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While slot symbols may be confusing at first, this guide from Mr Green will give a simple explanation on Wild, Scatter and Bonus symbols. Read more here!

What Are Wild, Scatter and Bonus Symbols?

If you’re new to the world of online slots, the multitude and variance of symbols that adorn the reels may seem a little daunting at first. But ask any seasoned slots player and they’ll tell you how easy it is to understand them – even if you’re playing a game you’ve never played before.
In this guide, we’ll bring you up to speed, so that by the end of the article, you’ll be an expert in understanding the various slot symbols and you can play confidently any slot game in Mr Green Casino As you’ll see shortly, although there may seem to be dozens of different symbols out there, there are only four types that you need to concern yourself with: Standard, Wild, Scatter and Bonus symbols.

standard slot symbols

Standard Symbols

The most common type of symbol you’ll see on slot gamesis the standard symbol. This can come in many forms, depending on the game. Most commonly used symbols are ‘A’, ‘K’, ‘Q’, ‘J’, ‘10’ and ‘9’, but retro games will even feature more traditional slot machine symbols such as the number seven, a diamond and the famous BAR symbol, but you don’t need to get too caught up in the details here. As its name suggests: standard symbols are your bread and butter – your normal, regular, nothing-out-of-the-ordinary symbol.
But that’s not to say it’s not important. On the contrary, the standard symbol is what wins you prizes. Finding matching standard symbols across paylines is how you secure winning symbols, with each standard symbol attributed with a different value. Standard symbols typically don’t have any other function apart from to combine to make winning paylines.
Standard symbols will usually be adapted into the style of you’re the game you’re playing, so if you’re playing a fruity game you’ll likely see lots of fruit symbols, an aquatic game will surely see lots of fish and the like, while the hugely popular Starburst game will provide you with lots of colourful gems across the reels.

bar symbols

Wild Symbols

While not as common as the standard symbol, Wild symbols make frequent appearances on the reels and they perform a very useful function for players: they are automatically interchangeable with any other symbol (typically apart from Scatter and Bonus symbols) in order to create winning paylines.
To give you an idea of how Wild symbols might benefit you on a game, imagine you have a row of ‘A’ lined up, with only a Wild symbol interrupting them. The slot will treat this Wild symbol as another ‘A’, providing you with a win payout. But if you have another potentially winning payline that the Wild symbol has also interjected, you’ll also win on this payline. This, therefore, provides you with multiple ways to win.
Wild symbols aren’t guaranteed to be on every slot game, but it’s becoming an increasing rarity that they’re not included.
Indeed, the function of Wild symbols is even increasing in some games, with the introduction of “Expanding Wilds” or “Multiplier Wilds”.

What Are Expanding Wild Symbols?

On some more modern slots, you’ll discover Expanding Wilds. This means that when you find a Wild symbol, it will subsequently take over the entire reel it’s on, giving you a massive Wild symbol which vastly increases your chances of securing a winning payline as it essentially takes over three (or more) symbols.
Expanding wilds are becoming increasingly popular on new slot games and they are a feature that many players are drawn too – and with good reason given how beneficial they can be in creating winning paylines.

What Are Wild Multipliers?

As if Wild symbols weren’t appealing enough, some games now have Wild Multipliers. These work in much the same way as normal Wild symbols, but with one added bonus feature: any winning paylines that feature a Wild symbol will also have a Multiplier applied, meaning that your winnings from that line will be multiplied by the stated number on the wild. So, if you won €1 on a payline that features a x3 Wild Multiplier, your winnings would be increased to €3.

wild slot symbol

Scatter Symbols

Although Scatter symbols can seem somewhat unassuming, these are the symbols that experienced slots players normally get most excited about. That’s because Scatter symbols are usually used to launch free spins features on slots.
Most games dictate that if you find three or more Scatter symbols on the reels at once, you’ll launch the free spins round. However, the more Scatter symbols you find, the more free spins you’ll be awarded. So, for example, finding three Scatter symbols may give you 10 free spins, while finding four might land you 15 spins, and five Scatters could give you 20 free spins.
Free spins rounds typically spin automatically at the total stake you were playing when you managed to trigger the round.
Sometimes, though, if a game features both Scatter symbols and Bonus symbols, the Scatter symbols may offer up another feature rather than the free spins round if the Bonus round is also a free spins round. However you should check the game rules before playing in order to confirm what the respective Scatter and Bonus symbols can do for you.

scatter slot symbol

Bonus Symbols

Although not as universally available on slot games, Bonus symbols are very similar to Scatter symbols in that they also trigger special free-to-play-rounds for players. Bonus games can vary from game-to-game, but they are almost always one of the highlights of any given game and are therefore held in high regard by players. As with other symbols, Bonus symbols are styled to match the theme of the slot game in question.
Again, similarly to the Scatter symbol, players normally need to find three or more Bonus symbols to trigger a bonus game. This is the case on many big-name titles, such as the likes of Mega Fortune and it can be a real buzz when you actually manage to enter a bonus round.
The placement of bonus symbols can also be important on some games. There are slots which require the bonus symbol to appear from left to right on an active payline in order to trigger the bonus round or feature, while other games simply need the bonus symbols to appear anywhere on the reels. What’s more, on some games, bonus symbols can only appear on certain reels (e.g. only the first, third and fifth reels), however this again can vary from game to game and you should read the individual slots rules on the game’s information page in order to find out.

bonus slot symbol

Learning and Understanding the Symbols

As you can see, understanding the various Slot symbols isn’t as confusing as it may seem on first glance. You want to combine matching Standard symbols to create winning paylines and Wild symbols can help you achieve this goal. Meanwhile, finding enough Scatter symbols and Bonus symbols on the reels at once can trigger free spins or bonus rounds in which you can quickly scale up your total winnings.
We’d always recommend taking a quick look at the game information before you start playing as this will give you clearer idea of the best symbols to find and what you want to keep an eye out for.

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