John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure

Indiana Jones wishes he had the rugged, good looks, appetite for adventure and fearlessness of exploring unknown ruins that John Hunter has as he races other explorers to find ancient Aztec treasure. Being a world-famous explorer isn’t easy but somebody’s gotta do it!

Join John Hunter and help him as he navigates through the ancient ruins in search of treasure. Utilize free spins to help you on your journey. The only thing guaranteed is an adrenaline rush of a lifetime!

John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure game play

Any great slots game has difficult decisions to make and John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure game is no different. First and foremost you need to decide the amount you’d like to play for.

You can risk amounts between $0.20 cents and $100 depending on your bankroll and confidence level.

The settings option allows players to do things like adjust volume (so you don’t wake the neighbours while battling for ancient Aztec Treasure). The Autoplay option can also be found in settings although for any true adventure-seeker, autoplay can take some excitement out of the search.

Important Highlights of John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure

John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure is a casino game where the opportunities to win are seemingly endless. More to the point, there are exactly 7,776 different ways a player can win in this game. Once a player spins, they can sit back and watch our hero do what he does best – risk his life to find ancient treasure.

Each reel in the game can show anywhere between 2 and 6 symbols leading to the astronomical number of ways a player can win in this game.

As the reels spin, sit back and enjoy the level of detail in the ancient Aztec architecture featured in this game. If you’re not careful you may end up falling into the heart-pounding world of ancient artefact exploration. Players have reported looking down to find dirty hands from digging through rubble in order to find the buried treasure everyone is after.

When it comes to symbols, playing card symbols are worth the smallest amounts. Other valuable symbols in the game include: snakes, panthers, flaming torches, toucans, John’s hat and bullwhip and finally the most valuable symbol in the game: John Hunter himself!

Wild Card symbols in John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure

In many native cultures, the totem is a symbol for a family or a tribe affiliated with some sort of sacred item. Many cultures used totem poles. Some used special masks. If you’re lucky enough to see a totem mask appear with the word “wild” written underneath it, you’ve unearthed a valuable treasure which serves to replace any symbol in the game (except for the scatter symbol). The “Wild Totem” will not appear on the first or last reel, instead you’ll be able to find these on the second, third and fourth reels.

John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure - Extras

One of the best features of John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure slot is the free-spins feature. This bonus feature helps to separate this game from other slots games.

Explorers who come across three Aztec shields during a spin are in luck. These symbols are the “scatter” symbols and that’s how free-spins are activated.

Every good explorer has a life-and-death moment where they must decide whether or not to risk-it-all for a chance at glory. Maybe it’s jumping off a cliff for the chance to secure valuable treasure on the other side. Maybe it’s deciding to go to war with a tribe of natives as a single explorer.

John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure affords explorers that exact same adrenaline rush. Prior to each free spin round, the Bonus Wheel decides the number of free spins an explorer will earn. Three Scatters earns explorers anywhere between 5 and 25 free spins (in multiples of 5), an additional scatter symbol garners explorers a minimum of 10 free spins. 5 Scatter symbols earns explorers at least 15 free spins, but like any good explorer you’re risking your life for the jackpot so you’ll be hoping for the maximum of 25 free spins.

Another great perk in John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure is that free spins aren’t limited to explorers once you earn them. Explorers have the opportunity to earn additional free spins as they use their initial free spins:

· 2 bonus scatters earns players between 3 and 15 additional spins

· 3 bonus scatters earns players between 4 and 15 additional spins

· 4 bonus scatters earns players between 5 and 15 additional spins

· 5 bonus scatters earns players between 10 and 15 additional spins

Multipliers sweeten the pot even more as explorers will have the opportunity to multiply their earnings by 2,3,5,7 or 10x! If treasure is what you seek, players can have every opportunity to earn their own in John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure.

During a bonus round, explorers are entitled to the very same multiplier they earned when they achieved those free spins. Fingers crossed for 10x!


Joining John Hunter on one of his journeys all but secures your position to be rich and famous beyond your wildest dreams. Junior explorers earn their stripes by going on more and more adventures until they achieve what they’re looking for. Below are some operational, game-play numbers that may be relevant to explorers.



Max Win ($): 900,000

Max Win (coins): XXXX

Max Bet ($): 100

Min Bet ($): 0.20

Return to player: 96.5%

Volatility: Medium/High

Free Play available: Yes


John Hunter himself is a world traveler and he expects the very same from his fellow explorers. That’s why he’s made his slots game compatible with laptops, tablets and phones. This way, players can explore from the Sahara Desert to Antarctica without limit in their search for ultimately finding fortune.



This is John Hunter’s second foray into the world of slots after a successful first run in the Secrets of Da Vinci’s Treasure. Explorers looking to earn fame and riches will look to the free spin scatters and multipliers in order to take themselves from junior explorers digging through abandoned caves and riverbeds to living a life of luxury in five-star hotels and eating at fancy restaurants.


John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure is the type of game you don’t need to be a professional slots-player to be able to enjoy. It’s relatively easy to play and gives players every opportunity to earn their fortune from the comfort of their own home.

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