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European football, or soccer as we’ve come to know it in Canada, is undeniably a sport that millions of people love, along with ice hockey and baseball. Daily, there’s no shortage of soccer matches that take place in Canada, Europe and around the globe. An astute soccer fan will recognize the betting potential that this creates, allowing them to make money from a sport that they’re passionate about. Fortunately for you, at Mr Green Casino, we cater to your passion by offering you a selection of Soccer Betting markets. If you’re a beginner, we make Online Betting easy to learn so you can get in on the action in no time!

An Introduction to the Soccer Multiple

The match result market is the base that most bettors are aware of and understand. Its simplicity lies in the fact that there are only three possible betting outcomes: a draw, an away win or a home win. For this type of bet, the odds are unlikely to be very big. Making a bet at short odds for a good-size profit will require a large bankroll – not to mention patience! The soccer multiple was created to help.

multiple betting

Profit Accumulators

So what is it that we mean when we say football multiple? Well, by ‘multiple,’ you can surmise that we’re describing more than a single bet. A standard European football multiple will combine several single bets in series sort of like the links on a chain. Here the winnings coming from the initial bet rolls into the second and so forth. If you’re lucky, the profit accumulates with each bet, explaining why a European football multiple is also called a football accumulator.

how over under betting works

Combining Multiples

European football multiples may also be referred to as fourfold, treble or double, referring to the quantity of bets it consists of. Hence, a double is a bet multiple of two, while a treble is a bet multiple of three and so forth. If you so choose, you can combine doubles, trebles, and fourfold to create as many bets as you want. Here at Mr. Green casino we’ll happily allow you to combine bets of multiple soccer markets.

multiple multiples

Football Multiples betting at MrGreen

What can I win?

To calculate your European football multiple winnings, multiply your starting bet with the odds of each bet. Let’s look at an example of a $10 bet on a fourfold multiple involving four Premier League matches.

Liverpool to beat Hull at 1.6

Arsenal to beat Chelsea at 1.5

Tottenham to draw with Leicester City at 4.0

West Ham United to draw with Swansea City at 4.0

If you backed the right team on each bet, your winnings would be calculated as follows: $10 x 1.6 x 1.5 x 4.0 x 4.0 = $384. The good thing about the calculation is that there are multiple calculators, free online, that let you input your stake and the odds of each match.

multiple win

Each Way Multiple

An ‘each way multiple’ is a method a bettor can use to spread their risk on a soccer multiple. This option is typically available to bettors for long-term football markets like the Champions League or Premier League winner. In effect, an each way multiple is the equivalent of two multiples with the first stake placed on a standard multiple and the second multiple consisting of an equal stake but backing all selections to be placed. You can make money even if not all of your choices win, but all of your picks place.

multiple sides

Double Up on Multiples

Besides the ‘each way multiple’ of managing your risk, the double up lets you make more than one soccer multiple on an identical range of selections. An example is an original bet consisting of a six-fold multiple. You can still win if a pick or two loses by placing a fourfold or fivefold multiple covering some of the same selections. Here at Mr Green, we offer several ways of making a profit on a football multiple, and this is but one of them.

multiple double up