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Sports betting has grown enormously this century and is now one of the world’s most popular pastimes as people all over the globe place millions of bets every day. A high quality bookmaker like Mr Green offers a staggering array of sports betting markets for the clued-up sports bettor, but before you start betting, you need a strategy along with some practical guidance. Here are some of the key areas of sports betting strategy you should be aware of.

Kelly Criterion

This is a risky but potentially extremely profitable staking system that dates back to the 1950s. With a simple calculation, the Kelly Criterion tells you what percentage of your betting bank to use on each bet, and there are variations on the basic system to reduce the level of risk.

kelly criterion

Fibonacci Betting

Fibonacci Betting refers to a staking system based on a mathematical sequence discovered by a 12th century mathematician. A Fibonacci sequence is used to determine your stake size, which increases with a loss and decreases with a win.

fibonacci betting

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football betting

Soccer Betting

Football is the world’s most popular sports and there are a range of soccer betting strategies you can employ to play in the many football markets offered by Mr Green. The key to profit in football betting is to identify a value bet, for which you will need to gather essential information on form, head-to-head records and team news. Strategies involving analysing past scoring records can also pay dividends in the Over/Under 2.5 goals market.

tennis betting

Tennis Betting

One of the world’s most popular sports for bettors, tennis offers many opportunities for profit, not least in the Tournament Outright markets, where value bets can be found outside the tournament favourites. Other successful tennis betting strategies depend on noting those players who are defending ranking points, weighing up the schedules of top-ranked players, and relying on strong servers to dig out profit in the games handicap markets.

basketball betting

Basketball Betting

The high-scoring, fast-moving nature of basketball make it ideal for sports betting. The sport is rich in statistics, but identifying the key stats can give you a significant betting edge, while identifying overrated favourites and staying alert to trends are also profitable betting strategies for basketball.

ice-hockey betting

Ice Hockey Betting

The bruising, dynamic sport of ice hockey offers numerous betting markets for the clued-up sports bettor. To profit from betting on leagues such as the NHL, it’s important to know the league schedule inside out, and to focus on the key playing position of goaltender. The various ice hockey goals market also provides the chance to put profitable strategies to work.

F1 betting strategies

Formula One

If you want to really get in the fast lane, check out some of the leading Formula One betting strategies that you can use to get an edge on multiple motorsport markets available at Mr Green. As with most sports, research is key to betting success. And don’t forget to be creative with your bets, there is much more to betting on Formula One than just betting on who will win the next Grand Prix after all…

MotoGP betting strategies

Moto GP

There aren’t many more thrilling sports in the world than Moto GP. It’s fast, furious and fearsome, and that’s before you even considering playing a wager on the latest Grand Prix action. And, if you’re looking to get an edge with your bets, make sure to follow some shrewd Moto GP betting strategies, so you can stay ahead of the field.

Boxing betting strategies


The Heavyweight glory days of boxing are the ultimate boxing event, and what better way to join in than by getting some powerful bets on the action. With so few variables in the sport, there are many boxing betting strategies that you can make use of to ensure you get some really great betting value and earn some knockout winners with Mr Green.

UFC betting strategies


Arguably the purest sport on earth, MMA has exploded in popularity in recent years and is one of the fastest growing betting markets on earth. So how can you find a knockout bet? Well, first find some great UFC betting strategies to ensure your ground game is solid, before looking to land a hefty winner. Plus, there’s so much more to UFC betting than just predicting the winner. Do your research and you’ll find some great value bets.

Bankroll Management

This is an important aspect of betting on sport. No matter how successful your method, if you don’t manage your betting bank correctly, you could fail to maximise your profit or make a loss. Setting aside an adequately sized betting bank, determining your potential losing run and stake size, and deciding on a fixed or variable stake staking plan are all important aspects of good bankroll management.

bankroll management