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How it begun

With over 100 million people around the world playing poker, the game has hit dizzy heights since it arrived in the USA back in the 19thcentury. Its popularity has soared with the arrival and wider availability of the internet, which allows you to play from wherever you are. This technological jump has given the possibility of offering online poker, which closed the age gap and brought an army of new followers to the game, as well as creating new variations on the game. Live casino poker brings all the live dealer action of a casino environment to your home or mobile.

Making the step up to live casino poker can be a thrilling ride that really brings the game to life. Mr Green makes registering yourself quick, easy and complication-free so before you know it you will be at a table. Real-life dealers and players will be waiting for you there, making for a unique and entertaining experience. While you will not see the players on the table, their cards are clearly displayed. There isn’t any real difference between standard online poker in the gameplay either, enabling you to put into action what you have learnt in the past. If you prefer to pit yourself alone against the house as opposed to other individuals that are also an option.

Why live casino poker changes everything

Why live casino poker changes everything

If you prefer playing at a more leisurely pace, live casino poker might be suitable for you as the games take more time than standard automated online poker games. The fact that it is like a real-life casino means there is more time to make the best bet and use the most appropriate strategy for the situation. Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Casino Hold’em Jumbo 7 are popular variants of live poker offered at Mr Green. There are even live money games and tournaments in these formats too. The reason for this surge in popularity of live casino poker, is that newcomers find it is easy to get used to, while it still provides a challenge for more experience players who like to use poker strategies. Like standard poker, players must get a better hand than the dealer to win.

The rulebook does not change from the standard online poker either, so you can go into each game feeling confident with how to play. As always there are 52 cards in a pack which are shuffled after every game. The Ante is betted on as normal, but in addition you can place a bonus bet which will make a hand with two Aces or higher see you win an extra payout. Each player gets two cards from the dealer who then takes a couple for himself. The dealer then places the community cards in the centre of the table before showing his or her cards to the player. The best hand of five cards is selected by the player from the seven provided to them. In order for the dealer’s game to count against the house he or she must have at least a pair of fours.

The dealers will be able to talk with the players during the whole game. You can chat to them through the text input and they will speak in reply. Live poker comes complete with HD quality video produced by expert teams, straight to your desktop computer or tablet. You also have the possibility of changing the camera view in the settings section of the toolbar. One of the options is for three dimensional viewing that shows the seat you occupy along with the rest of the background on the same live feed you are watching.

Evolution Gaming Poker games

Evolution Gaming Poker games

The main software company Mr Green works with is called Evolution Gaming, one of the most well-regarded in the live casino poker industry. Set up in 2006, it is one of the pioneers in live casino poker streaming. This groundbreaking technology was soon regarded as the next generation in online betting and adopted by trendsetting casinos such as Mr Green.

This early success has pushed Evolution Gaming to raise the quality of its live-streaming even further on your PC, mobile phone or tablet. Evolution Gaming already operates as a certified live casino provider around Europe in countries like Denmark, Spain and Italy. Look out for more from this company as it increases their licenses in the UK, Belgium, Romania, Malta, Alderney and Canada.

The cutting-edge success of Evolution has seen it clinch a number of titles from 2010 onwards. Of note has been the way it has won the EGR (eGaming Review) Live Casino Supplier of the Year award for the whole decade since the awards began. Year-end profits are slowly edging closer to the €100 million mark, with many more gaming companies signing up the technology across the globe. As the market leader, Evolution is providing more and more technologically advanced live casino games for major operators such as Mr Green. 

Live casino poker

All companies that create live casino streams are aiming for a studio environment that not only has great image quality but is both interactive and works seamlessly. So far Evolution Gaming has been the developer which has achieved this balance to perfection. With a number of different studios at its disposal, it makes the delivery of live casino poker much simpler at any time of the day or week. It all began in Latvia with a production facility that got the ball rolling. The success of the product encouraged Evolution Gaming to move to 2,000m2 headquarters specifically built for the purpose. By 2013 it was the biggest such studio space in Europe operating over a hundred tables for different online platforms.

With sales booming, Evolution moved its operation to Georgia while opening another centre in Canada in 2018. If that wasn’t enough, it became a pioneer in the industry within the USA, unveiling a production hub there as well.

Security at its core

These days, you would expect developers of online casino software to protect the games from hackers by using strong internet security to ensure the privacy of the players. Evolution Gaming ensures each transaction is protected with banking-grade encryption. You can therefore comfortably deposit in the Mr Green casino with one of the options we provide. It doesn’t matter which way you pay, you can trust Mr Green and Evolution Gaming to keep you safe and your details secure.

