The plain truth about basketball betting strategies

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For the kind of sports fan who enjoys non-stop action with the points flowing and the ball dunking, basketball is the ultimate spectator sport. With leagues all over the globe providing b-ball entertainment, there’s always an opportunity to watch your favourite sport. With an emphasis on stats, it’s also something of a favourite among those who enjoy sports betting. Some bookmakers are more modern than others and there are those like Mr Green who let you bet on every single basketball betting market. Keen to find out how to create your own basketball betting strategy? We’ll tell you now.

Don’t follow the crowd

When the odds fall, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that there has been some major news announced. Maybe one of the key players has injured themselves in practice or one of the top teams has come down with a case of bickering, which has caused some concern over how they will perform when game time arrives. When situations like these arise, you may rethink your previous assessment or even consider backing the price in a bid to follow the money.

This is rarely a good strategy. Unless you can be confident that there is one solid reason to explain why the price has fallen, tread carefully. Sports with such a huge following tend to attract bettors from the world over and some particularly large betting banks, which are capable of altering the odds dramatically. In fact, some people place large bets for this reason alone. It can be hard to identify when this occurs, however, so just ensure that you never blindly follow the money.

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The Stats to Look Out For

Basketball is about stats and every bettor has one they are particularly fond of. If you’re new to basketball betting, however, and are looking for some to get started with, you might want to consider scored in the paint and turnover.

In a game such as basketball, where scoring occurs with most possessions, losing the ball can have a significant effect, so it’s important to bear turnover stats in mind before you decide to bet on the outright winner market. In addition, play close attention to points in the paint. Shots from this region are significant, as they have a greater chance of success. The higher the points total a team accumulates from here, the more chance that they will have a consistently high scoring rate.

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Do your own research

The NBA is undoubtedly the biggest basketball league in the world, with multi-millionaire superstars gracing the courts, and often, equally rich and famous individuals from the world of music and film cheering them on. The hype that surrounds these athletes, however, can sometimes give a distorted view of reality. Superstars don’t win matches on their own and while some of the biggest teams often destroy their opponents, you can’t rely on that happening each and every time.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s an underdog league, either. Just put all any preconceived ideas you may have aside and do your research. You may just conclude that some of the bigger teams have a less than impressive record against minor teams than the odds indicate.

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Keep your wits about you

When it comes to profiting from basketball betting, it isn’t simply a case of having more knowledge than other punters. It is also about being ahead of the curve when it comes to identifying a trend. An example of how to do this would be to watch the performances of one particular team closely.

If the Cleveland Cavaliers, for example, puts up 55 points and shoots 53% in a second half against another one of the better teams, it would indicate that they are on form and might well be a good short-term choice. On the flipside, you might see that a team’s scoring rate has fallen below what the NBA has come to expect, which could indicate a lack of form. Either way, if you spot this yourself before anyone else, you’d be on good form yourself when betting with Mr Green.

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