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Mr Green betting online

Mr Green online betting At Mr Green, sports betting enthusiasts can enjoy a wide range of different betting options without worry. Football, ice hockey, e-sports, Formula 1, basketball and many other interesting sports are included. And even if you are not interested in sports, you can still test your betting skills! Bets can be placed on things other than sports – such as politics, Eurovision and other fascinating world events. In addition to many interesting betting options, you will find the latest slot machines, the biggest jackpots and the most entertaining table games.

Mr Green betting is suitable for all bettors regardless of their level of knowledge and skills, and offers various forms of sports betting from European handicap to Asian handicap to combination bets and extremely popular live betting. In live bets, the bet is placed on an event that is already underway, and the excitement rises – if possible – even higher than in traditional betting. Create a game account, claim a free bet and show off your sports knowledge!

How do odds work in betting?

Understanding odds and probabilities is the most important thing for every bettor. The operating principle of multipliers is not some complicated secret science, on the contrary. When the result you bet is correct in betting, you win back the amount you bet on it, multiplied by the coefficient valid for the target.

Betting odds are created based on the calculations of top-class professionals specialized in the field. In a simplified way, it can be said that the coefficient means the probability of the selected outcome option being realized.

Smart and experienced bettors, of course, follow and compare odds extensively to find the best options for themselves. Mr Green‘s betting odds are among the best in the market, so when you win, you can expect good value for your money.

The betting coefficient can be expressed in several different ways, and when you get to know the matter more widely, you may come across decimal coefficients, fractions and percentages. In Europe, odds are in power, which are expressed as decimal numbers. They are usually separated by a period, but sometimes you can see a comma as well. Americans have their own way of marking odds with plus and minus.

How then can the decimal coefficient be converted into a probability expressed in percentages? It happens with the formula 1 : multiplier x 100. If the multiplier is, for example, 2.6, the conversion is calculated as 1 : 2.6 x 100 = 38.5%.

When the multiplier for an object is large, the actualization of the result in question is unlikely, according to the expert calculations on which it is based. A player who has bet on such a result can therefore win back his bet in a handsome multiple when he hits the right one. However, the risk of losing money is relatively high.

The opposite is true for low-coefficient items: the risk of losing money is relatively small, but if the bet is successful, the winnings are relatively small.

You should always follow the coefficients and look for interesting objects in relation to them. Fluctuations in coefficients may, especially in the long run, significantly affect the benefits or losses of an active betting enthusiast.

Betting related to major events

The bigger the sporting event, the more media attention it gets. Regardless of the sport, Mr Green brings to its customers the widest range of betting shops on the market. The betting market is particularly hot during, for example, the European and World Championships in football, the World Hockey Championships and the F1 season. Large international esports tournaments are also currently among the events favored by bettors. Mr Green brings the betting of all major sports events within your reach with smart odds.

Betting on the Olympics

The Olympics is undoubtedly the world’s biggest and most watched sports event, also in terms of betting. No other competition has a single international team competing in as many sports at the same time and in the same place. Thanks to their Olympic success, for example Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Nadia Comăneci, Allyson Felix, Jesse Owens and Carl Lewis have risen to fame.

During the Summer Olympics, betting is a great pastime. You can follow the Olympians through the media throughout the Games every day, and Mr Green offers a huge range of betting options for different sports. Among the bettors’ favorites are especially football, tennis, golf, athletics and basketball. In addition, you can bet on many sports that receive a lot of international media attention, mostly during the Olympics. You can follow your favorite athletes in, for example, gymnastics, swimming, archery or kayaking and bet on their success.

The Winter Olympics, where the world’s best athletes compete for medals in numerous sports close to the hearts of Finns, are equally rewarding from a betting point of view. The Winter and Summer Olympics are not organized in the same year, but thanks to their rotation, the Olympic fun can be enjoyed every two years. In the Winter Games, competitions are held in, among other things, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, bobsledding, figure skating, curling and biathlon. Of these, especially the last mentioned is a very entertaining and exciting live betting sport.

