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In the Beginning

Since its 19th-century arrival in the United States, the global Poker community has grown in number to 100+ million and shows no signs of declining anytime soon. The advent of the internet has served to accelerate its reach to the four corners of the world. Technology has presented new opportunities for individuals to develop an appreciation for the game, and in so doing, introduced a whole new generation to it. The availability of poker variants has meant that players can choose the poker game best suited to their tastes. While online poker was the first step in the evolution of the physical card game, the introduction of Live Casino, has taken the game to a whole new level. You can enjoy the game from your desktop, as well as a smartphone.

The leap from online poker to live casino poker is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It brings the game of poker to life on your screen. It’s an adventure, which begins when you signup with us at Mr Green Online Casino. We take the complication out of the process, so it’s fast and straightforward, so you’ll be seated at a poker table in no time flat. The excitement begins before you’ve even started playing as you experience the sensation of playing with a real-life dealer who interacts with other players at your table. You can’t see these players’ faces, but you can see their cards. If you’re worried that the classic game of online poker has lost something by going live, put your mind at rest because the difference is minimal. What this means for you is that you don’t need to change your strategy or learn anything new. You can even go head-to-head against the house rather than other players.

Why Live Casino is a Game-Changer

live casino poker

One of the differences between Online Poker and live poker is game pace. Online poker games tend to be quicker than their live poker counterparts, so if you prefer a slower pace, then the latter enjoys an edge. The slower pace is, in part, the result of the time afforded players to decide on the best Poker strategies. Here at Mr Green, we’ve got live poker variants like Casino Hold ’em Jumbo 7 and Ultimate Texas Hold ’em. You’ll even find tournaments and live money games in these set-ups also. One of the explanations for the success of live casino poker is the speed at which beginners adapt to the game. Experienced players, on the other hand, can rise to the challenge by executing their best poker strategies. As with standard poker, the objective is to defeat the dealer with a better hand.

The rules remain consistent whether or not you’re playing online poker or live casino poker, so there is nothing to worry about there. You have the same 52-card pack shuffled after the game. There’s the standard Ante plus the option to make a bonus bet where a hand of two aces or higher delivers an added payout. You also begin with two cards, as does the dealer who’ll reveal his/her cards right after placing the community cards in the middle of the table. Each player will choose their best hand consisting of 5 cards out of the seven dealt to them. The dealer must hold a minimum of a pair of fours for their game to count against the house.

During the game, the dealer can chat with players. Players type their message into a text input, and the dealer will verbally reply. The beauty of live poker is that it is delivered in high definition and streamed to your mobile, tablet or desktop platform. If you so desire, it may be possible to adjust the camera angle from within settings, found in the toolbar. You can choose a 3-D view that displays your seat and background.

Evolution Gaming

 evolution poker

Evolution Gaming is our primary provider of live games here at Mr Green, and one of the top Live Casino Poker providers in the space with a history that begins in 2006. The company is a pioneer in the streaming of live casino poker games that uses cutting-edge technology to provide a truly immersive experience to our players.

While being a leading innovator, Evolution Gaming continues to push the envelope to deliver even better live streaming games onto tablets, personal computers and mobiles. In countries such as Italy, Spain and Denmark, the provider is already certified, with licenses being increased in Malta, the UK, Belgium, Romania, Latvia, Canada and Alderney.

Beginning in 2010, Evolution Gaming has amassed several awards recognizing its leading success. Among the more noteworthy is the EGR (eGaming Review) award for Live Casino Supplier of the Year each year since it first began. Its annual profits are creeping towards $150 million, driven by adding new casinos to their client base from all over the world. Now that they are firmly established as a dependable provider of the leading software, we’re pleased to offer their games at Mr Green.

Live casino poker

The objective of all live-streaming studios is to provide a seamless live casino platform that delivers spectacular image quality and sound. The success of Evolution Gaming in balancing interactivity with seamlessness has been unparalleled. From any one of its various studios, it is possible to find live casino poker games at any time of the day. The first production studio was located in Latvia, but since then has grown. Successful execution of their strategy facilitated a need to shift headquarters to a 2,000m2 site purposely built. In 2013, the company had the largest studio space in Europe with 100+ tables optimized for any online platform.

As sales continued to climb, it launched a new production hub in Tbilisi, Georgia. It also created another live casino studio in British Columbia, Canada, in 2018. In the same year, the company made great strides in the United States by launching a production hub in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Security at heart

With concerns over internet security and privacy in the minds of many people, it comes as no surprise that online casino software developers ensure that games are protected from hackers. To this end, Evolution Gaming uses banking grade encryption to ensure that every transaction is safe. All of the deposit options that we offer at Mr Green are safe and reliable, so you don’t need to worry. Whatever deposit method you choose, you can rest assured that both Evolution Gaming and Mr Green will keep your personal payment details protected.

