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MotoGP has the uncanny ability to get your heart racing a million beats per minute with high-octane thrills. Aside from the rumble of the 500cc engine and rip-roaring pace, Mr Green gives you yet another reason to get excited about MotoGP with thrilling Betting odds.

You have to go back to 1949 to visit the start of the motorcycle Grand Prix racing. Harold Daniell would be the first 500cc Grand Prix winner at what has become the world-renowned Isle of Man TT. In this first season, you would find sidecars, 500cc, 350cc, 230cc and 125cc categories.

If we fast-forward to the present, Marc Márquez representing Honda has become a leading force by taking the MotoGP World Championships in six different years. More impressively, he did this under the age of 30. Given his youth, you must assume that time is on his side, allowing him to add to his collection. Perhaps he may go down as one of the greatest of all time. If he wants to match the record-holder Giacomo Agostini, then he’s just two wins away.

The season for MotoGP normally extends from March to November with 19 world events, ranging from the UK’s famous Silverstone track to Italy’s Mugello Circuit. There are even some exotic locations, including Qatar’s Losail International Circuit and Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit.

The world of motorbike racing is too big to be limited to just MotoGP. If you look into the sport, then you’ll also find World Superbike, Speedway, British Superbike and Motorcross. You can find all these popular sports bets here at Mr Green.

MotoGP Betting

A fortunate thing about MotoGP is that you can find a whole range of betting markets, not unlike most other popular sports. For instance, you can back a winner on any individual MotoGP race. If you’re patient, then you can play the waiting game and put money down on the results of a season or possibly even beyond that.

Betting on the MotoGP Championship

Betting on the MotoGP Championship

At Mr Green, we have a huge selection of MotoGP Championship odds, which include the winners of both the rider’s and manufacturer’s championships. You’ll even find an assortment of markets between them.

For example, you can make wagers on the order that particular riders will come in over the entire season. There’s even the ability to make head-to-head bets between riders and handicap bets.

MotoGP: Race Betting

MotoGP: Race Betting

If you thought that the only market for MotoGP involved choosing the winner, then think again! There are many different markets focused on different aspects of the game that range from the fastest lap time to the top qualifier.

Aside from season MotoGP betting, make speed row bets, head-to-head bets and handicap bets on riders. Speed row bets are ones in which you can bet on the order of selected riders participating in a broader race.

MotoGP: Live Betting

MotoGP: Live Betting

Aside from predicting the competition, it’s also possible to make a call during the event as you’re watching it play out as our markets at Mr Green also offer you the option of MotoGP Live Betting.

MotoGP Live betting is an interesting avenue for you to put your best Betting strategies to good use. You can potentially make money during a real-life event.

By way of example, let’s say Marc Márquez seemed to struggle early but is coming on strong as the game unfolds. You can put down $10 at odds of something like 6/1, predicting that he’ll take the podium position and make $70 if you’re right.

Getting a Headstart on MotoGP Betting Strategies

A common sense tip to MotoGP betting comes as no surprise, and it says: do your research.

While some riders may be the overpowering favourites, no rider has won every single season race. Incredibly, the best a rider has ever done was 13 wins in 18. As you might have guessed, the rider was Márquez, who accomplished this task in 2014. It meant that he won 72.22% of the matches that year.

If you’re going to do your homework, and you should, then you need to consider the rider’s form concerning particular courses. Going back to Márquez as our example, despite his success, he has struggled at Silverstone by winning just 1 of 6 races there, retiring in two of those matches. In contrast, he’s absolutely dominated the Sachsenring in Germany by winning 7 out of 7 races there. Although he may be considered the favourite in a race, there may be other riders that may present a better value.

Weather can also be a leading factor to provide betting opportunities on MotoGP, especially as they arise in live betting markets. A sudden rainfall can be devastating to a rider using dry tyres since he may need to make a pitstop to change them. A bettor with some foresight who factors in the weather conditions might be able to anticipate the occurrences to make a tidy profit.

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