Mr Green’s betting offer during the Olympics is plentiful and versatile. On our website, you will find very competitive odds for the entire range of sports, both traditional and live betting.


Combination bets

In the past, some bookmakers offered bettors the opportunity to bet only on several football games at once, and individual targets were not offered at all. Those days are over, but compound bets, where the proceeds of the first bet are invested in the second and so on, are still part of the sports bettor’s toolbox. In fact, the compound bet is the fastest way to turn a small bet into a big win, so it is especially suitable for those playing with a smaller bankroll.

The downside of compound bets is that the Odds are often really high and don’t always seem worth playing. However, if you understand and accept the risks of additional items, multi-item bets can often be a good option.

Claim you combi bet up to 25 euro!

Other forms of betting

Sports betting is a versatile pastime, which is about much more than just betting on the winner. On the Mr Green website, you can find a wide range of different bet types, so there are exciting opportunities for both beginners and more experienced bench players alike, from simple result bets to slightly more challenging futures bets and multi-bets.
Although just betting on the winner of the match is both exciting and rewarding, you can make betting even more interesting by trying other types of bets. It is indeed possible to implement different betting strategies by combining different bet types.

Often in some sports, certain types of bets work better than others, and bets can always be placed according to the situation.
Since there are a large number of different betting types, the offer may seem confusing at first. It is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the different options before starting betting, in order to get the most out of betting as much as possible. Below are the most popular draw types in a nutshell:

  • Moneyline bet

    The most common and at the same time the simplest of all bet types is the moneyline bet, i.e. the result bet. It’s about betting on the winning team or athlete. If a bet is placed in ice hockey, for example, for the Lions to win and the team eventually finds its way to victory, the player wins the bet according to the coefficient defined at the time. Similarly, if the team loses, the bet also loses.

  • Point spread bet

    The point spread, also called a handicap bet, is not so much about the final result, but about the profit margin. In this bet type, one of the sides is given a so-called handicap, which allows it to get, for example, one goal more compared to the actual number of goals. The purpose is to give help to the underdog of the match with the bet, which evens out the power relations between the teams, at least in theory.

  • Under/over bets

    Over and under bets are bets on whether a certain score will be over or under during the match. This bet can concern, among other things, the total number of goals, corner kicks or cards. The goal is to succeed in correctly assessing whether the final score is higher or lower than the specified number. If the player bets on the result of the match, for example, less than 1.5 goals and at most one goal is scored during the match, then it is a winning bet.

  • Prop bet

    Prop bets are typically popular with more experienced bettors and they bring a very special kind of excitement to watching a sports event. In this bet type, the focus is on specific areas during the match instead of the whole. Typical examples of a prop bet are, for example, placing a bet during a soccer match on who will be awarded the first penalty or who will manage to score the first goal.

  • Future bet / outright bet

    In future bets, i.e. outright bets, the gaze is directed a little further into the future. In them, bets are placed on the final overall results, such as, for example, the championship of a tournament. A typical example of a futures bet is betting on the driver’s or team’s championship of F1 races or, for example, the championship of a CS:GO tournament. Most of the time, futures bets have slightly higher winning odds, because especially at the beginning of the tournament, it is not necessarily clear who will end up having the best success during the tournament.

  • Multibet / parlays / combination bet

    If betting requires a challenge, various multiple and combination bets are a viable option. If you bet correctly, there are usually quite nice winning odds, but at the same time, it is a type of bet where success is by no means self-evident. A combination bet contains several bets at the same time, and in order to succeed, all the choices must be correct. An example of such a bet can be mentioned, for example, betting on three football teams winning their matches.

  • Asian Handicap

    -in the game format, the tie is completely forgotten by focusing on the difference between the two teams, in which case the advantage of the stronger team can theoretically be removed with the help of an equalizer.
    There are many different types of handicaps in Asian handicap betting, from a quarter goal to a goal and a half, but all of them work on the same principle. In general, the bookmaker’s winning margin is smaller in Asian Handicap bets, so perhaps you should also consider trying this form of play.

