportsbook. When it comes to Live Betting, there are pre-event markets, including the Set Score or Correct Score. Additionally, there are other markets, including Next Set Winner, Time of the Next Goal, and the Next Game Winner, amongst others. Live bettors will never be short on options, which continue to grow in reaction to the increasing interest of the activity. This is because bookmakers are becoming more innovative, resulting in a continuing expansion of the live market.

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Essentials of Live Betting

A critical requirement when participating in Live Betting is to ensure that you’re in a position to follow the action. Keeping track of the score without watching what’s going on will put you at a disadvantage as you could be missing part of the picture. For this reason, you must find a reliable event feed, ensuring that you can follow it carefully.

If it’s your first time Live Betting, it can be both thrilling and perplexing at the same time. Part of the reason is that every few seconds can present a betting opportunity. Choosing from amongst them all will require you to be careful, building on your experience to navigate the choices. Take Live Betting tennis, for example. You’ll want to begin by placing bets during the changeovers only. With experience, you might progress to placing bets during points or between points. Your experience will eventually lead to confidence in your technique.

An important word that you’ll repeatedly hear in Live Betting is ‘discipline.’ This is for a good reason since emotions can lead you to get driven off course. Stick to your strategy and remember to remain level-headed and avoid chasing losses!

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Live Betting Strategy

There are many Live Betting strategies and, with practice, it’s only a matter of time before you craft your own. One that might seem obvious is to hedge your bets using Live Betting. Take the case of a Premier League match involving Manchester United, a team that you’ve decided to back before the game has started. While in Live Betting, you may be able to hedge your risk of Manchester United failing to win by backing the opponent. Done correctly, this could guarantee you an overall profit regardless of the final score.

In tennis markets, players often tend to overreact during Live Betting after a player has won a point, notably if this was achieved with a superb shot. This could temporarily cause the odds to shorten too much. This over-reaction creates an opportunity to quickly jump in by backing the opponent before the odds return to normal. A scenario like this could happen several times in a match, which creates a chance for you to accumulate a good return by the time the game is over. It’s important to remember that your ability to predict the direction of a specific market is a critical component of Live Betting.

It’s also wise for you to recognize the potential patterns of a player or team during a game, which can manifest in several ways. For example, a tennis player may tend to buckle under pressure when having the lead. Another might become frustrated when failing to break serve. A player who begins to get worn down may struggle distinctively. The signs may be there for you to read, so be on the look-out to jump on them in Live Betting as they are opportunities that can lead to profit.

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The Thrill of Live Betting

Live Betting is not unlike any other form of betting. The risks are there, and the barrage of action presenting betting options comes at you fast and furious, testing your mental toughness. Still, building a track record, coming up with a plan and execution can make Live Betting a fun, exciting and profitable affair.

FAQ Live Betting

How does a Live Bet work?

Live betting involves placing a wager on a sporting event after it starts. You can bet on different aspects of a match after it kicks off and throughout the game. You don’t need to study the teams’ statistics and put yourself in the middle of the action. For instance, at Mr Green Casino, you can bet on the first team to score or the possible outcome during half-time. In-play betting has unlimited wagering options since you can bet on various activities throughout the match. The odds also change based on the game’s real-time activities.

What is the difference between fractional and decimal odds?

Fractional odds show the ratio of the profit won to the bet amount. That means you must multiply your wager and the amount you will likely win to get the potential payout. For example, if the fractional odds offered are 2/1, you will receive a $2 win for every $1 you stake at Mr Green. However, fractional odds don’t include your stake, and you will still get your $1 back if you win the bet. Decimal odds combine the potential win with the stake, providing one unit. For instance, the above fractional odd of 2/1 is equivalent to 3.00 decimal odds since you multiply your stake by the odds.

What are the minimum stakes and the maximum payouts?

Most bookmakers have a limit on the total payout rather than the maximum stakes. The minimum stakes usually differ from one bookmaker to another. Bookmakers set a maximum payout instead of a maximum stake to protect the online casino from potential financial damage due to hefty payouts. Having maximum payouts also prevents match fixing, where less popular sports will have smaller maximum payouts and bet limits. Maximum payouts also prevent odds manipulation by high stake gamers.

How are Live Betting odds calculated?

Unlike pre-match betting, where the odds are predetermined, live betting odds change as the game continues. Live betting bookmakers use compilers to change the game’s odds as the match progresses. Odds compilers are always running numbers to predict the outcomes of the games as they progress. The compilers analyze every activity and adjust the line with the odds to match the events in the game. Many sportsbooks rely on computer algorithms to analyze the game’s events and change the odds. For instance, if Team A is winning, the bookmaker will adjust the odds to match the developments.