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In the last two decades, Sports Betting has become an activity synonymous with sports viewership. At a brief glance, the titans of professional sports lead the list of betting markets, think NBA and NFL, but, one sport that’s often overlooked in North American markets is Tennis. Here at Mr Green, more than a million people each day crawl through betting markets searching for their next winner. As a leading bookmaker, we offer a variety of bets such as tournament winners or the number of tie-breaks in a given match. All of this and more is available and waiting at Mr Green, first, let’s go through an overview of a few touchpoints you’ll need to hammer down before crafting a winning strategy.

Tennis is the new black

Unlike the English Premier League or NBA, Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed nearly 12 months of the year with a variety of tournaments and championships spread out across the world. It’s why most serious bettors are intimately aware of the comings and goings of the sport. As a market, it provides a great opportunity to supplement your gaming during the quieter moments of the sporting calendar. Finally, while there’s a lot of noise surrounding the Grand Slam and Masters events, seasoned bettors look to both the ATP and WTA tours for betting markets that represent greater value in the long term.

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Tracking the Grand Slam events

Like any major tournament, a mixture of runaway draws and top players coming into form greatly influences the actions of bookmakers and sharps alike. While a conservative approach on their part can be difficult to navigate for sports bettors at times, it can also present creative opportunities for success. It’s imperative to know the subtle differences between each of the four Grand Slam events with the intention of defining how the idea of a winning player changes between each event. A great place to start is by analyzing the odds of a match and working backwards to see how the bookmakers landed on the price for selection.

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Always check the rankings

A unique feature of Tennis is the ranking system and how accumulated scores by players can wildly shift annually depending on performance at select tournaments. For example, if Milos Raonic has a great showing at Wimbledon this summer, but fails to replicate that form in 2020, his ATP ranking can experience a sharp rise and fall based on his performances. This is why it’s incredibly important to track a players performance throughout their respective season while also keeping track of the narratives and headlines going into each tournament.

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Location, Location, Location

Like most athletes, Tennis players are incredibly talented performers, however, the idea of home and away metrics aren’t exactly efficient when judging the form of player across a season. From is highly dependant on the venue of the competition, the surfaces that are being played on, and all the other quirks that are localized to a particular tournament. Consider the French Open, the only Grand Slam event played on clay courts; it’s routine for young French upstarts to find success against dominant names in the top 20 of the ATP and WTA rankings. Inefficiencies like this can be the difference between a winning and losing bet.

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Tennis betting at Mr Green

Track the schedule through the season

It’s no secret that Tennis is a global sport. That said, the amount of international travel that athletes must endure, not to mention the variety of climates they must acclimate to, makes it difficult for players to replicate their best form across every tournament in a season. Players in the top 20 of the ATP and WTA rankings are always managing their performance levels within their individual tours to stay in optimal shape for the Grand Slam events. It’d be a shrewd tactic to consider this next time you’re evaluating the odds of a match where a supposed winner has already been decided.

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Set betting isn’t for the faint of heart

Set betting is very much like a mirage that might appear to you while out in the desert. Ostensibly, it seems like a good idea, however, upon further reflection you come to understand that judging a players performance in a moment of a match can provide wild variances that you won’t be able to predict. If you are so inclined, build a data-heavy, research first framework that helps to guide your selections and remove as much bias as possible. For example, a key metric to track could be dropped sets while in a winning position. In the end, be analytical in your approach.

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Find value in the handicap market

Finally, the handicap market is always a great option to consider when the odds on the main market aren’t tantalizing enough. At Mr Green, you’ll find a variety of markets with fluctuating handicaps. For example, in a match with Eugene Bouchard against Serena Williams, the match may be set at -4 for Williams, however, if you feel confident that Williams will win by a higher margin, you can increase your handicap, also known as selling, to improve the margins of the bet you’re considering. This tactic also applies in the reverse.

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