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The NFL might still wear the crown when it comes to the most popular sport in the U.S. And baseball might have the longest history. But when it comes to all-around entertainment, you just can’t beat the NBA. Year on year, the wall-to-wall action and pure athleticism continue to draw attention from fans around the world.

The NBA was originally called the Basketball Association of America (BAA) when it was founded in New York City back in June 1946. It only became known as the NBA after a 1949 merger with the National Basketball League. Today, America’s most premier basketball league is – by far – the most interesting of sports leagues. For instance, while these exceptional athletes are known for their height, did you also know that the shortest player in history (Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues) blocked 39 shots? There have been some memorable moments too, like when the legendary Michael Jordan played his final game. And let’s not forget Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 points in a single game: a record that still holds today.

Of course, Jordan and Chamberlain are just two of the many superstars we’ve seen in the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers have given us iconic greats such as Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the ’70s and ’80s before presenting us with the on-field rivalry that was Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal in more recent times. The team in yellow hasn’t fallen short with all that talent at their disposal, having won numerous championships. But we cannot forget the Chicago Bulls, with Jordan leading his team to several championships either.

When it comes to players, few argued that Michael Jordan was the greatest NBA player of all time. Then LeBron James came along, and now younger generations of basketball fans claim that King James has dethroned the Bulls legend.

For NBA fans who enjoy watching their favourite players do their thing on the court, you’ll be happy to know that Mr Green offers a sportsbook to rival any, with many sports and leagues available, which, of course, include the NBA. It’s no secret that our sportsbook has been around for a while and through the years we’ve gathered that one of our stand-out features, which is constantly enhancing your basketball Betting experience, is our broad variety of odds.

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As basketball is a sport that puts a lot of points on the board, there’s an array of betting markets available to bet on. The most common ways to bet on the NBA are the moneyline and point spread. A moneyline bet is simply where you bet on a particular team to win the game. So, for example, if the Knicks are playing the Bulls, the Knicks might be -1100 (1.09), with the Bulls at +700 (8.00). If you bet $10 on the Bulls and they win, you’ll get $80 paid into your account (your winnings and your $10 stake returned).

The point spread is a handicap that a bookmaker determines for each game. If the Orlando Magic plays the Phoenix Suns, for example, the bookmaker might predict the Magic to win by 13 points.

In this example, the spread would be 13, which means that if you back the Magic to cover the spread, you’ll win as long as they don’t lose by 13 or more points. Each team is typically priced at -110 (1.90), with the Suns at +700 (8.00).

You’ll love our extensive range of stats to help you form your basketball betting strategies. You might want to look at recent stats to assess who is and who isn’t on form. Or prefer to back teams and players who have performed well in recent years, like the Los Angeles Lakers, that are a firm favorite among NBA bettors. And LeBron James, a player who comes to mind when looking at who’s in the running for highest-scorer or Most Valuable Player.

Sports bettors with a particular interest in basketball are given a nice coverage of events from both the NBA and the Euro League. The sport is one of the more popular sports in online betting, and Mr Green not only offers impressive coverage of events but also offers generous odds. As well as some of the most extensive odds you’ll find online. While you may expect that to be the case only with the NBA, it’s also true of other leagues from around the world. In fact, you’ll see the following from every competition and tournament we offer.

  • Quarter Markets: The most basic Quarter Market bet involves predicting the winner of a given quarter. Other variations of Quarter Markets bets exist, such as predicting the winner of a given quarter with a Handicap applied
  • Total Points: Here, the bet is on whether the combined points of a match is either higher or lower than a given number. Overtime counts here.
  • Handicaps: With a handicap bet, you’re betting on the team to win with the handicap scores taken into account. When a tie occurs in a handicap, and there’s no draw selection offered (a “push”), all bets are void.
  • Match Result: In this, you’re betting on the outcome of the match and is the simplest bet you can make. Overtime counts, with the exception of betting on the win match in normal time market.

Betting on the Go with Mr Green

If you enjoy betting while on the go, Mr Green delivers fast and smooth access to the site on your tablet or mobile browser, using both the iOS and Android apps – so you can be the first in line to bet on the latest sports drama. Whichever device you use; you’ll find the trademarked green hues surrounding the quick and user-friendly navigation.

You’ll also see that the user interface is uncluttered, so you’ll unlikely ever feel overwhelmed during your betting sessions with us. The well-organized sportsbook also allows you to browse through the various sports and competitions available, ensuring maximum enjoyment of your mobile betting experience.

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