In the world of online poker games, you’ll actually find that of all the games that you’ll find, incredibly, most of them are from a small number of providers. At the forefront is Evolution Gaming leading the charge with an assortment of poker games that offers something that makes each of them unique. Regardless of the one you choose, you can be sure that they will all be pleasing on the eyes and engaging on all platforms, including mobile. Aside from the largest collection of games, these games are also available in many native languages. Every one of the live casino events is filmed in high definition, using HD multi-camera technology, playback monitors and specialist lighting.

You can find Evolution Gaming’s products at some of the biggest online casinos, including Mr Green. The provider has built its reputation, so much so that they have become a must-have at all casinos offering live dealer poker. We’ve put together a list of what we think makes Evolution Gaming different:

  • All dealers are professional and courteous, which supports an environment that is both agreeable and respectful.
  • Frequent participants may become more familiar with the dealers and even develop a loose rapport, which makes the experience all the more enjoyable.
  • Through a collaborative approach between us and Evolution Gaming, we ensure that the product meets the best standards of practice and that we are continuously upping our game. We value both a principled and transparent approach.
  • Evolution Gaming continues to build trust by developing personalized products that keep it ahead of the game.
  • Evolution Gaming software continues to build a name for itself with products designed to gel with current platforms. Regardless of the software used by casinos, Evolution Gaming’s solutions are designed for compatibility.

Mr Green and Evolution Gaming

live poker
Although Evolution Gaming is a relatively recent addition to Mr Green, we can honestly say that its market impact has been significant. We think that the addition of Evolution Gaming demonstrates our commitment to being at the forefront in live casino poker, that’ll blow you away. Begin playing live casino poker right away while taking advantage of our 100% welcome bonus. You can access our instant play website from a Windows or Mac pc, which is compatible with any device that uses Adobe Flash.

Live poker games

live poker games

  • Live Casino Hold’em

Live Casino Hold ’em is the most popular version of live poker, also explaining why it is the most commonly found one at Online Casinos. Here, a player starts by making a bet at the commencement of the game (Ante). There is also a possibility of simultaneously making a side bet. The dealer will then proceed to deal out two cards to every player, followed by flop in the middle of the Poker table. Players can match these cards with the flop cards for the highest scoring. Players can make bets in the other two rounds or after this round.

  • 2 Hand Live Casino Hold’em

The exclusive variant 2 Hand Live Casino Hold ’em from Evolution Gaming offers a unique casino experience. The sole differentiating factor is the ability to play two hands simultaneously. Here, you have more control of the outcome as you can bet on one or both hands. The main reason for playing this game is to double your opportunity to win on the bonus bet. The rules remain identical to other live poker casino variants.

  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Ultimate Texas Hold ’em was created in 2017 by Evolution Gaming, with much of the feel of Live Casino Hold’em. Still, you’ll find the difference comes down to making bets. After making the Ante bet, the action is non-stop up to the final card dealt. The first bet made is the blind, and the game can now start.

Called the ‘Trips’ side bet, this optional bet can reward a payout when a player collects at least three of a kind, irrespective of what other players are holding. As is standard practice, the dealer distributes two cards to each player while holding two for himself. The flop goes in the middle of the table, and players can check or bet twice the Ante. This precedes two further rounds when the river and turn are dealt out. The dealer presents his/her cards with the winner being the one with the best hand.

  • Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

Texas Hold ’em Bonus Poker is similar to the Ultimate Texas Hold ’em variant except for a small twist. The difference arises when the game opens where you decide to fold or play rather than whether to bet big. There’s still the Ante that you need to bet. Depending on the hand you’re holding, you can raise your bet or check higher. If on each round, a bet is made, then the cost is 4x the Ante. A major difference.

If a bet is made during all of these rounds, the cost would be four times the Ante. Additionally, instead of a full set of cards as with alternative live casino poker versions, the bonus side bet is scored through a pair of high cards.

  • 3 Card Poker

Do you have a preference for a less complicated variant of live casino poker? In this case, perhaps you might be better suited for three-card poker where you have the option of making two bets. These are the Pair Plus bet and six-card bonus after you’ve made an Ante payment. From this point, the player can view the cards dealt to him/her by the dealer. The player cannot, however, see the cards dealt to the dealer. They can choose to put forward an amount equivalent to the Ante. The highest hand wins.

  • 3 Card Brag

When choosing 3 Card Brag, the hand ranks and pay scales are altered. Three of a kind rewards a significantly larger payout than would typically be the case with a 40:1 payout. This is a typical payout from a 3 card poker Straight Flush raising the possibility of a bigger payout.

