Spread Betting: Profit Maximisation

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There can be no debate that ice hockey is the number one sport in Canada. Still, European football (soccer) is hard to turn a blind eye to even for Canadians, along with baseball coming in close favorite. After all, it takes the crown for the most adored game in the world, with hundreds of millions of fans. This means plenty of matches happening not only in Europe but across the globe, 365 days a year. Of course, this also means plenty of bookmakers, like Mr Green. We offer soccer bettors a chance to make money on any number of sports betting markets, including spread betting. To the uninitiated, the excitement of online betting can seem overwhelming, which is why we’ll point you in the right direction.

Spread Betting: What is it?

While the match outcome market based on fixed odds may seem familiar, spread betting may seem more foreign. The reason is that spread bets involve making a bet lower or higher than the bookmaker’s range for a market, setting a stake/point. This is in contrast to fixed-odds bets that depend on the outcome of an event. In theory, the profit on a spread bet is unlimited, but this can also mean unlimited loss.

spread betting

Spread betting: How does it work?

The bookmaker in the spread betting market quotes a spread based on their expected match outcome. In, say, a spread betting Total Goals market, a possible spread may be 1.6 – 1.9. A bettor has the option of betting lower or higher (selling or buying) relative to the spread. The bettor must also decide how much they’re willing to stake/point. A bettor’s win or loss is determined by the outcome less the spread.

how spread betting works

Goals Markets

The Total Goals market is one of the more familiar spread betting markets with a market spread typically from 2.4 to 2.6 goals. If you follow the Bundesliga and think the game will be a low goal-scoring match, you could sell goals while setting your stake at $10. If the match finishes 0-0, then you win $24.

Some alternative goals markets are possible, too, starting with the Total Goals minutes. If two goals are scored at the 32nd and 57th minute, then the Total Goals minutes is 89. Another alternative is Goals Supremacy which concerns itself with the difference between the number of goals from each team.

goals galore


You may not realize it, but soccer corners can be a valuable part of spread betting. Of the corner markets, Total Corners leads in popularity. Here, the spreads can vary, typically in the range of 10 to 11 or 11 to 12. Another market is Corner Supremacy, where you place your stake on the difference between corners won by both teams. Multi Corners is a different product that you’ll find here at Mr Green, where you must predict the spread, which is the product of the total corners for the first half multiplied by the second half.

look the corners

Profiting on cards

Soccer is a game of intensity where emotions can sometimes run a little too high. When they do get the better of players, it can lead to red cards and bookings. For instance, consider two teams that have had a history of bad blood. You might expect to see more disciplinary infringements than would ordinarily be the case. The Total Bookings Points market is a way of profiting from this. A yellow card has a value of 10 points, the red card is worth 25 points, and the worth of two yellow cards is 35 points.

Let’s consider a match between two popular Premier League teams, Liverpool and Chelsea. A theoretical spread might be 35 – 38 points. Should you bet $10 per point, and the match included two red cards for total bookings of 50 points, your profit would be $120 ((50 – 38) x 10). If, however, there were no bookings, your loss would be $350 ((35-0) x 10).

profits on the cards

Managing your risk: Trading Out

As you can see from the previous example, spread betting has high-profit potential but is also very risky. The game can reward your accuracy with higher payouts, the more right you are but will also punish you, the worse your accuracy.

You can minimize your risk of loss by a strategy called trading out, available on in-play spread betting markets, although it’s easier on long-term spread betting markets. You can find long-term betting markets at Mr Green casino. One such example is the total number of points accumulated by a Bundesliga team in a full season. A team off to a hot start might lead you to buy against the spread, which you could sell down the road as the spread increases. The strategy is a trade-off between risk and reward. Still, it is a useful tool to protect against a potential loss by locking a profit.

spread the risk