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Welcome to the biggest baseball betting hub in Canada. We’re serious about the sport of innings, runs, and all-out action. From the best MLB odds to promotions, stats, tips, and more, we’ve got all you’ll need and more when you want to bet on baseball.

Your Baseball Betting Experience at Mr Green

If you’re looking for baseball betting odds, inside tips, and promotions, we’ve got you covered. From the latest MLB bets to all the innings from Japan, our team makes sure you get instant access to everything going on in the sport.

We say instant access because that’s what you get. As well as our desktop platform, you can bet on baseball via your mobile. Our iOS and Android apps give you access our baseball betting pages from anywhere in Canada. As long as you’re aged 19 or older, you can create an account and bet on baseball.

Everything starts with the odds, as you’d expect. However, we all know that sports betting is more than prices and predictions. When you become part of the Mr Green Sports family, you can use the following features and products to get maximum value from your baseball betting experience:

Baseball Betting Tips

We have a team of experts on standby to preview and review the latest baseball action. They’ll give their take on games, what went down, and who might come out on top. In tandem with their opinions, you’ll find statistical data. This combination of subjective and objective data should give you a better overall view on the sport, its teams, and the biggest hitters in baseball.

24/7 Access

You’ll be able to bet on baseball from anywhere in Canada at any time you like. Our desktop site is where you’ll probably start your journey, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Downloading Mr Green mobile gives you the ability to roam free and access MLB odds and more while you’re away from a computer.

Added Extras

You can always get more for less when you bet on baseball at Mr Green. All new customers can get up to $200 in free bets, while regular customers can unlock a stream of added value. From reload bonuses and free bets to parlay insurance, odds boosts, and cashback deals, we help to take the sting out of losses and add something extra when you hit a home run.

Bet on baseball with Mr Green

How to Bet on Baseball

All types of baseball betting, from MLB bets to Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), are just a click away. Firstly, you’ll need to create an account using the sign-up button at the top of this page. Once you’re a fully-fledged member, you can make a deposit and open the baseball betting lobby. This section of our sportsbook contains odds, stats, and promotions for the following events and more:

America and Canada


  • The Japanese Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)
  • The South Korean KBO League
  • The Taiwanese Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL)
  • The China National Baseball League


  • The Croatian Baseball League
  • The Latvian Baseball League
  • The UK National Baseball League

Popular Bets in Baseball

Those are just some of the leagues to keep an eye on. As well as offering baseball odds for the biggest leagues, we cover the sport’s greatest players and moments. From Bryce Harper and Freddie Freeman to Mookie Betts and Mike Trout, we’ve got you covered. Indeed, if anything like Babe Ruth’s famous called shot or the Mets’ miracle World Series win of 1969 ever happen again, you’ll be able to bet on it.

Popular Bets in Baseball

We strive to provide generous odds on every potential outcome in baseball. Some of the most popular baseball bets you’ll find here at Mr Green Canada are:

Money Line

This type of baseball bet is one of the most simple because you’re aiming to pick the winner of a contest. For example, if you believe the Boston Red Sox are going to beat the New York Yankees, you can bet on the former to win with a money line bet.

Run Line

Run lines are a type of spread bet. In other words, we set a line and the team you pick has to win by a margin that exceeds it. For example, if the run line was -1.5, it means the team starts with a 1.5 run deficit. Therefore, they have to win by 2 clear runs for your bet to be successful.

Total Runs

Totals bets allow you to speculate on what the final score will be. The important thing to note here is that the score you’re betting on is the combined total. So, if the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Atlanta Braves 4-2, the total is 6.

Listed Pitcher Options

Listed pitcher options bring an extra wrinkle to our baseball betting hub. Because the starting pitcher can impact the outcome of a game, you can add specific names to your bet. Basically, you can choose a pitcher from one or both teams. If they don’t throw the first pitch of the game, your bet is deemed a wash and we issue a refund. This option is unique to baseball betting and something we offer to ensure you get the ideal conditions each time you place a wager.

Baseball Parlays

Baseball parlays are bets that allow you to combine multiple predictions into a single wager. Every part of a parlay needs to be correct for the bet to be classed as a winner. In other words, a single incorrect selection will cause you to lose the entire bet. This makes the odds for parlays longer than single bets. Of course, it also makes them harder to win.

You can make baseball parlays on multiple games or multiple events within a single game:

  • A multi-game parlay = The Blue Jays to win, the Red Sox to win, and the Astros to win.
  • A multi-outcome single-game parlay = The Red Sox to win, Chris Sale to take out four opponents, and Kevin Plawecki to score a home run.

You don’t have to be an expert to make baseball parlays. However, it’s important to remember that the fate of the bet rests on every selection. Therefore, you need to be confident in every pick you make.

Odds on Baseball

We strive to offer the best NPB, MiLB, MLB odds, and more. Whatever the event, whichever teams are involved, our oddsmakers survey the market and provide competitive betting lines at all times. Naturally, you can view the latest proline baseball odds in American, fractional, or decimal formats.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred format, it’s a case of sifting through the betting options. Each game has an average of 40+ baseball bets. From general options such as money line bets to those that require specific predictions such as innings bets, you can get odds of all kinds.

Tips on Baseball Bets

Our baseball betting tips are based on subjective and empirical data. Each game features a stats database that cover things such as previous results, runs per game, total runs, recent form percentages, head-to-head statistics and more. You can combine these hard facts with professional insights from baseball betting experts. All of this should give you a better view of the sport and some inspiration for the best baseball bets to make.

Tips on Baseball Bets

MLB Betting (Major League Baseball)

Our baseball betting hub covers all the popular events in the sport. However, we can’t pretend that the MLB doesn’t dominate. It’s the biggest league of its kind and it produces the most exciting matches. Therefore, when you’re scrolling through the latest baseball betting odds, don’t be surprised if you see more MLB odds than any other.

The MLB features 30 top-ranked professional baseball teams in the US and Canada, including the Blue Jays, the Red Sox, the Mets, the Indians, and the White Sox. 15 teams play in the National League and 15 in the American League. They battle through to a final run of games known as the World Series. The team that comes out top in the final are known as the World Champions.

We not only cover the MLB season but everything before and after it. That means you’ll find the best MLB odds between April and October. Then, when it’s pre and post-season time, you’ll get early access to baseball futures, stats, baseball betting tips, and more. In short, you can enjoy the world of baseball betting throughout the year with us.

MLB Betting (Major League Baseball)

Mr Green Betting Options on All Sports

We’re big on baseball but that’s not the only North American sport we focus on. You can get all the latest NHL odds, NFL game reports, and NBA results right here at Mr Green. We’re a complete online sportsbook with odds and offers for all the biggest events in North America and beyond. Regardless of whether you want to bet via your desktop or mobile, we’ve got you covered with live-action, generous promotions, and more value than any other Canadian sports betting site, online or live.

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