Slots Symbols

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While slot symbols may be confusing at first, this guide from Mr Green will give a simple explanation on Wild, Scatter and Bonus symbols. Read more here!

Slot Symbols

Symbols make up the gameplay on the reels in online slots and determine the outcome. Matching various symbols of a kind provides the winning payout value. When playing slots in an online casino like Mr Green, symbols are a major consideration since they also influence bonuses. The symbols are available as payouts or special symbols. For instance, payout symbols are low-paying and high-paying symbols in a game, while special symbols feature scatter and wild symbols, which trigger the bonus rounds.

In the past, slot machines were much different from the modern slots you’ll find at Mr Green. The first classic slot was invented in 1895, which reduced the reels to three and introduced horseshoe symbols. After the US banned slot machines, the new icons introduced were fruits and bubble gum symbols. Fruits and bubblegum represented the icons since the vendors would award a fruit-flavoured gum to players who managed to land three matching symbols.

Classic slot machines set the path for the future development of slot symbols. Modern symbols are different from the classic icons in traditional slot machines. Slot machine symbols nowadays come in different shapes, colours and sizes. Gaming developers can also use different characters to represent a game’s theme. For instance, a slot title with a mystery or Greek mythology theme will use objects relevant to the theme as symbols.

standard slot symbols

Types of Slot Machine Symbols

With slot games moving online, gaming developers offer endless possibilities to play your favourite slot titles. Modern visual technology also gives developers room for creativity since they can use graphics and unique effects to portray different characters and icons. Some of the types of slot symbols you will encounter at Mr Green Online Casino include:

  • Scatter Symbols
  • Multiplier Symbols
  • Wild Symbols
  • Bonus Symbols
bar symbols

Standard Symbols

Standard symbols are the basic icons used in most online slots. For instance, the classic three-reel slot design has traditional fruit symbols. Nowadays, standard symbols in most casino games are card-based icons. You will encounter the King, Ace, Queen, Jack, and Ten royal cards in online slots. In most slot titles, the royal cards have low payout values on the reels.

Aside from low-paying symbols on the reels, most slot titles have high-paying icons. Video slots are usually inventive with higher-paying symbols. Most developers match the symbols with the game’s theme and have eye-catching visuals to complement the background colours of the reels. Some video slots use 3D effects and animations to make the slot games more fun to play. If you are a slot fan, you can recognise different styles of slot symbols from gaming developers. While graphics of the symbols aren’t a defining factor when searching for a slot game, they are important in making the game visually appealing. You should also look for symbols that offer high payouts.

fruit slot symbols

Scatter Symbols

Standard symbols, especially high-paying icons, determine the payout values in the base game. Slots also have special symbols that trigger the bonus rounds or boost the payouts of various symbols. Video slots have scatter symbols on the reels to activate the bonus rounds. Scatters are rare icons on the reels, making them difficult to land. However, you don’t have to follow the rules of fixed paylines to trigger their effect. You can land scatters in any position on the reels to activate them. In most video slots, you have to collect three scatters to trigger the bonus effect.

Scatter symbols usually trigger the bonus round. For instance, scatters are usually associated with free spin rounds. The free spins bonus increases your winning potential. When you collect scatter symbols on the reels, you will be awarded five to fifteen symbols. Sometimes, the free spins have extra features that increase your payouts, like sticky wilds and multipliers. You should also check the paytable to determine if the scatter symbols have a payout. However, scatter payouts are usually lower than a full payline of the standard symbols.

scatter slot symbol

Multiplier Symbols

Multiplier icons are some of the rarest special symbols in video slots. The slot symbols do just what the name suggests — multiply your wins. The multiplier symbols can land on the reels during the base game and bonus rounds. Like other special symbols, the multiplier icons will increase the size of your payout. Multipliers can increase your winning potential by 2, 3, 4 or 6 times.

Most games at Mr Green have a multiplier icon as a standard symbol or special icon. Multipliers that appear as standard symbols have an extra character that indicates the amount that the multiplier uses to increase the payout. The beneficial multipliers with high payouts serve as wilds and can multiply your win potential. Naturally, most video slots feature multiplier symbols, and their number on the reels is on the low side due to the high cash returns they award.

Wild Symbols

The wild symbol is favoured by most online slot fans and is a special icon in video slots. Wild symbols are common in five-reel video slots at Mr Green and are usually listed on the paytable. The symbol can substitute other icons on the reels. That means you will have better odds of collecting a winning combination on the slot machines. You should check the reels that the wilds appear on and watch out for them before they land. Wilds cannot replace special characters in a video slot.

With the evolution of video slots, you can find different types of wilds. For instance, expanding wilds change their size on the reel and replace other symbols in the grid. Expanding reels usually have unique multipliers that can increase the win potential. Walking wilds usually stay on the reels when you land them and move from one reel to the next until they exit the grid. While sticky wilds behave similarly, they increase your chances of winning. Multiplier wilds have better bonuses since they increase the amount of your payout. Only some games at Mr Green Online Casino feature the wild multiplier symbols, and players usually have minimal odds of landing the symbols.

wild slot symbol

Bonus Symbols

Bonus symbols are similar to scatter icons but trigger a different type of bonus game. Scatters and bonus symbols sometimes interchange their effects. For instance, scatters could trigger a bonus game, and the free spins symbols trigger a free spin round. While some bonus icons are represented by a free spin symbol, most will follow the game’s theme. Hence, the bonus game’s value and effect are unique to the developer’s intention. You should check the paytable before playing to identify the win potential of the bonus symbols. Bonus icons will usually be innovative features of a slot game, and they can differ from standard slot game plays due to the better visual effects and higher winning potential.

bonus slot symbol


Modern online casino slots have fun features and simple rules to keep slot fans happy. However, you should understand the payouts and effects of the symbols before spinning the reels. For instance, how much do standard symbols payout in the game and what is the effect of wilds and scatter icons? When you understand which symbols trigger a bonus round, you will know the win potential of a game. Discover the value of symbols and special icons to estimate your winning potential at Mr Green Online Casino.