Discover the Valley of the Gods Slot

Unleash the power of the mighty gods and search for lost treasures in the Egyptian-themed slots game from Yggdrasil at Mr Green. Valley of the Gods travels to a time when treasures lay in palaces and gods walked the earth. You will discover tombs filled with mighty riches and the land of powerful deities like Horus and Anubis.
The Valley of the Gods slot game uses an Egyptian theme and mystical knowledge to whisk players into an epic slot game with stunning graphics and soundtracks. Players at Mr Green Casino can unearth treasures and play for real money in the five-reel, 45-payline slot game.

About Valley of the Gods Slot

Valley of the Gods is a medium volatility video slot with five reels and rows. While the paylines are 45, the expandable reel positions offer additional ways to win. Yggdrasil is a renowned game provider, and the Valley of the Gods slot title is a noteworthy addition to our slot collection at Mr Green Casino.
Using an Egyptian theme in the game introduces symbolism and gives the casino slot title rich history, mythology and treasure. The Valley of the Gods slot will have you falling in love with the Giza pyramids and the mystical beings.
The theme explores the allure of the Giza plateau using superb artwork and animations. The Valley of the Gods slot game leads you on a journey that follows sacred Scarab beetles that symbolize eternal life. Spinning the reels uncovers the mystery and gets you a share of the extra lives on offer.
The 5×5 grid of the slot game lies in the desert with a background of pyramids. You will find two statues, including one holding a heart and another with an orb. While the layout is simple, the animations transport you to ancient Egypt. That’s why a cutscene plays at the start of the slot game.
Players are transported to the foot of a pyramid to begin the search for riches. The golden scarab beetles burrow from the sand before climbing the golden statue. The return-to-player ratio (RTP) is 96.2% and makes up for the medium volatility of the game. That means the wins don’t come as often, but the potential payouts are higher than other slot titles at Mr Green Casino.
Playing for real money gives you a chance to win high payouts of up to 1,500 times the staked amount. When starting, you can test the waters with a minimum bet of $0.10. The maximum bet in the game is $100, and the bonus features can expand your paylines to 3,125 at online casinos.

Valley of the Gods Slot

How to Play Valley of the Gods Slot

The Valley of the Gods gameplay has a simple layout. The slot reels have five symbols each, and the outer corner has 12 golden scarab beetle symbols. You should remove the scarabs to open up the 25-symbol potential that increases the payouts. Here are the steps for playing this online casino game at Mr Green:

  • Familiarise yourself with the paytable and wager: Open the paytable in the menu to familiarize yourself with the symbols, features, payouts and general rules. When you’re ready to start playing, adjust your total bet by clicking the up and down arrows on the coin value box. You can use the one-click max bet button to place the highest bet.
  • Autoplay: If you prefer using the autoplay function, click the autoplay button to activate the feature and select the spins you want to play. Once the settings match your preferences, you can click the spin button to start the game.

When you spin a winning combination, some of the scarabs beetles move to the corners of the reels. For example, if you spin across a winning payline of three reels, the scarabs on the reels will be removed. When you remove all scarabs from the reels, it triggers bonus features.

Valley of the Gods Wild


Unlike most slot titles that add playing card symbols as low-paying icons, Yggdrasil stuck with the Egyptian theme throughout the game. The low-paying symbols in the Valley of the Gods slot game are hieroglyphics, including reed, ankh, cat, ibis, the eye of Horus and serpent. The payouts for the hieroglyph are between 6 and 40 times.
The casino game’s four Egyptian characters (Horus, Anubis, Ebros and Anput) are the highest paying symbols, with payouts ranging from 25 to 500 times. Anubis and Horus are powerful symbols, with Horus or an eagle-headed god paying up to 500 times the bet amount for collecting five symbols. To win the payouts for the low-paying symbols, you should collect five symbols from left to right of the screen.

Valley of the Gods Feature


Casino players are always looking for bonus features in slot games, and Valley of the Gods doesn’t disappoint. While you won’t find scatters and wilds popular in other slots, exciting bonus features are available. They include:

  • Respins: Landing a winning combination in the Valley of the Gods slot game allows you to spin a second round for free. The respin feature will be active until you lose. That means there is a free spin for every win, regardless of the number of times you win. The feature helps you stack multiple winnings from one bet.
  • Destroying blockers: The scarab beetles’ symbols on the paytables usually represent spaces without symbols landing on them. Since the spaces do not change when you spin the reels, they don’t give you winning potential like others with symbols. Landing a win destroys the scarab beetle symbols. The aim is to destroy all the blockers and open up the paytable for more chances of winning and bonuses. The scarab symbols are 12, and removing them increases the payouts.
  • Lives: When you destroy all the blockers, five scarab beetles from the reels crawl into the statue on the right side with an orb. The statue rewards you with an extra life you can use if you lose. However, the extra life is only useful when you lose a respin. It gives you a chance for another respin. You can keep the free spins going if you collect scarabs with every spin. When your respin bonus round ends, your payout equals the total payout collected from every spin. The 12 blockers will be reset, and you have to start destroying blockers to win extra lives.
  • Win multipliers: When you hit a winning combination for destroying blockers, you release a golden scarab that crawls to the statue holding an orb and closes the space on the reels. The red scarab beetles increase your lives while destroying all the blockers and releasing a win multiplier bonus feature. The win multiplier increases your payout two times. The multiplier increases by one with each spin when you collect five blue scarab beetles. When you lose and the respin bonus ends, the 12 blockers reset in the reels. However, you will receive a total of the payout amounts.
Valley of the Gods Bonus

If you enjoy playing Valley of the Gods at online casinos, the following slot titles may also interest you: Half of the Gods, Greek Gods and Divine Showdown. The slot titles follow a similar exciting theme as Valley of the Gods. You will also find additional thrilling features from the game titles, which you can explore at Mr Green Casino.

Slot Mechanics

Some mechanics of the slot machines for the Valley of the Gods casino game include:

  • Reels: 5×5
  • Paylines: 45
  • RTP: 96.20%
  • Maximum payout: 1,500x
  • Min and max bet: $0.10 and $100
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Autoplay options: Yes


While the Valley of the Gods slot deviates from the traditional winning symbols, like scatters and wilds, players can still cash out payouts at Mr Green. The respins and extra lives increase the wins. The multipliers also increase the payouts while destroying the blockers expands the paylines significantly.

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