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The popularity of sports betting has without a doubt increased over the past 15 years, with tennis being the sport of choice for many. Bookmakers receive wagers on various tennis markets every single day by millions of people all over the world and Mr Green, a popular bookmaker, can offer many opportunities. This of course includes tennis markets such as the tournament or match-winner as well as ties during a match. However, popularity comes with a price and with tennis being such a popular choice for sports betting, it could be wise to improve your betting strategies if you plan on winning against the competition.


Some sports have certain seasons they rely on, tennis however is more or less an all-year sport. This might be one of the reasons it is such a popular choice when it comes to sports betting, as there is plenty of choices and opportunities available at all times. Of course, the largest events such as Masters and The Grand Slams will always get more attention, while WTA Tours and ATP with their weekly tournaments seem to be favoured by the most dedicated tennis fans.

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Grand Slam opportunities

Something which might come as a surprise to some is that bookmakers often choose to take a more conservative approach when it comes to the biggest names in the business. Tennis players like Serena Williams or Novak Djokovic will often be priced up with small odds which means that better value often can be found in other places. A good tip is to be aware of any top twenty players coming into form, which means it will be possible to back them at high prices often too good to be true.

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Keeping rank in mind

Rank is something sports bettors should keep in mind, especially when it comes to the ATP and WTA ranking system. These systems work around the points that a player accumulates during a tournament, however, these are dropped off the record when the same tournament starts again. This means that tennis players who have played above their usual level can end up seeing a big drop in rankings if the performance is not repeated the next season. Taking on bets that back these players that are making more of an effort to defend their ranking, could often be a good approach.

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Over-performing players?

It might be easy to forget that even the most highly-skilled professionals in tennis are still human. Just as in any other sport, most tennis players indeed have cities, tournaments and even courts that they simply prefer over others. This can come from a number of different reasons such as having played the court before or having connections to a city. Sports bettors should make note of any lower-ranked player who over-performs for no good reason and should remember this the next time they are playing the same event or tournament.

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Tennis betting at Mr Green

Tight schedule?

Tennis players will often have an exhausting schedule where even those with the highest ranking will prioritise certain tournaments and events over others. For whatever reason, this is most often seen in the time leading up to Grand Slams, where most fans will be focused on the main event. However, it can realistically happen at any time where a top twenty player has been a part of a smaller event. Sports bettors should look after any players who might end up disappointing during these events and should therefore think twice about putting their money on them the next time they show up at smaller tournaments.

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The set betting market

In the set betting market, there will be some bigger prices to be found, which makes it very tempting to try it out. However, it’s wise to be cautious. Even the most experienced and talented players are human, and even the games or tournaments which seem one-sided could end up going on up to five sets. When betting in the set-betting market, it is highly recommended to approach it cautiously and do some good research. Do any of the players have a habit of losing their concentration? Do they often drop sets against their opponents?

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Handicap? Do not neglect it

Should the odds within the main match-winning market not seem tempting enough, it could be a good idea to take a look at the handicap markets at Mr Green. Markets like these offer handicaps to the lesser player of the match, which can prove profitable for bettors. A great way to approach the market is to seek out players who have strong serves and are rarely broken going up against players with a higher rank. With a 2-4 handicap in their favour, this could still end up a winning bet even if they end up losing the match.

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