A tiny pool of casino software creators creates quite a lot of the online poker programs and Evolution Gaming is really ahead of the pack. With its array of different poker games, each with its own distinct character, Evolution Gaming has risen to the top of the pile. The main reason for this is that their games are designed to be visually stunning and highly interactive even on mobile phones. They are also available in the local languages of the players and have the largest portfolio of games. Each of the online casino poker events is filmed with HD multi-camera technology, specialist lighting and playback monitors.

Since the start of the company, Evolution Gaming has served the largest online gaming companies. Its reputation gives you an idea of the way the brand has become the latest must-have product in online gambling, in particular for live gaming. Here are some of the traits that make Evolution Gaming so special:

  • Dealers speak to players very clearly and concisely in a respectful manner that makes for a fun and relatable environment.
  • Clients who visit the game frequently will start to develop an acquaintance in a relaxed environment with the dealers to make the experience even more fun.
  • Teamwork and integrity are the two values that bring transparency and principles to all collaborations with the company. Service levels are continuously evaluated and raised.
  • Trust, personalization and product development allows Evolution Gaming to keep their noses in front of the competition.
  • The software developed by Evolution Gaming has increased its international profile because of the way it meshes so well with platforms of the moment. At no point does it have a problem with any other software a company might already use.

Evolution Gaming and Mr Green

Evolution Gaming and Mr Green

Although Evolution Gaming has only recently been added to the services Mr Green offers, the partnership has made a big impact on the market. This has shown the desire of Mr Green to be at the forefront of live casino poker by bring all this emotion to its players. Start playing live casino poker now and make the most of a 100% welcome bonus. Being accessible on both Windows and Mac OS makes it easy to play, with an Instant Pay feature making it possible for use with Flash on any device.

Live poker games

Live poker games

  • Live Casino Hold’em

This version of live poker has been the most popular, which explains why it is also the most common in online casinos. Live Casino Hold’em starts with a player making a bet at the Ante (beginning of the game) with the possibility of making a bonus bet at the same time. Then the dealer gives each player two cards to see. This is followed by the flop which is placed in the centre of the table. These can be matched with the player’s own cards to make the cards that score highest. Betting can take place after this or during the two other rounds, the best combination winning the round.

  • 2 Hand Live Casino Hold’em

Choose this variant, created by Evolution Gaming, for an exclusive experience. Its only difference with the standard Hold’em game is that you can play two different hands at the same time. When you play two-hand live casino you can bet one or both sets, giving you more flexibility on the final outcome. The benefit of it is that you get double the chance of winning a bonus bet, with the rules being the same as other types of live poker casino.

  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em

In 2017 Evolution Gaming finished Ultimate Texas Hold’em game. Although it feels a lot like Live Casino Hold’em, the difference is experienced when it comes to betting. After placing an Ante bet it is all action right until the last card is dealt. The blind is equal to the first bet placed and the game is ready to begin.

A Trips side bet is another optional extra at this time that can be collected when a player gets a hand of three of a kind or more, regardless of other players’ hands. As usual the dealer gives two cards to the player and keeps two for him or herself. Then the flop is placed at the centre of the table and the player has the possibility of betting twice the Ante or check. This is followed by two more rounds when the turn and river are dealt out to the player. The dealer’s cards are revealed and the one with the best scoring hand takes the round.

  • Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

This is a slight twist on Ultimate Texas Hold’em variation. Instead of making a choice on making a big bet at the outset, you need to decide whether to play or fold. The Ante still needs to be betted on and after the flop, turn and river a player can check or bet higher depending on their hand. If a bet is made during all of these rounds, the cost would be four times the Ante. One of the main variations is that the Bonus side bet is scored with high card pairs rather than a full set of cards, as occurs with other versions of live casino poker.

  • 3 Card Poker

Looking for an easier live casino poker to get your confidence going? Maybe the three-card poker is the option for you. In this game, you can make two bets that are not obligatory. The six-card Bonus side bet and Pair Plus bet can be made after the Ante payment. At this point, the player is allowed to see the cards the croupier gives him but not the ones provided to the dealer. The same amount as is betted in the Ante is then put forward if the player decides to play. The top hand wins the game.

  • 3 Card Brag

Pay scales and hand ranks are altered in three-card poker when a player chooses three-card Brag. You can get much bigger wins than normal with three of a kind, with the possibility of a 40:1 payout. This is the same as what you would normally get with a Straight Flush in 3 card poker so the chances of a big win are increased.

