How to use the Fibonacci betting strategy

Bet on your favourite sports at home and on the go using the Fibonacci betting strategy.

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While the fundamentals of Sports Betting preparation are to find your optimal sports betting markets and do in-depth research, there’re certainly benefits to sticking to a sound betting system. This enables you to stay within your structured limits while potentially allowing you to maximize your wins. When it comes to betting systems, few are as popular as the Fibonacci, derived from the 1202 sequence of the same name.

Fibonacci betting system explained

The Fibonacci betting system scales bets according to the Fibonacci sequence, which is a succession of numbers that sees each successive number be the sum of the two numbers that came before. The sequence starts with 0, 1, so to demonstrate the system, we’re going to start with a $1 bet.

Let’s say that you put this initial $1 bet on the Calgary Flames to beat the Vegas Golden Knights in regulation at odds of 2.40. However, once the final buzzer goes, the Flames have lost, and you’ve lost your bet. As the sequence runs 0, 1, your next bet is the value of your first added to the value of the number before.

So, your next bet is again $1, this time on the Golden Knights to stay hot and beat the Vancouver Canucks in the hockey betting at 2.32. It turns out that you should have stuck with Canada, with the Nuks winning and you losing your second bet. Next, your bet becomes the sum of the last two values ($1+$1+$2), which you wager on the Toronto Maple Leafs to beat the Florida Panthers at 2.11. This time, you win, returning $4.22 to cover your total wager.

As you can see, the Fibonacci betting system is designed to recuperate after losing a bet. It’s essential that when using this betting system at Mr Green, that you stick to the same bet value throughout and target single outcome markets at odds as close to 2.00 as possible. This enables the sequence to stay true and have the best chance of returning your previous stakes.

However, a losing streak can make the Fibonacci betting system a costly one. Assuming a $1 initial stake, here’s how the sequence would go for ten consecutive losses: $1, $1, $2, $3, $5, $8, $13, $21, $34, $55 – a total betting spree of $143.

Advantages of the Fibonacci system

Consider the Fibonacci betting system to be your more user-friendly and far less aggressive alternate to the equally popular Martingale betting method. If you’re one to place bets at around 2.00 odds anyway, be it Hockey, Basketball Betting, or any other sport, Fibonacci can help you to capitalize on a winning streak or help to cover losses – you just need a large enough bankroll to complete each sequence.

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Disadvantages of the Fibonacci system

The Fibonacci betting system doesn’t suit bettors who prefer the wager on long odds, combinations or play with a relatively small bankroll. Fibonacci requires discipline to stick to rather short odds while also continuing to move along the sequence – which is even more essential when it comes to the negative system.

Due to how the Fibonacci sequence works, even starting at a baseline $1 bet can conceivably become a $144 bet with 12 losses, totalling a $376 loss that then needs a $233 bet to attempt to rectify.

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Final notes on the Fibonacci betting system

If you want to start deploying a bit more strategy and methodology to your betting as opposed to weighing bets as they come, the Fibonacci betting system is a useful and standardized approach.

That said, the emotionless number sequence certainly has its limits. It can tail off tremendously as you scale up to recover from one initial loss, which isn’t good. Furthermore, it is somewhat limiting in the odds that you can take, and thus, your potential returns.

The best way to deploy the Fibonacci strategy is to add further limits to it; don’t let yourself go too far down the negative track but also don’t be afraid to defer from the positive track if it stops being fun. Essentially, however, it’s always best to start small with Fibonacci.