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MotoGP has the uncanny ability to get your heart racing a million beats per minute with high-octane thrills. Aside from the rumble of the 500cc engine and rip-roaring pace, Mr Green gives you yet another reason to get excited about MotoGP with thrilling Betting odds.

MotoGP is a popular motorsport for fans of motorcycle racing. Riders race against each other, and you can wager on any event throughout the season. Betting action is intense, so you should find a reliable online casino for MotoGP betting.
While MotoGP is a global phenomenon, it is more common in European countries where the biggest teams are based, including Italy and Spain. In every season, 12 teams compete for the MotoGP world title. Every race features 24 riders, each competing for the title. If you want to take advantage of MotoGP sports betting opportunities, it’s important to understand how the sport works before you place your bets.

MotoGP global series hosts 19 races across Asia, America and Europe. Some of the most dominant motorbikes in the world battle it out at MotoGP races, with many top brands dominating the events, like Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati and Honda. The MotoGP season is divided into multiple races. Riders must compete in the qualifying and Grand Prix rounds to earn points towards the overall rider’s championship leaderboard.
Motor racing is the fastest sport in the world, with riders often breaking the 200mph barrier in full race mode. Most MotoGP races take place on Sundays and can last around 45 minutes. Fans will have plenty of entertainment, with riders overtaking to make it to the top of the leaderboard. Drivers can overtake throughout the race, but dangerous driving can get them in trouble. A rider’s performance determines their race qualification and starting point on the grid. Most qualifying rounds take place on Saturdays and determine the rider’s position. While some sports betting casinos have betting markets for qualifying rounds, it’s wise to wait until after the qualifiers to back a rider for a race win.

MotoGP Betting Markets and Odds

If you want to join the fun of betting in MotoGP, follow the steps below to place your wager:

  • Join a bookmaker: Register an account at Mr Green to participate in MotoGP betting. The process of opening an account is straightforward. You only need your personal information to start your sports betting journey.
  • Make a deposit: When your Mr Green account is ready, top it up with cash and start wagering on the MotoGP event you want. Evaluate the available betting markets and place a wager on your favourite.

Some of the most popular MotoGP betting markets include:

  • Race winner: If you are a beginner in MotoGP sports betting, the most straightforward bet is the race winner. In this betting market, you wager on the rider you expect to win the race. If you research the top contenders and their previous performances, you can make an accurate prediction and attempt to win a payout. MotoGP betting odds help you determine the race winner to wager on. For instance, if a rider has 1.5 odds of winning the Grand Prix and the opponent has odds of 5.00 or greater, it indicates that the 1.5 rider has a better chance of winning.
  • Winning margin: In MotoGP betting, you can wager on the winning margin. For instance, you bet on the time difference between the winner and the rider in second place. If you aren’t sure about the winner, wagering on the winning margin gives you a better chance of winning a payout. If you think it will be a close race, it’s smart to bet on the winning margin. For example, you wager on a margin between 0 and 0.3 seconds or 0.3 and 1.2 seconds.
  • Season bets: If you don’t want to bet on a MotoGP race, you can wager on seasons, such as Moto2, Moto3 or MotoGP. In a season bet, you can wager on the riders most likely to win the championship. You can place a wager at the start of the season, but the title markets are competitive. Alternatively, wait until the end of the season when you have the top three riders with a realistic chance of winning before placing your wager. When wagering on a MotoGP season, consider the teams and different conditions that can affect their performance.
  • MotoGP championship: You can wager on the championship winners or the winning margin. When wagering on championships, ensure you pay attention to the consistency of the teams. For instance, some riders may be on top for several races before hitting a slump in their performance. Conditions also change throughout the season, and the location of the races can affect the performance of a team.

Live Betting

Do you love live betting during a MotoGP race or championship? The excitement of in-play wagering is difficult to replicate, especially with a thrilling and fast game. You can watch the MotoGP event on a track and wager as the game progresses. Some of the strategies for in-play wagering include:

  • Follow lap times: You should watch the race to determine who is near the lead. Lap times give you an overview of what could happen in the upcoming portions of a race. Compare the lap times of a rider you are backing with others on the track. The lap times give you an idea of the comeback chances.
  • Consider rider style: Some riders are conservative as they progress through the races and usually have a solid chance of staying in the lead. You can also back an aggressive rider whose racing style can make up for the deficits.
  • Check weather updates: If the weather conditions change, the outcome of the race can change. Changing weather conditions can lead to dramatic twists in the race since it can slow down even the best contenders.

Tips on How to Bet on MotoGP

Betting on MotoGP can be challenging for first-time players, especially if they are unfamiliar with the riders. Here are some betting strategies to use on MotoGP:

  • Check the leaderboards: It is important to know who is in form by checking the leaderboard. Once you identify a rider doing well on the leaderboard, you can predict their performance in the next games.
  • Look at the teams: Riders are grouped in teams, and MotoGP rules usually allow teams to improve their bikes throughout the season. Teams with superior motorbikes have a chance of performing better. Hence, you should back a team likely to succeed throughout the season.
  • Check previous years: Before betting on the MotoGP circuit, check the past performances of riders. For instance, identify riders who like to race familiar tracks and are confident about the circuit. Unless they retired or had an injury, you should always consider previous winners. The past winners can help you determine the chances of a rider winning and identify the top contenders of the race.
  • Analyse the MotoGP tracks: When wagering on MotoGP races, you should analyse the tracks since they present different challenges for riders and influence their performance. For instance, some tracks with several long straights give an advantage to riders with high top speeds. However, if the tracks have shorter straights and more turns, top speed won’t give riders an advantage.
  • Watch the MotoGP odds: If you are unsure of the teams to bet on, check the MotoGP betting odds to determine which riders are likely to perform well in the race.


MotoGP is a thrilling sport that combines speed, strategy and skill to create an enticing race worth wagering on. You can join a motorsports event by wagering on the best MotoGP betting markets. Understanding how and where to place your MotoGP wager is important. Understanding the race and conditions that affect it will help you make the best bets.