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Mr Green brings some of the best odds around when you want to bet on the sport of your choice. With football being by far the most popular sport amongst punters, Mr Green always gives great odds on matches all around the globe that will help you enjoy the beautiful game more than ever before. Get to grips with the latest football betting strategies to raise your game and make the most of the odds available for each game.
While football is one of the few sports that has become truly global, there are many more exciting competitions to bet on at Mr Green. From mixed martial arts to handball, tennis to winter sports, the excitement never stops for our punters. The latest advances in technology now make it possible to enjoy live betting too, rather than just betting on the final scores before each event. This adds to the thrill by giving you a way of making the most of changing odds during the match.
Being adaptable to your needs is something that Mr Green keeps in mind all the time. You can now not only bet from your computer at home but also on your phone from wherever you are. Use the mobile site for great betting experiences that adapt to your needs and are easy to use at the same time. The amount of different bets available might surprise you and you can use all sorts of strategies to give yourself the upper hand – from combo bets to Asian handicaps.
From the rookie to the veteran, sports betting can be an enjoyable experience that is both exciting and rewarding. Discover some of the top strategies that will make your journey with Mr Green all the more fulfilling and have lots of fun on the way.


Odds and probabilities

Understand how to read and calculate odds and probabilities is obviously requirement number one for any bettor. When it comes to football betting, you may encounter decimal, fractional or US odds, depending on your preference and which particular market you are betting in, but they all just different ways of expressing the same probability or percentage. For example, fractional odds of 2/1 and decimal odds of 3.0 both represent a 33.33% chance or a probability of .33. For the successful sports bettor, switching between different forms of odds, percentages and probabilities becomes second nature.

odds and probabilities

Betting On Big Events

Nothing beats a major sporting event – everyone coming together to watch the best in their fields pit it out against each other on the world stage. Another great thing about major sporting events is the extensive amount of markets available with Mr Green, which give you the opportunity to turn your expertise and gut feelings into winnings. When people talk of big sporting events, it doesn’t get much bigger than the World Cup and the Olympics.



Perhaps the greatest tournament in all of sport. No competition brings together a bigger selection of sports – everything from running to rowing; from swimming to cycling. The greatest athletes in their fields all make their way to a select country – the most recent, Brazil 2016, the upcoming, Tokyo, Japan 2020 – and contest for the greatest available honours in what truly is a remarkable festival of sporting excellence.

From a betting perspective, it’s incomparable – round-the-clock coverage allows punters to be informed of upcoming events, all of which can be betted on using Mr Green’s services. The sheer amount of unique sports being played is undeniably impressive: athletics, gymnastics, swimming, kayaking and so many more. There are also plentiful more mainstream sports such as soccer, golf and tennis. There’s something for everybody at the Olympics.

All of the mentioned sports feature in the Summer Olympics – there is also the Winter Olympics, which play home to a completely different selection of sports and occurs in the intervening years between Summer competitions – in Sochi, Russia in 2014 and in PyeongChang, Korea this year, 2018.

Whether Summer or Winter Olympics, there are a huge amount of markets available with Mr Green!

multi betting

Multi betting

At one time some bookmakers only allowed bettors to back the outcome of multiple football matches and not single games. Those days are over, but the multiple bet, in which the profit from the first bet is staked on the second bet and so on, still have a place in the sports bettors armoury. In fact, a multiple bet is your quickest way to turn a small stake into a big win, so its ideal if your betting bank is small. The downside of multiple betting is that the combined odds of winning are often long and don’t always represent value, but as long as you understand the risks involved, a multiple bet is often a good option.

Other betting markets

asian handicap

Asian Handicap

Traditional football match betting markets offer three options: home win, away win and draw, but Asian Handicap betting does away with the draw altogether by focusing on the difference between the two teams, theoretically balancing out the stronger team’s advantage. There are many different kinds of Asian Handicap, ranging from a quarter goal handicap to a 1 ½ goal handicap, but they all operate on the same principle, and typically operate to smaller bookmaker margins, making them an option worth considering for all sports bettors.

european handicap

European Handicap

The European Handicap is not widely known, but is an interesting option, which lies somewhere between the Asian Handicap and the standard Match Betting market. In a European Handicap, one team is quoted as superior to another by a certain number of goals, but unlike the Asian Handicap, the goals are not quoted in fractions, which means that the draw is still an option. The European Handicap can often be a good way to back favourites to win big or to side with underdogs to do better than the market expects.

flexi betting

Flexi betting

A flexi bet allows you to bet a percentage of a betting unit, rather than the full cost of the standard bet. This is usually available in exotic combination bets and markets which operate a pari-mutuel pool in which the total betting pool is split between all winning bets. Like multiple betting, flexi betting is ideal for speculative bets or for those with smaller betting banks.

spread betting

Spread betting

Sports spread betting is a radically different form of betting to the standard fixed odds model. In a spread bet, a bettor backs higher or lower than the stated spread on a particular market and sets a stake per point. In theory, wins in spread betting can be unlimited, but so can risks, which means that can be a risky way of betting if you are not fully aware of the potential losses. For those who do their homework, however, spread betting, which is often available in-play, can be an exciting and lucrative method of profiting from their sports knowledge.

live betting

Live betting

At one time, bookmakers would only take bets before a match had kicked off, but in recent years, the concept of live betting or betting-in-play as it is sometimes known has really taken off and now all good bookmakers offer live betting markets. Betting in-play is one of the most exciting ways to bet, and successful in-play bettors will closely follow the live match, responding rapidly to changing events and to fluctuating prices. Quick-thinking and clear decision making are the hallmarks of the successful live betting punter.

practical advice

Practical advice

Bookmaking may have changed beyond all recognition in recent years, but some things remain the same, and there are certain golden rules that the soccer bettor abandons at their peril. Win, lose or draw, you should always keep a note of your bets, to build up a record that will help you to analyse your own strengths and weaknesses. A level staking plan is the best way to go about your betting, reducing risk and ensuring consistency, and then there is, perhaps the most important golden rule of all: never bet what you cannot afford to lose.

Deposit Bonus

The modern betting market is highly competitive, and this is great news for bettors, as you will find bookmakers offering all kinds of bonuses to attract new customers. One of the most popular is the Deposit Bonus, in which a bookmaker matches your first deposit with them. Open a new account with a bookmaker via their website and you usually receive a promotional code, which you can then enter at the time of your first deposit to collect your bonus. Mr Green’s deposit bonus is a great way to increase your betting bank.

free bets

Free Bets

Another common bonus awarded by bookmakers is the free bet. These are second only to Deposit Bonuses in popularity among bettors, but unlike the Deposit Bonus, a free bet can be given out at any time, and allows you to effectively have a risk-free bet. There are usually conditions attached to this bonus, such as a limit on the size of the free bet, but a free bet with Mr Green can give you valuable extra ammunition in the battle for profit.