Rise of Dead

Trends come and go but the public’s love for zombies (ahem) never dies. The Walking Dead is one of the most popular television shows worldwide and Rise of Dead takes the theme of “the living dead” to another level. Slots.
Rise of Dead is a brand new slots game from the folks at Play‘n GO. The pharaohs of Ancient Egypt come back to life and give players the opportunity at the wealth and fortune that the Kings and Queens of Egypt could relate to.

*Disclaimer – Rise of Dead isn’t to be confused with Book of Dead which is a completely different game altogether.

Game Play - Rise of Dead at Mr Green

First things first. Before any bettor makes a wager, they have to decide how much they’re willing to wager in the first place. The great thing about Rise of Dead slot is that the game caters to high rollers in the same way it caters to players who prefer to play for less. Bets range from $0.20 to $100.00 so all sorts of players get to be included in the action.
Of course, you can play this casino game in the normal, manual setting where you spin reels themselves, but more experienced players may prefer the auto play option which spins reels automatically until you say to stop. You also have the option of setting a rule in the game where the game stops once they win, once they hit a win amount, or once a player wins the free spin option. This option can be helpful if you don’t like to waste a lot of time.
When it comes to Rise of Dead, YOU are in control. Sound settings allow you to adjust game volume with the touch of a button and the “fast play” option gives the option to play the game without wasting any time.

Exciting Features of Rise of Dead

Rise of Dead isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. The setup of the game is the standard slot setup of a total of five reels set in three rows and a total of twenty play lines.
Another thing that this game has standardized with other slots is that the low paying symbols are the playing cards: ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.
Now for the fun part: beyond the playing cards there are three pharaohs that you can earn big money on.
The top pharaoh in the game is King Tutankhamun. Of course, most players who remember their history remember that “King Tut” is probably the most widely known Egyptian pharaoh of them all. Many people speak of a curse on King Tut’s grave with many people involved in the un-earthing of his grave passing away from mysterious circumstances. In this instance, the appearance of King Tut brings you nothing but great wealth.
King Tut looks like a gold skeleton in the game and instead of suffering a grave curse you’ll be blessed with 25x your total payout. How’s that for living like a king?

Wild Symbol in Rise of Dead

Gold coins? Rubies? Golden sarcophaguses? The wild symbol is none of these things. Instead, the wild symbol is a dung beetle.
Some may think a dung beetle is a disgusting insect but to players it represents the opportunity to become rich. As with most slots games the wild symbol replaces another symbol in a sequence. However, if you earn 5 dung beetle symbols in a row you earn 125x your stake! WOW!!

Bonus Features in Rise of Dead

In this slot you will find more bonus features than there are grains of sand in the Giant Sphinx. Here are a few examples:

Mega Stacks Feature

In the base game there’s a feature where certain spins result in a stack, 12 symbols high, which you could possibly turn into stacks of money.

Gift of Gods feature

There are times the gods reach down from the heavens to bless you. In the Gift of Gods feature in Rise of Dead, players can win 500x their payout amount. Reels 1,3 and 5 stop and stack up while reels 2 and 4 continue to spin. If you get all 5 to match with the stacks, make some room in your bank account for all your newfound wealth.

Ancient Free Spins Feature

Players who are lucky enough to gain a scatter symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 have the opportunity to earn more bonuses for free with free spins. As with most other slots this greatly increases your chances to earn a fortune.

Rise of Dead Basic Information

Max Win ($): 500,000
Max win (coins):
Max Bet ($): 100
Min Bet ($): 0.20
Return to player: 96.53%
Volatility: High.
Free Play available: Yes


In the days of the pharaohs, people used their imagination and would gamble directly with one another. These days with new and improved technology, you can play Rise of Dead on most smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablets. King Tut would be proud.


Wrap up


Rise of Dead is a game that has the basics to make seasoned players comfortable. Basic slot layout, free spin options, 10 through Ace as the low-scoring payouts. These are things most experienced slots players are used to and can get comfortable with.

The unique aspects of this slot start with the pharaoh theme but don’t stop there as the dung beetle wild cards offer players payouts far exceeding what many other slots pay out for a similar win. The cherry on top is the Gift of Gods payout which gives players the opportunity to gain 500x their payout with heart-pounding, reel-spinning action that players from New York City to Ancient Egypt can enjoy.

Rise of Dead is a new slot at Mr. Green that will have you wanting to book the next flight to Egypt.

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