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The Epic Journey slot is a tale taken straight from the pages of Jules Verne’s novel – The Journey to the Center of the Earth – bringing childhood fantasy to life in a fantastic slot adventure like no other. Expect 100 paylines of truly fantastic features, dangerous erupting volcano wilds and a wondrous max win of up to x500 your bet.

How to play The Epic Journey slot

The Epic Journey slot game is inspired by Journey to the Center of the Earth, the classic novel from Jules Verne written in 1864. Many love the classic tales of adventure, danger and intrigue from a time when the four corners of the Earth were still a mystery.

Quickspin have done a fantastic job of bringing the almost steampunk look of the 19th century, and the fun thrill ride of the original story to life in this online casino slot machine game.

Superb graphical slot symbols, an audio soundtrack that lends to the story plus an exciting and unique slot machine layout means every spin of this game lives up to the title of ‘epic’.

This casino game that you can play for free online, has a massive 100 paylines across 3 sets of 5 reel game reels. The first and main slot has 40 paylines and the other 2 have 30 paylines each. While each set of reels works independently, they can (and do) work together to trigger The Epic Journey’s fantastic feature bonuses that we will explain later. If you want to partake in The Epic Journey, the minimum spin is €0.80, a first-class spin maxes out at €80.

The Epic Journey slot features

As we’ve said, The Epic Journey is based upon Jules Verne’s story of hidden life and undiscovered treasures, and it’s these elements that Quickspin have utilised in their slot features.

These include the ‘Runestone’ coin bonus in which the player is presented with a crystal cavern containing 4 mysterious runestones to choose from. There’s also the psychedelic ‘Mushroom Forest’ and its towering neon-coloured mushrooms that hide big win multipliers. The ‘Fossil Hunt’ bonus revolves around digging up fossils to complete the remains of a long dead dinosaur. Lastly, we have the ‘Safari Free Spins’ feature that unleashes Woolly Mammoths, Sea Creatures and T-Rexs onto your reels for massive multipliers.

Check below for the detailed feature descriptions.

The Epic Journey’s Volcano Wild

With all The Epic Journey’s fantastic features, perhaps the best of all is the Volcano Wild, after all, what’s an adventure without a little danger.

Thankfully, this danger is more rewarding than dangerous. Trigger 2 or 3 Volcano Wild symbols onto your reels and you’ll set off a chain of events that cause the Volcano symbol to erupt, spreading wilds all over the 3 slot grids to create new winning paylines.

You will also find that the Volcano Wild appears during your free spin games too.

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The Epic Journey in-game bonus features

The Epic Journey features 3 different bonus rounds. Trigger 3 bonus scatter symbols (drilling machine) to activate the bonus pick screen. The bonus features can also be randomly rewarded from the ‘Runestone’ bonus screen.

Safari Free Spins Bonus

10 Free Spins are rewarded upon selection of the Safari Bonus. 1 special wild symbol is added to each of the 3 game grids. Collect 3 of any to turn them into multiplier wilds. Each winning payline in which that winning multiplier is present will be multiplied by the following: The Mammoth Wild appears on the main slot (grid 1), and pays out x2. The Sea Creature Wild appears on slot 2 (grid 2), paying out wins at x3. Finally the T-Rex Wild appears on slot 3 (grid 3) and pays out winning payline x5.

Mushroom Forest

The player is presented with 9 ‘mushroom’ selections and is allowed to select 3 for awards. Some mushrooms include additional picks and multipliers. The total pay at the end of the bonus is based on the coin values revealed and any multipliers.

Fossil Hunt

Using a 3×3 grid, spin and reveal as many shovels as possible in 3 spins. Each shovel collected reveals a part of the fossil and locks in place for any remaining spins during this bonus round. The total pay for this bonus round depends upon how many fossil parts are finally revealed.

Mechanics of The Epic Journey

The Epic Journey is released November, 2015

Max Win (€): 40,000

Max Win (coins): 40,000

Max Bet (€): 80

Min Bet (€): 0.80

Return to player: 96.53%

Volatility: Low/Medium

Free Play available: Yes

Final Conclusions

If you’re looking for a simple spin and win slot game, then The Epic Journey is not for you..

The Epic Journey is a feature rich, story based slot machine that’s actually 3 slot machines in one. It can take a little time to wrap your head around the layout but once you do, like a good book, you won’t be able to put The Epic Journey down.


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