Making Live Casino Poker tick

 poker mechanics

A few years ago, a player that wanted to play poker would have to wait until they could visit a casino, which probably meant the weekend if this was even viable. This also meant that you could not play whenever you wanted, and your schedule had to fall within the opening hours of the casino. Unfortunately, for most Canadians, hopping on a flight to Las Vegas or Atlantic City is not a practical option.

Then came the introduction of online poker, which would redefine what it meant to be able to play anywhere and any time. Improvements in technology make poker more accessible to the masses and reliable. It eliminated the need to go to land-based casinos during opening hours, cut travel costs, and eliminated the need to wait for a free table to open up. In fact, now all you need to do is sit behind your computer and play the game as if you were there. What’s more, you can now also use your smartphone or tablet, a sign of just how far technology has advanced.

These investments in technology have attracted a new generation of poker players to the game while allowing the older generations to recapture some of their youth. Chris Moneymaker is an example of a player who in 2003 won €2.5 million (close to $4 million) after qualifying online. His success would act as a catalyst, attracting thousands of new players with an interest in the game and a dream of big winnings. The game itself is only part of the overall experience. There is nothing like an evening of poker, even when you don’t win.

The convenience of online poker did not fully offset the loss of the reel casino poker experience. You could no longer play beside other players seated at the table. Gone was any human interaction, including non-verbal communications. The introduction of Live Casino bridged the gap between land-based casinos and online casinos, presenting the best of both worlds.

Behind the Scenes of Live Casino Poker

The appeal of live casino poker was blatantly apparent if you were old school, taking the ability to interact with others to support a gambling atmosphere that felt genuine. The studios are meant to duplicate the feel of a live casino, right down to the tables, live-streamed using technology called alternative reality to players from around the world. Players can type their chat to the dealer, who can then reply, which makes the game feel less cold.

The reason for this human touch is, of course, because you are not dealing with a virtual dealer as you would be with online poker. The croupiers you find at a live casino are the real deal. Although these professionals enhance the genuine feel of poker, it’s easy to forget that their purpose is to tend to player needs. Turn on the live chat to duplicate the idle small talk and joking that you’d find at a typical land-based casino. Players who can express and witness reactions to the prevailing situation will ultimately enjoy the atmosphere that this is conducive to.

By now, with all the talk of cutting-edge technology, you probably think that you practically need a supercomputer to take advantage of them. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and all you really need is a good internet connection and access to the website.

Comparing Online Poker to Live Dealer Poker

live dealers online

You may not believe us when we tell you this, but the live dealer version of poker is not unlike the online version. You might play Live Poker is the equivalent of learning to walk before you’ve started crawling, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. We can’t emphasize enough that the differences between online poker and live dealer poker are subtle.

Live dealers and RNGs

A leap in technology allows players at Live Casino Poker games to benefit from a live dealer who does the same job as a land-based one, which includes dealing cards. There is plenty of hard work happening behind the scenes, designed to create a genuine experience, which is not unlike a land-based casino. The goal is, of course, to replicate the feeling of being in Las Vegas without ever having to step a foot outside your door. There is no substitute for this level of realism, short of a road trip to a casino.

The good thing about live casinos is that it’s not limited to just Poker. For starters, there is also Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette, all served up using a live dealer who welcomes you into the fold. The difference relative to an Online Poker game is that the outcome of the cards dealt is determined by a random number generator (RNG). Online Poker is less exciting and feels less real than watching an actual dealer shuffle and distribute the cards.

If we look at the type of equipment that you’ll need, topping out is a dependable internet connection, which is speedy. Fortunately, these have become relatively standard in most countries nowadays. There’s a limited game selection where it’s advisable to have a webcam. Be sure that your internet connection is reliable before joining a Live Poker Casino room.

Real versus Programmed Interaction

One of the drawbacks of Online Poker is that you miss out on the banter between players at a live casino poker table. While the possibility to interact is far superior in Live Casino Poker, it does not mean that you can say whatever you want while hiding behind a keyboard. Show the same respect towards the dealer and other players that you would if they were seated beside you at a real casino. Remember that the primary motivation should be fun, and no one wants to feel disrespected. If you take things too far then you should remember that you can get barred, particularly if you are offensive.

The historical use of a random number generator has given players the comfort of knowing that the outcomes are not being influenced to make you lose. It was first used in poker and slot machines, but its reliability was the catalyst for its migration to online casinos. Ensuring that the RNG is working as it should, third-party auditing companies such as Technical System Testing (TST) exist.

Players at a virtual Live Poker casino table benefit from the dealer who shuffles the cards and deals them out to ensure fair gameplay. The leap from physically attending a land-based casino to a virtual live casino has never been as easy as it is today.