  • European Handicap

    The European handicap bet is the more familiar form of handicap bet in Finland, which is placed somewhere between the Asian Handicap and a regular match bet. In the European handicap bet, one team is determined to be better than the other by a certain number of goals, but in this case the handicap is determined as a whole number. Then a draw is still a possible outcome.
    The European handicap bet is often a good option when you want to bet on the favorite’s big win or the underdog’s performance better than the betting market’s estimate. This kind of betting comes naturally to Finns.

  • Flexi betting

    In the Flexi bet, you can bet a certain percentage of the game unit instead of betting the usual, full bet. This form of betting is usually available in exotic combination bets as well as in betting markets that use pari-mutuel profit sharing, where the entire winning pot is divided between all winning bets. In the same way as combination bets, flexi bets also work well in riskier destinations and are excellent for those playing with a small bankroll.

  • Spread betting

    Spread betting is significantly different from regular, fixed odds betting. In spread betting, the player bets on a larger or smaller spread than the market offers and places his bet in points. In theory, the winning amount can be as large as you want in spread betting, but the same can be said about the risk associated with the bet. So it can be a risky type of bet if you don’t fully understand the possible losses. However, for those players who can learn the secrets of spread betting, it is an exciting and profitable way to utilize their sports knowledge, especially in live betting.

  • Live-betting

    In previous years, bookmakers only accepted bets before the start of the match, but in recent years, live betting, which is extremely popular and offers unique excitement, has risen to an equally important position as traditional betting. Today, all good betting sites offer their players live betting.
    Betting live, i.e. while a match or other sports event is already underway, is one of the most exciting forms of betting. Successful live betting requires unflinchingly following the match from start to finish and reacting quickly to changing situations and odds.
    A live bettor must be able to think and make smart, proactive decisions quickly. In live betting, it is also an advantage that the bettor has comprehensive and well-updated, latest information about teams and individual athletes, for example in terms of fitness, injuries and pressure tolerance.

  • Tips for betting

    Betting has changed and developed a lot in recent years, but certain things still remain the same. There are still a few golden rules and working tips to keep in mind.
    Whether the result is a win, a draw or a loss, always keep track of your bets so that you can analyze your own strengths and weaknesses in the long run to improve as a bettor. A consistent betting plan is the best way to start betting, as it reduces risk and keeps your bankroll safe. However, the most important rule for every bettor is this: never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Popular betting

Finns are a sports-crazy nation and like to enjoy themselves both in the race halls and in front of the TV receivers, watching summer and winter sports. At Mr Green, you can bet on the premier league football in the Champions League, Premier League, Veikkausliiga, Liiga and place your bet on the hottest e-sports tournaments all year round. F1 betting and other motor sports heat up the asphalt and add more laps, while cool ice hockey offers fast-changing situations and odds. We offer a balanced offer of both major events and matches of smaller series, flavored with the most insightful odds.

You can choose a sport based on its popularity or scroll down the betting page to view all sports offered by Mr Green. The list includes, for example, basketball, handball, boxing, golf, equestrian sports, tennis and American football. The presentation format of the odds can be customized according to your own taste, and filling out the bet slip can be done easily by clicking on the desired bet. Remember to check the bet before placing it and stay excited about the outcome of the match!

The statistical information found on the destinations will help you make a decision. If you want, you can try different betting strategies like fibonacci or Kelly’s Criterion. They do not guarantee certain winnings, but the betting tips will give you new ideas for your playing style. Change is refreshing, and our diverse and extensive selection of attractions and sports offers an excellent framework for that. Betting at Mr Green is an experience you can experience again and again.

Single, combination and system bets

You can fill in Mr Green’s bet coupon for individual bets and, if possible, different combination bets and system bets. Our program automatically calculates the Total Odds and tells you how big the possible profit is if the bets are correct. You can build a bet according to your own taste and adjust the bet of each item to suit your gaming budget. Even with a small investment, it is possible to achieve big profits.

