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Formula One is the most popular motor sport in the world. The enormous worldwide popularity has not changed since the founding year 1950, impressively demonstrated again and again in the thousands of Grand Prix races of the following decades. The fascination for the sport has not changed, but other factors have changed: The cars nowadays are faster and yet considerably safer than they were at the beginning of the racing series. The drivers lead lives like pop stars who earn millions and are recognized around the globe – Grand Prix races in exotic locations, including Abu Dhabi, Suzuka and Kuala Lumpur, as well as exchanges on famous tracks, such as Silverstone, have made a significant contribution to this , Monte Carlo and Monza. Sport understands it like no other to combine the glamor of the old days with futuristic, technical masterpieces. In addition, despite increased safety precautions, there is always the risk of a devastating accident, which inevitably leads to enormous tension. Anyone who was spellbound in front of the television at every Formula 1 race in Niki Lauda’s time can certainly still remember the nervous excitement before each victory and the anxious wait after his devastating accident. An experience that made the Austrian racing driver what he is today: a living legend. can certainly still remember the nervous excitement before every victory and the anxious wait after his devastating accident. An experience that made the Austrian racing driver what he is today: a living legend. can certainly still remember the nervous excitement before every victory and the anxious wait after his devastating accident. An experience that made the Austrian racing driver what he is today: a living legend.

With such popularity, it’s no surprise that betting on Formula 1 is also in high demand, especially since the introduction of F1 live betting. This enabled fans to place bets during a race. Thanks to the constantly changing F1 odds, this betting market is very dynamic and exciting.

In addition to Formula 1, there are of course many other motorsport bets. In America, the NASCAR series rules and is even more popular with the public than Formula One. Then there are endurance races, especially at the Nürburgring and at Le Mans. The race in France is the oldest of its kind. A winner has been crowned there every year since 1923 and the enthusiasm of the spectators is unbroken.

Formel 1 Quoten erklärt

As you may already know, there are many ways that premier league players can demonstrate their skills. There are odds for various Formula 1 betting markets that cover more than the winner of a race or the title holder at the end of the season. It wasn’t so long ago that bets on the race winner and world champions among drivers and designers were the only bets for Formula 1. Fortunately, those times have changed and today you can bet on every aspect of a racing weekend. This includes the free practice sessions as well as the qualifying on Saturday, the fastest race lap and handicap bets . We would like to introduce you to the most popular betting markets in more detail.

Formula 1 qualifying betting

Formula 1 qualifying betting

Der erste Wettmarkt von größerer Bedeutung bietet Wetten auf das Qualifying eines Formel 1 Rennens. Wie nicht anders zu erwarten, sind speziell Wetten auf den Sieger des Qualifyings sehr beliebt.

Das Qualifying wird in drei Mini-Sessions ausgetragen. Nach der ersten Session müssen sich die sechs langsamsten Boliden verabschieden und starten im Rennen von ganz hinten. Nach der zweiten Session sind dann nur noch die zehn schnellsten Fahrer übrig und machen die Pole Position unter sich aus.

Neben einer Wette auf die Pole Position können Sie auch darauf wetten, welcher Fahrer in allen drei Sessions die schnellste Runde absolviert. Manche Fans empfinden das Qualifying zum Teil sogar spannender als das Rennen selbst. Im vergangenen Jahr diskutierten die Rennleiter und allen voran Ross Brawn mögliche Änderungen am Qualifying-Format für die Saison 2020. Es gab Überlegungen, in zwei oder drei Rennen ein Format mit umgekehrter Startaufstellung (im Englischen Reverse-Grids genannt) zu testen. Schlussendlich wurde die Idee aber entgegen der Wünsche der Teams verworfen. Da 2021 bekanntermaßen aber ein Jahr der großen Regeländerungen sein wird, kann es gut sein, dass das Qualifying nächste Saison schon ganz anders aussieht.

