Pirates' Plenty: Battle for Gold

Red Tiger Gaming has finally come out with a sequel slot to its wildly popular Pirates’ Plenty slot game. When you think of Pirates you may think of a group of dirty-bearded, sea-faring scavengers sailing the seas in search for treasure and if it’s treasure you’re after, look no further than Pirates’ Plenty: Battle for Gold at Mr Green Casino. With prizes available that’ll rival any pirate’s booty, after a few spins you’ll be ready to raise your very own Jolly Roger flag to victory!

Pirates' Plenty: Battle for Gold Gameplay

Pirates live a hard life. Eye patches get itchy, their shoulder parrots talk too much and they’re always ripe for a violent mutiny that can happen on any day. The good news is that a player you won’t have to deal with any of these problems. As a matter of fact the first thing you’ll have to deal with is simply deciding how much to wager. Players can wager anywhere from $0.10 to $20 on their quest for riches. This makes it a game for captains right down to mateys who do nothing but swab the decks. All are welcome to climb aboard.

Features of Pirates Plenty: Battle of Gold

Any good pirate will tell you, you can’t have a true pirate experience without certain things: a treasure map, a bottle of rum, a pirate’s hat, a cannon to fight off other pirate ships, bottles of poison to take out inside threats and pistols. Each of these symbols appears in Pirates Plenty: Battle of Gold and will help you earn more treasure for yourself.
Most land-lovers don’t know this but the skull and crossbones symbol of the Jolly Roger is the unofficial flag of the pirate. For that reason, the skull and crossbones symbol is the most valuable prize symbol in this slot experience rewarding players with 30x their payout with 5 in a row!
For much of the game it’s your typical 20 pay lines that are active within the game on a 5×3 reel. That changes later on in the game and we’ll get into more detail about that later on.
The graphics in the game don’t remind you of a dirty pirate beard at all. They’re as crystal clear as a telescope lens with land on the horizon!

Wild Card Symbols in Pirates' Plenty: Battle for Gold

The wild symbol in Pirates’ Plenty: Battle for Gold slot is a monkey. Yes a MONKEY! Most sea-farers know that the finest ships sailing around Africa and the Middle East always have a monkey aboard for entertainment and you will be entertained if you see the monkey symbol appear in front of you. He takes the lower prize amounts, substitutes higher ones and with a starburst flare you’re in the money!
There are a total of four possible symbols that silly monkey can replace and you can be rewarded up to 4 times your prize amount. Not bad for a dirty, crazy sea-faring monkey.

Bonus Features for Pirates' Plenty: Battle for Gold

The wild monkey isn’t the only bonus feature offered in Pirates’ Plenty. Here are a few more features which will offer you exciting rewards in this action-packed slots game.

Wild Island Row Feature

Earlier we mentioned that there was a chance for players to get 30 pay lines instead of the standard 20. That happens whenever a player earns a “map” symbol. The map gets put into a bank of sorts above the rest of the reels and each map earned causes the pirate’s ship to move just a little bit closer to their ultimate destination where they will plunder and pillage. Once a player earns enough maps and reaches that destination, an additional ten pay lines are revealed and players can earn even more booty than ever.

Battle Spins – Free Spins

Most slots have a scatter symbol and Pirates’ Plenty: Battle for Gold is no different. Players who earn three Battle Spin symbols earn a random number of spins. This ratchets up the excitement level as there’s no set number of free spins awarded to a player. Getting these Battle Spins is hard to do but nobody said being a pirate would be easy.
No pirate slots game would be complete without an evil pirate. In this game its Blackbeard who tosses out bombs during the free-spin round.
They’ll either add free spins to a player’s total or will multiply your earnings by more. Either way, Blackbeard might be perceived as a villain, but pirates are misunderstood and in this instance he’s here to help you.
CANNONBALL!!! When a player earns a cannonball symbol the fire from those cannonballs turns the standard symbols into wild symbols. Wild symbols are turned into larger wild symbols increasing the amount of the multiplier and potentially awarding the you with free spins.

Pirates' Plenty: Battle for Gold – The Basics

Pirates might act like unintelligent savages but many times that’s out of necessity. The truth is that pirates are rather intelligent. They have to be to avoid back-stabbers and mutiny. For that reason, pirates need to make sure they know their math. Here are some of those details in Pirates’ Plenty: Battle for Gold so you can be armed with the same intelligence and information as other pirates.

Max Win ($): 110,000
Max win (coins):
Max Bet ($): 20
Min Bet ($): 0.10
Return to player: 96.07%
Volatility: High.
Free Play available: Yes

These pirates can be found on land and in water but also on your laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer so make sure you keep a dagger held firmly in your teeth the next time you log on with an itch to wager on some slots.


Wrap Up


Pirates’ Plenty: Battle for Gold is a sequel that delivers. The slot made some minor changes in its overall layout and added some popular bonus features that players will undoubtably enjoy.
Between the free spins, the cannonball fire shots and the maps which grow your potential pay lines from 20 to an incredible 30, players will have every chance to end their journey after sailing the high seas with a treasure chest full of gold and jewels. If nothing else at least you’ll enjoy yourself playing this fast paced game.

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