You can find a huge variety of betting opportunities at Mr Green betting. You can place a bet on the winner of the match as a 1×2 bet, bet on total goals, as an over/under bet or as an exact result bet. There is plenty of choice. More experienced and experimental players can choose a double chance, draw no bet, total goals for the home or away team, European and Asian handicap bets and the spread betting preferred by professionals. It’s good to keep an eye on special bets and you can participate in them as you like.

Explore the wide selection of bets at your leisure, learn the rules of different types of bets and try placing bets with free and real money. Dozens of different matches are played every day and you will certainly find the type of bet you like among the betting sites. Once you have become familiar with the basics of betting, you can expand your horizons and try new targets without prejudice. After the bets are settled, winnings are easily withdrawn from the cashier.

Live, jackpot and group bets

At Mr Green, most of the bets are placed in advance before the start of the match or event. The exception to the rule is captivating live betting, where it is possible to place bets right up to the last minute of game time. The selection of attractions is naturally narrower than normal betting and the odds change at a fast pace. You can find games that have already kicked off in the Live right now category, while the Starting soon section tells about matches that have less than 24 hours to start. If you want, you can also search for sports, leagues and teams with a word search and find what you’re looking for lightning fast.

In addition, Mr Green offers eager bettors the opportunity to join forces with other players and play attractions in a group. The mechanics are simple. The captain leads each group and chooses the draw targets to be played by the group. When a ticket is won, the money is distributed according to the total amounts bet by the players. Every player can be the captain or join the team they want. Mr Green has fun alone and together.

In Jackpot bets, you can find pre-selected jackpots and results, the success of which you can place your bet on. If all the choices are correct, the player gets a tasty additional pot on top of his winnings. What great news! Placing bets is possible at any time of the day as long as the bet is open. If you need help creating an account, making a deposit, or filling out a lottery ticket, you can always contact our knowledgeable and friendly customer support.

Mobile betting

When you want to enjoy online betting at the moment that suits you best, choose Mr Green’s mobile application. The betting application built for Android devices is installed directly from our site and, like the full version, it contains a large number of different items and coefficients. The themes are familiar and placing a bet is safe and effortless with the swipe of a finger.

New bettors can take advantage of our casino’s generous welcome bonuses, and more experienced bettors already know where to find our tasty promotions. For example, there will be joyful free bets and delicious additional winnings. By getting to know our betting tips and strategies, you will get the most out of the euros you have invested. Also remember to read the terms and conditions.

When placing any sports bets, it is also good to keep the principles of responsible gambling in mind. A positive way of playing and good bankroll management go further than any other gambling tip. Mr Green offers Finnish players an excellent place where their passion for betting can be unleashed. Our odds are the top of the market and excitement is guaranteed. Follow in the footsteps of thousands of satisfied Finnish players, receive the welcome bonus and create an account for Mr Green!

Sports betting with Mr Green – FAQ

How to bet on sports?

On the Mr Green betting page, you can find a comprehensive selection of different sports, from football to esports. A clear overview has been created for players to bet on, so you can easily choose the sport you want from the menu on the left side of the site and familiarize yourself with the available destinations and odds. If you wish, you can also use the search field on the site or familiarize yourself with, for example, the offer under the headings “Right now” or “Most popular attractions”.

How does the bet work?

Mr Green offers a wide variety of betting options. In its simplest form, the player places a bet on the desired betting destination before the start of the sporting event. If the bet is correct, he wins the bet he placed with the specified coefficient. The more likely something is in a sports event, the lower its winning coefficient, but on the other hand also the risk of loss. The site also offers the possibility of live betting, where bets can be placed while the match or event is already underway.

How do you place your bet?

The bet is placed by selecting the desired betting item from the list and specifying the size of the bet in the field reserved for it. Finally, the bet is confirmed, after which it is activated.

How do you open your account?

Opening a game account with Mr Green is uncomplicated and only takes a moment! It is done by clicking on the orange Create a game account button on the front page, after which several different options for opening an account will appear. Your speed is done through identification with online banking credentials, either in connection with a deposit or without a deposit. However, Mr Green also offers a traditional registration form, where personal information is entered and in connection with which the game account is confirmed via text message.