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Mr Green’s General T&Cs Apply. This offer is open to all Canadians 18+ years of age. You may not make Sportsbook bets using bonus bets, risk-free bets, odds boost, profit boost or bonus funds correlated or the opposite. It is a breach of terms to hedge your bets through correlated outcomes to guarantee a profit using the above.

Canada is well-known for its love of sports. Whether it’s hockey, football, basketball, or soccer, Canadians are looking for even more ways to engage with their favourite sports. This is where Mr Green comes in. We offer the most extensive mobile-first sports betting experience that a sports fan could possibly want. Thanks to our award-winning Canadian online sportsbook, you can back just about any outcome that your sports-savvy mind can foresee.

Once you make an account with Mr Green, you’ll be able to use our entire suite of sports betting options. As we’ve added real-time data technologies into the Mr Green sports betting platform, you can bet knowing that you have the most up-to-date and accurate live odds on the market. As well as this, you can access analysis, data, and in-depth insights on your favourite teams and leagues.

The sports betting arena that we’ve crafted here at Mr Green suits both the follower of many sports and the die-hard, all-in fan who devoutly roots for their team. You can just as easily find odds for anytime point and goalscorers in the NHL as you would outright winners of the FIFA World Cup or Grey Cup. You’ll find a truly deep and diverse selection of betting markets for all of your favourite leagues, meaning that, if you can see it happening, you can bet on it at Mr Green.

Keep reading to discover more about the Mr Green Sportsbook and how it can enhance your sports betting experience.

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Wager on Canada's Most Popular Sporting Markets

At Mr Green, you can wager on all of Canada’s most popular and beloved sports markets in real time. With our cutting-edge live betting technology, you can dive right into your top games as they are in play and start wagering, with the option to cash out whenever you want.

This is a mobile-first sports betting platform, so you can just as easily bet on all the best sports and markets at home or on the go. Not only will you find deep markets for the top sports in Canada, but you’ll also get the best odds and bookmakers’ promotions for betting on globally popular sports.

Here are some of the top markets that Canadian bettors can wager on with Mr Green:

Ice Hockey betting

It might be chilly out there on the rink, but Mr Green’s ice hockey markets are welcoming all year round. Bet on the NHL and other Canadian and US leagues or simply opt for an annual wager on the Stanley Cup. Feeling adventurous? Events from powerful ice hockey nations like Russia, Germany, and Sweden can also be found in our sports betting section. Newcomers might want to take advantage of our dedicated ice hockey strategy page, which covers everything from goalies to game scheduling. Whoever your favourite team or player is, Mr Green probably has something to add a little more engagement to game night.

American Football

Here in Canada, football is a beloved sport. Don’t believe us? Around half the population tune in to watch the Gray Cup every time it’s broadcast live. Unfortunately, the CFL is overshadowed quite a bit by the NFL south of the border. Mr Green offers a wide range of markets on American and Canadian football, including the NFL Draft and smaller leagues such as the NCAAF. You can bet on seasonal and match outrights, total points, or apply a handicap to make a mismatch a bit more, and we always provide competitive odds at Mr Green. Check out our introductory guide to American football betting to get started.


Baseball betting at Mr Green is one of our widest categories and it comes well-supported by our strategy section. Among many other markets, we have opportunities to bet on pitchers (most wins, most strikeouts), the players with the most runs and stolen bases, as well as the outcome of several award schemes like the Rookie of the Year, CY Young, and MVP. As far as leagues are concerned, our users regularly bet on the Baseball National League and the American League, before rounding out the year with the World Series. It’s a rewarding sport both on and off the field, and we like to think we’ve captured some of that magic in our sports betting pages.

Basketball betting

While only one basketball team from Canada plays in the NBA, 2019 champions Toronto Raptors, that doesn’t mean that basketball in the country experiences a lack of support. Mr Green covers leagues from upwards of twenty countries, with many of the sport’s staunchest fans hailing from Canada. So, if you feel like putting a bet on the FIBA Champions League, the Euroleague, the Latvian-Estonian League, or the good old NBA, you’ve come to the right place. As the rules of basketball can seem complicated for newcomers, we’ve also put together a short basketball guide that outlines many of the important bits of betting on this sport.


