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With an inauguration date of 1950, Formula One (F1) is the largest motorsport globally. It has since become the premier form of auto racing as a direct descendent of the Grand Prix. The cars of today are much faster than their predecessors, and not surprisingly, have made their drivers even richer. The sport has penetrated the four corners of the world, some of which, like Kuala Lumpur, Suzuka and Abu Dhabi, are still considered exotic. Other racecourses have established a name for themselves, including Monte Carlo, Monza and Silverstone. The game can be considered glamorous in many ways, showcasing technical wizardry. Still, there is always an underlying threat of a catastrophic event that keeps spectators glued to their seats.

Formula One betting has found its rightful place amongst sports as a Betting favourite since the inauguration of F1 live betting. Fans can actually place bets while the game is in progress. This dynamic form of betting creates an immersive atmosphere.

Formula One is by no means the only game in town when it comes to motorsport betting. Indeed, the United States has NASCAR, which rivals F1 in popularity while representing a huge market. The third motorsport with a wide following is called Le Mans, considered the oldest active race car sport. The event has taken place annually since 1923 and is prized by motor racing purists.

F1 Explanation on Odds

As you pour through the F1 odds, you’ll quickly discover that you don’t necessarily need to back the right winner of a Grand Prix event. That’s because these days, the betting possibilities have expanded to other Formula One details. For example, you can back who you think will be the top qualifier, who’ll do the fastest lap and handicap markets. Gone are the traditional days of F1 bets only on the constructor’s championship or driver’s championship.

F1 Qualifying Bets

Bets on Qualifiers

When most fans think of betting, the market that comes to mind is the qualifiers outcome on any given weekend. It comes as no surprise that the most common bet is based on the prediction of the pole position qualifier.

There are three mini-sessions used to determine qualifiers. The completion of the first session eliminates the bottom six that then start from the back. After the second session, six more cars drop out, and what’s left is ten cars battling it out for the grid’s front position.

Aside from backing the pole position winner, there’s also an opportunity to bet on the car with the fastest qualifying lap time.

F1 Race Grand Prix Betting

As the grid becomes established through the qualifying rounds, the main event unfolds on a given Sunday. The bulk of F1 betting takes place here.

On race day, the most popular bets concern what car will make the fastest lap and the winning driver and constructor. But the markets don’t end there as there are several alternatives available. For example, there’s a market for the podium finisher and the number of cars that will actually finish, head-to-head drivers (e.g. Sebastian Vettel versus Lewis Hamilton). There is even a market based on whether the safety car will be deployed.

Undoubtedly, speed row betting is one of the more fun Formula One betting markets.

F1 Speed Row Betting

Speed Row Betting

The order of the five pre-determined drivers in F1 is also another market for fans to place a bet. In this market, the importance of the order that the drivers overall finish is not important. The market is only concerned with the order of these five cars. Just predict correctly to win.

Let’s say that we have a five-person group of drivers that include Vettel, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Verstappen and Alonso. If you predicted that they were going to finish in this same order, then you would win the speed row betting if they were to finish 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th and 10th, respectively. As you’ll notice, what’s important is their position relative to each other and not in the overall race. Consider it a mini Grand Prix.

F1 Season Betting

Season Betting

If you are a player that can see the big picture, then F1 betting is right up your alley. Throughout an entire season, you can bet on the winner of the constructor’s or driver’s championship. There is even a market for the accumulated points that a driver will collect, or handicap bet amongst drivers. There is an opportunity to bet on podium finishes. If you’re in it for the long haul, then there is a chance to bet on how many driver’s championships a driver will win over his career. (e.g. you can pick Max Verstappen to win 3+ driver’s championships)

As you can see, there are several F1 and other motorsport markets available for Sports Bets here at Mr Green.

Live Betting in Formula One

You’ll probably not be surprised to find out that F1 is a perfect sport if you’re looking for live betting.

Since the races are several hours long, anything can happen in that time. A change in weather, for example, can impact driver performance. As an example, what if a driver who had chosen dry tyres found himself in a deluge of rain. Unless he’s willing to risk skidding around a bend, he’d be forced to make a pit stop, which would mean adding critical seconds. It is the details like these that can make all the difference in F1 betting. If you’re someone with an attention to detail that knows the sport well, you could be at an advantage over others when it comes to Formula One live betting.

Another example is in a scenario where everything seems to be going right for a driver. Your gut instinct may be to back the car, in real-time, to capitalize.
If you’re into live betting, uncertainty also brings an opportunity to those wagering on Formula One in-play. Find all your favourite sporting events and execute your favourite betting strategies with us at Mr Green!

F1 Live Betting

Betting Strategies in F1

In almost all sports, winning often comes down to doing your homework. F1, as well as other sports, has its driver favourites, but things don’t always turn out as expected. It’s always a good idea to see how the driver has performed under similar past conditions for insight. Of course, the past is no predictor of the future, but it might give you an advantage.

A great example comes courtesy of Lewis Hamilton. Although he’s the number one driver in the world, he has won just twice in more than 10 tries at the Australian Open. It sharply contrasts with his home-soil record, where he’s won five times in the last 6 years at Silverstone.

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