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Legend has it that long long ago, a mystical gentleman by the name of Mr Green strolled into a pub in a small town in the Southwestern United States with a single deck of cards and two dice. By the time Mr Green had left town, the groundwork for the first American casino had been laid. Mr Green – ever a man of mystery – has recently given players the opportunity to learn a little more about him with his website and now you can get to know him even better in his latest slots game!

Mr Green is certainly no stranger to Sin City and what better way to get to find out more about this gambling legend than to join him in his new Las Vegas slots styled game “Vegas Adventures with Mr Green”? The glitz, the glamour, the money, the women, Mr Green has it all and you can too!

Vegas Adventures with Mr Green game play:

Mr Green has always been a man of simplicity and this slots game is no different. Vegas Adventures with Mr Green operates with 25 lines where players simply need to select the number of lines they’re looking to play and the amount they’d like to wager per line. The game actually calculates the total wager cost for you so you can focus your attention on more important matters like planning your celebratory after-party.

Mr Green’s settings pages allows players to customize their own gaming experience. Mr Green realizes not every player plays the same way and that’s why he’s gone through great lengths to make sure his players have the option to play as comfortably as they like. Between the neat free spin option and the option to reduce animations to help save battery life, the only thing Mr Green hasn’t thought of yet is what to do with all of that money.

Pay tables keep players abreast of how to win jackpots and as you’ll see, there are certain symbols that will take you from average player to VIP in no time.

How to Play Vegas Adventures with Mr Green

Key Features of Vegas Adventures with Mr Green

The format of the game will remind players of the typical Vegas slot machine with a 3×5 reel slot and 25 paylines.

In total the game contains 13 unique symbols giving players the opportunity to win many prizes. The top prize symbol in the game is the man himself, Mr Green; followed down the line by Mr Green’s vehicle of choice: a custom green SUV. After that in order is a pile of cash followed by Mr Green’s trusty bowler hat next to a pile of casino chips, a pair of red casino dice and finally five playing card symbols: the ten, the Jack, the Queen, the King and the Ace.

Players who get at least three symbols in a row earn themselves a prize.

Key Features of Vegas Adventures with Mr Green

Vegas Adventures with Mr Green Wild symbol

As any Las Vegas player will tell you the Wild Card is something every player wants. Wild cards can substitute for any card the player needs and the same holds true for Mr Green Wild symbols in Vegas Adventures with Mr Green. In fact, the only cards the Wild symbols can’t emulate are the “Scatter” symbol and the elusive Gold Ring which allows players to earn points during the progressive free spin round. The Wild Symbol icon is a traditional slot machine.

Vegas Adventures with Mr Green Bonus Features

Vegas Adventures with Mr Green Bonus Features

Earlier you may have picked up something about free spins. The way to earn these is with the Scatter Symbol which is one of the most famous Las Vegas landmarks you’re likely to find in the state of Nevada: The “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. This symbol, which is positioned on the side of the road and at the airport in Sin City, operates as the Scatter Symbol throughout the game.

The “Welcome to Las Vegas” Scatter symbol appears on the second, third and fourth reels in the game and getting three of these in a row entitles you to ten free spins. A player who earns scatter symbols during their free spin period gets two additional free spins.

The Golden Ring with a red ruby is another symbol that appears during the free spin period. The Golden Ring raises your point value by a single point each time you get three golden rings in a row. These symbols are only found in the free spin round.

If you achieve anywhere between 1-4 points you will stay at level one. Players who achieve 5-9 points get to level two where they have a stronger opportunity to land on Mr Green Symbols. Players who earn 10-14 points get up to 9 Mr Green symbols and players with above 15 points earn 11 Mr Green symbols and the increased chance of hitting a jackpot.

The game automatically calculates a players’ point level and sets you up at that level. If the point value happens to increase on the last free spin of a free spin bonus, then you will be entitled to one additional free spin. Just another way Mr Green looks out for his friends.


Here are some key details about Vegas Adventures with Mr Green’s game that every serious player should know:



Max Win ($): 20,150

Max Win (coins): XXXX

Max Bet ($):  125

Min Bet ($): 0.25

Return to player: 96.5%

Volatility: High

Free Play available: Yes


Mr Green is no stranger to travelling. He’s often seen travelling casinos from Macau to Monte Carlo. His jet-setting lifestyle can wear out any player and because he’s so in-tune with his fellow players, Mr Green has set up his Vegas Adventures game to be compatible with most mobile and tablet devices. Just another way Mr Green continues to do whatever he can to make his fellow players comfortable.



Vegas Adventures with Mr Green is not for the faint of heart. This game is intended for professional players who understand “gambling” is called that and not “winning” for a reason. Players must understand that there may be long dry-spells before cashing out a large amount. Patience pays off.


Give yourself an added advantage by earning free spins and levelling up so you can add as many Mr Green Symbols as you can get. Mr Green wants his players to win so he sets you up for success.


Vegas Adventures with Mr Green is the newest venture from Mr Green who is known far and wide for putting out quality.

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