Making Live Casino Poker tick

poker mechanics
Before online gaming if anyone wanted to play poker, they would be unlikely to be able to do it more than on the weekend at a casino, if at all. It was doubtful that the casino would offer poker games to suit your schedule when you wanted to go. The few places where gambling was available more extensively were Switzerland or Monaco on the European continent and Las Vegas in the USA.

This all changed the moment online poker was invented, changing the face of gambling and the profile of those who would play it. It became cool, with advancing technology making it even more accessible and reliable. No one had to go to a casino anymore at specific times and pay up on all matters of expenses to be there while waiting for a table to be freed up. Now you could just be relaxing at your PC playing the games you wanted when you wanted. You could even be challenging yourself from your own mobile phone, a world away from the life of old.

Apart from those who relived the glory days of their youth, a more technologically adapted generation started to take a shine to poker too. The success of Chris Moneymaker – who won €2.5 million in 2003 after qualifying online – led to thousands of more players adding to the craze. But there were still those who missed the personal touch offered by dealers in real-life casinos that would help you get over a big loss or share your enthusiasm after a big win. The lights and the atmosphere made for a real night out too, with the fuller experience offered to make you feel special even if you were unlucky on the night. That sense of familiarity had been lost in a world of mechanical automation.

Even the convenience of playing online poker whenever you wanted did not make up for this experience. The colourful design where you could play alongside other players wherever they were in the world on any variation of poker did not replace the human interaction. Chat boxes would never be able to replace the excitement of non-verbal communication and a kind smile. So when live casino poker came around, it brought together both worlds and changed everything forever.

Live Casino Poker: Behind the scenes

Live casino poker was that next level of interaction old school players could now identify with, in a real gambling atmosphere. There are physical tables in a studio that resembles a casino, which is then streamed live to players around the world by cameras and the latest alternative reality technology. Communication from the players is read by the dealers and replied to so that it feels much more personal.

This is because as opposed to being virtually created dealers or computer programs, these dealers are in fact, authentic croupiers. Of course, these dealers must attend to the needs of many players at the same time but it still feels like they are there just for you. When live chat is switched on, live casino poker replicates the chit-chat and banter you would normally get at a table in a brick-and-mortar casino. This ability to experience reactions to any poker situation creates an atmosphere that allows the users to enjoy themselves a lot more.

You might think that in order to create this atmosphere you would need a much better computer than you have at the moment. But that is not the case. As long as you have internet and you can get into the online application or webpage, you have all you need to start.

Comparing live dealer poker to online poker

Comparing live dealer poker to online poker
If you never played online poker, it may seem that starting to play live casino poker might be a case of learning to run when you still cannot crawl. Even if online poker might still be a challenge for you, we can assure you that you will get to grips with live dealer poker in no time, because the differences are not that great.

Live dealers and RNGs

In every live casino poker game, the new technology allows players to connect with a veritable croupier that is distributing cards on your screen. Thanks to the hard work behind the scenes, this creates a really life-like casino experience like no other. You feel like you are in Las Vegas without leaving the comfort of your own home. The live casino poker streaming is second to none, making the game come to life like never before.

Poker is not the only game you can play in a live casino either. Blackjack, baccarat and roulette are all available and they all have real-life dealer to make you feel welcome and connected. In online poker, on the other hand, a Random Number Generator (RNG) is used to deal out cards. But for most players, nothing makes the game more authentic than seeing a real person shuffling and handing out the cards

In terms of equipment needed, reliable internet speed is necessary, although nowadays this is the standard in most places. That is why it is a good idea to make sure that you have a webcam (only for certain games) and internet is working properly before you connect to live poker casino.

Real versus predictable interaction

Another advantage of live casino poker is that you can now start that inevitable banter with other players on the table. This level of interaction is higher than in online poker but requires a higher level of responsibility too. It is important to respect other players, showing the sort of manners you would expect to receive in a real casino too. Everyone is hoping to have fun so even if this is a virtual game, etiquette does not go out of the window. Breaking rules could lead to getting barred so be aware not to hurt other people’s feelings when things don’t go well for you.

Historically, the use of a Random Number Generator has given punters an assurance of the fairness of games. Its use in slot and poker machines was the prelude for its introduction digitally in online casinos. In addition, some online casinos have brought in some other measures like GamCare and Technical System Testing to provide extra checks on the system.

However, live casino poker takes confidence in fair play into a whole new dynamic by using actual croupiers shuffling cards out before dealing them. For those poker players who like to go to real-life casinos making the transfer to an online and easily accessible poker game they can identify with has never been easier.