Getting punched in the face might not be everybody’s idea of a good time, but boxing attracts huge sums of prize money and even greater attention from pundits and fans of the sport. Regarded as something of an ancient art, with a history stretching back over a thousand years, professional pugilism might seem like a rare sight on our TV screens today. However, a quick glance at Mr Green’s calendar reveals that there are multiple fights every month of the year.

In our boxing betting section, you can look months in advance at all of the upcoming fights worth betting on. With markets for winners, rounds, and methods of victory available, you can bet on Canada’s finest like Cody Crowley, Yves Ulysse Jr, and David Lemieux, as well as international stars like Naoya Inoue, Vasyl Lomachenko, Oleksandr Usyk, Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Canelo Álvarez, and Errol Spence Jr.
Our boxing section has plenty of markets for you to experiment with; we reveal many of them on our page dedicated to boxing betting.

Odds and probabilities

Understanding how to read and calculate odds and probabilities is obviously requirement number one for any bettor. When it comes to Soccer Betting, you may encounter decimal, fractional or US odds, depending on your preference and which particular market you are betting in, but they are all just different ways of expressing the same probability or percentage. For example, fractional odds of 2/1 and decimal odds of 3.0 both represent a 33.33% chance or a probability of .33. For the successful sports bettor, switching between different forms of odds, percentages and probabilities becomes second nature.

Odds and probabilities

Betting on Big Events

It’s a given that whenever a big sporting event rolls around, the interest of fans spikes excitement and intrigue with a wave of media attention focused on analyzing every bit of the moment. In terms of size, it doesn’t get any bigger than the World Soccer Championship and the Olympics. Here at Mr Green, we give fans the chance to express their opinions with the most available betting markets online and the opportunity to turn their assumptions into winning bets.


The Olympics, if not the biggest event in the world, is most certainly the biggest sporting event. Welcoming competitors from nations across the world, the Olympics also features a wide variety of sporting competitions with the best athletes and the biggest stars.

Regardless of where you are in the world, chances are there will be 24-hour news cycles, coverage, and analysis with competitions on showcase at all hours of the day. With all this information and viewing options available, it’s almost certain that there will be a betting market on tap for you. It also provides a break from conventional markets like Football, Basketball, or Soccer. Why not see if you can pick out the next Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, or Ellie Black, all the while getting a return on your insights.

Irrespective of the sporting event, Mr Green offers the most competitive odds and the largest selections of betting markets for online players. Also, we’re excited to announce that our new and improved Sportsbook 2.0 is available for players now.

Different Types of Wager

At Mr Green, we want to put you in full control of your wagering strategy. That’s why we offer one of the most extensive betting tools around, with a huge array of ways to bet on all of your favourite markets. Here are some of the top sports bets you can make at Mr Green:

  • Moneyline Wager/Win Bet: back the team or athlete that you think will win the upcoming or in-play contest. You take and bet on the odds shown. There isn’t a betting strategy to this type of wager other than that you think this pick will win this one game.
  • Multi-Betting: turn your small stakes into massive wins with our multi-betting tools, which allow you to exponentially grow your winnings with consecutive wagers.
  • Handicap Bets: use the handicap lines as a betting strategy to back a losing team in a close game or a team to run away with the victory. The markets are shown as pluses and minuses, with the designated handicap figure added to the final score to then determine winning bets.
  • Asian Handicap: tilt the odds in your favour with Asian handicap betting, which evens out the top team’s advantage with a handicap.
  • European Handicap: use the European handicap to maximize your potential winnings whenever you bet on the underdog to win in any sport.
  • Flexi-Betting: spread your bets by making fractional wagers across multiple markets, allowing you to diversify your stake.
  • Spread Betting: this offers high-risk wagering with potentially unlimited rewards for lucky punters if fortune is in your favour.
  • Point Spread Bets: place a wager on what you think the margin of victory will be for either team. Essentially, point spread bets are the same as handicap bets, with “points spread” just being the preferred terminology in US betting. Regardless, they add another dimension to your betting strategies.
  • Over/Under Bets: given two options, with over/under bets, you simply back if the outcome of the market will be under or over the given figure. These will almost always be shown as a .5 number so that there can’t be any ties, and you can use our over/under sliders to widen the odds.
  • Props Bets: also known as “proposition bets,” props bets are those outcomes that don’t entirely relate to the outcome of the game. These include the likes of anytime points scorers or the number of rushing yards as well as the more bizarre bets like the colour of Gatorade thrown on a winning coach.
  • Future/Outright Wagers: futures and outrights markets are where you’ll find the odds of the final winners of competitions, divisions, leagues, awards, and rankings. Before a season for a sport gets underway, some Mr Green users combine outright picks into one bet as a betting strategy for increased odds.
  • Multiple/Parlays/Accumulators: there are many forms of multiple, parlays, and accumulators, but their base form simply involves you putting multiple selections together to form one bet of greater odds. However, if one pick loses, the whole bet loses. With multiple system bets, you create several accumulators and mini bets so that if one pick loses, not all of the bets lose.
  • Live Betting: place real-time bets on all of your favourite teams during the play, with the option to cash out exactly when you choose to.

