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Live Betting

Bet on your favourite sports in-running with live betting at Mr Green! When placing a live bet, you can put a wager on the scorer of the next goal or point and cash out before the game is finished.

Live betting has increased the betting options for punters. Also known as in-play betting, live betting is a fun addition to pre-game betting and is available at Mr Green.

With so many markets to choose from, where do you begin? Read our guide for getting started in the wonderful world of live betting.

Live Betting: What is it?

In a live betting market, you get to place bets on the game while it’s still happening. With every drop goal, ace or penalty, the betting odds change in real-time. You can even follow the action unfold on the match tracker, complete with in-depth statistics.

Live bets are offered on most sports, such as football and tennis. For sports where the game is not regularly paused, the odds will keep updating while play continues. Other sports may have regular intervals, such as tennis at the end of the set and the game. During those pauses live betting will be stopped for a brief time, only to be opened again when action resumes. The in-play bets are settled as soon as the match is completed.

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Live Betting Options at Mr Green

The sportsbook at Mr Green offers a host of exciting live betting markets on football, rugby, tennis, and much more.

Bet on the latest Premier League match or big Six Nations game featuring the boys in green. You can even bet in real-time on the big eSports tournaments and lesser-known sports like table tennis. You’ll find a full list of upcoming live betting fixtures in the Mr Green lobby.

In football, you can bet on the correct score or the next team to score. You can even make a fast bet on the time of the next corner or goal. In tennis, where the action is thick and fast, you can place in-play wagers on everything from the total games in a set, the tie-break winner, or total points in the next game.

With the growing popularity of live betting, Mr Green will continue to expand the markets and the sports that are being offered.

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Essentials of Live Betting

Live betting markets can move extremely fast, so you must keep up. Therefore it is essential that you follow the action live so you always know the latest situation. We recommend that you find a live streaming site or watch the event on tv.

Before you place a live bet, it’s vital you understand the different prices and markets. Don’t be tempted to lump an easy bet on the next available market. Take your time and wait for the right odds to come up.

Good discipline is essential for all online betting, including live betting. Adopt betting strategies to enhance your experience, and never chase your losses. Also, make use of the statistics tab. You can bring up a full stats page showing team form, highest wins, and total goals/points per game for most events.

live betting essentials

Live Betting Strategy

All good sports bettors in Ireland have a strategy. Employing a good live betting strategy is essential if you want to come out ahead.

One of the best uses of live betting is to hedge your bets. This involves placing a pre-game wager, then using in-play betting to secure a profit.
Here’s an example. You place a pre-game bet on Brighton to beat Manchester United at 5/1. With 30 minutes gone, Brighton has taken a shock 2-0 lead. But with 60 minutes remaining, anything could happen.

This is where you can use the live betting markets. You notice that the live in-play odds are now 4/1 for Manchester United to win the game and 3/1 for the draw. You can take a small wager on the Red Devils to make a comeback and ensure a profit either way.

When you make a 1X2 bet pre-game, the wager has been made and there’s nothing you can do about it. However, the beauty of live betting is that you can continue placing wagers while the game is going on.

Fast markets are a good way of making bets in a hurry. You can bet on events happening within the next minute like a point to be scored or a corner to be won. These are good if, for example, it’s late on in the soccer game and one team is hammering the opposition goal looking for an equalizer.

It’s also wise for you to recognize the potential patterns of a player or team during a game, which can manifest in several ways. For example, a tennis player may tend to buckle under pressure when having the lead. Another might become frustrated when failing to break serve. A player who begins to get worn down may struggle distinctively. The signs may be there for you to read, so be on the lookout to jump on them in Live Betting as they are opportunities that can lead to profit.

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Live Betting Thrills

Live betting has grown in popularity in Ireland in recent years. Now that you know how it works, you can take part too. Simply place bets in real-time and watch the odds change as the game progresses. You can also browse in-depth statistics to study forms and previous match-ups.

Why not get your live betting journey started today at Mr Green? Find the sports that you are interested in and add matches and games to your Favorites list. You can even make your first Euro deposit and earn a welcome bonus too!