Formula 1 Grand Prix betting

Formel 1 Grand Prix Wetten

Sobald das Qualifying über die Startpositionen entschieden hat, sind die Weichen für das große Finale des Rennwochenendes gestellt. Immer sonntags findet das eigentliche Rennen statt und dort werden mit Abstand die meisten Formel 1 Wetten abgeschlossen.

The most popular bets on race day deal with the question of who will win the race, which designer will end up at the front and which driver will burn the fastest race lap into the asphalt. However, the range of bets for F1 starts seriously there. For example, you can also rely on which drivers will reach the podium, whether the safety car will be used or how many cars will see the checkered flag. Head-to-head bets (for example between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel) are also possible.
One of the most lucrative and at the same time most difficult F1 bets is the so-called speed row bet.

Formula 1 Speed ​​Row betting

Formula 1 Speed ​​Row betting

In Speed ​​Row bets, five drivers are given, whose order must be predicted at the end of the race. All other drivers and the general positions in the field are irrelevant. Only the order of these five drivers determines the outcome of the bet. If the drivers finish in the order you predicted, you win.

Let’s illustrate this principle with an example with the following drivers: Hamilton, Verstappen, Leclerc, Bottas and Vettel. Suppose you have guessed that Hamilton will be the first of these drivers to cross the finish line, followed by Vettel, Verstappen, Raikkonen and Alonso. You would also win this bet if Hamilton finished 3rd, Vettel finished 5th, Verstappen 6th, Raikkonen 10th and Alonso 12th. The actual position in the race result does not matter with this type of bet, as long as the drivers cross the finish line in the order you predicted. With this bet you virtually eliminate all other drivers and let your own Mini Grand Prix take place between the five selected drivers.

Formula 1 season betting

Formula 1 season betting

Für Spieler mit einem besonders langen Atem bieten sich Formel 1 Wetten über die ganze Saison an.

Über den Verlauf einer Saison können Sie jederzeit auf den Sieger der Fahrer- und Konstrukteurs-Wertung setzen. Darüber hinaus können Sie vorhersagen, wie viele Punkte ein einzelner Fahrer einfahren wird und sogar Handicap-Wetten zwischen Fahrern abschließen.

Sie können auch darauf wetten, wie viele Podiumsplätze ein Fahrer einheimsen wird und wer besonders gerne langatmige Ränke schmiedet, der kann sogar darauf wetten, wie viele Weltmeisterschaftstitel ein Fahrer in seiner gesamten Karriere gewinnen wird (z.B. Max Verstappen gewinnt mindestens drei Weltmeisterschaften).

Formel 1 Live Wetten

As already mentioned, F1 live betting is particularly popular.
A race lasts around two hours and changing external conditions can often completely overturn a racing strategy – which often results in opportunities during the race that can be used to make a successful sports bet.

If it suddenly starts to rain, it can cost a driver a lot of time, because he may have just made a pit stop and now has to drive in again to change tires; otherwise he risks slipping off the track. For you as a spectator, this means not only additional excitement, but also an excellent opportunity to wager money profitably with live betting in Formula 1.

If a driver performs better in the race than was previously foreseeable and you are of the opinion that he can maintain this level to the end, with live betting you also have the chance to bet on a surprising event that was classified as impossible before the race became.

F1 Live Betting

Formel 1 Einsatzstrategien

As with all sports, you need to do a thorough research of strategies before betting .

In Formula One there are clear favorites for every race. The differences between the individual racing teams are just too big. This fact makes many bettors “comfortable”, as they have the impression that thorough research into the drivers, the routes and the strengths and weaknesses of the racing teams is a wasted effort. It is worth doing your homework and carefully analyzing the previous performance of the individual drivers on certain routes. Every driver has his favorite route on which he can get the most out of his vehicle and routes on which nothing just wants to work.

A good example of this is Lewis Hamilton. Although he has been one of the top drivers for a long time and sits in an extremely powerful car, he was only able to win the Australian Grand Prix in two of eleven attempts. On his home track in Silverstone, however, he was able to win six times, for the first time in 2008 and most recently in the 2019 season and between 2014 and 2017 even four years in a row.

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