Mobile Betting

Whether you’re out and about or hanging out at home, Mr Green’s mobile app is always at the ready for your betting needs. Both the Android and iOS mobile apps include all of the live and future betting markets from the full website, but in a more mobile-optimized package. Now, betting on mobile is safe, effortless, and at your convenience.

If you’re new to Mr Green, you’ll be able to claim our welcome bonus for sports betting through the mobile platform. As one of our prized returning customers, you’ll be able to make the most of all our promotions at the tap of a screen. After you’ve read the terms and conditions, feel free to also check out our betting tips and strategies section, enabling you to research on the go for a more informed betting experience.
While the Mr Green mobile betting apps and mobile browser platforms are fast, convenient, and packed with all of the options of the website, you need to keep responsible gambling at the forefront of your mind. Yes, it is easy to whip out your phone and place a bet, but always be sure to do your research, second-guess if you will enjoy the sport more even if you lost the bet, and only ever bet within your limits.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit Bonus

The modern betting market is highly competitive, and this is great news for bettors, as you will find bookmakers offering all kinds of bonuses to attract new customers. One of the most popular is the Deposit Bonus, in which a bookmaker matches your first deposit with them. Open a new account with a bookmaker via their website and you usually receive a promotional code, which you can then enter at the time of your first deposit to collect your bonus. Mr Green’s deposit bonus is a great way to increase your betting bank.

free bets

Free Bets

Another common bonus awarded by bookmakers is the free bet. These are second only to Deposit Bonuses in popularity among bettors, but unlike the Deposit Bonus, a free bet can be given out at any time, and allows you to effectively have a risk-free bet. There are usually conditions attached to this bonus, such as a limit on the size of the free bet, but a free bet with Mr Green can give you valuable extra ammunition in the battle for profit.

multi betting

Multi betting

At one time some bookmakers only allowed bettors to back the outcome of multiple football matches and not single games. Those days are over, but the multiple bet, in which the profit from the first bet is staked on the second bet and so on, still have a place in the sports bettors armoury. In fact, a multiple bet is your quickest way to turn a small stake into a big win, so its ideal if your betting bank is small. The downside of multiple betting is that the combined odds of winning are often long and don’t always represent value, but as long as you understand the risks involved, a multiple bet is often a good option.

practical advice for sportsbetting

Practical advice

Bookmaking may have changed beyond all recognition in recent years, but some things remain the same, and there are certain golden rules that the soccer bettor abandons at their peril. Win, lose or draw, you should always keep a note of your bets, to build up a record that will help you to analyse your own strengths and weaknesses. A level staking plan is the best way to go about your betting, reducing risk and ensuring consistency, and then there is, perhaps the most important golden rule of all: never bet what you cannot afford to lose.

FAQs for Mr Green’s sports betting page

How to bet on sport

Log on to the Mr Green site and you will have a wide range of sports to bet on. All you need to do is choose your favourite sports event and then review the odds presented. If you’re happy with the price offered, enter the amount you want to wager and click ‘place bet’.

How does a bet work?

Understanding how a bet works is easy. Essentially, you will win money if the outcome you bet on comes true. Alternatively, you will lose your bet should your selection not win.

How to place a bet

First off, identify the odds you would like to bet on from the various sporting markets that Mr Green offers. Once you have, tap on your selection before entering the amount you want to bet. All that’s left to do is confirm your bet by clicking on ‘place bet’.

How to open an account

Opening an account only requires entering a valid email and providing a password before adding a few bits of necessary personal information. To end off, simply confirm the code sent to you by text from Mr Green to successfully open your account.