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Eastern Emeralds by Quickspin comes into the category of one of the better ones. It ticks the boxes of being easy on the eye and simple to play, yet has a high level of volatility, meaning the daredevil slot player will find something to like about it, just as the novice player will as well.
It’s just under two years since it joined the Mr Green casino portfolio of slots and though it’s unlikely to be the talk of Slots Town compared to some other more high-profile releases, it’s certainly worth a few spins at one stage or another, if only for the fact that you can choose your own free spins round.

How to play Eastern Emeralds

Eastern Emeralds is made by Quickspin and if you’re familiar with some of their other slots, the look and feel of the game will be very familiar to you. Nice bright colours, hand-drawn symbols, soothing backgrounds.
First up, you’ll need to decide on your stake per spin. Adjust the value of your bet under ‘Total Bet’: the minimum bet is €0.20 and the maximum is €100.
It’s a 5×3 reel slot with 20 pay lines that can’t be adjusted; it’s always 20. You can however adjust whether you want the sound on or off by going to the Settings section (bottom left). After an hour or so of listening to the music you may decide it’s time to go with the ‘off’ option.
You can also make use of the Autoplay button (far right), which gives you the option to play between 10 and 1000 spins without having to hit the button yourself. You can also set certain limits, so the Autoplay stops if you win or lose a pre-determined amount before the number of Auto Spins comes to an end.

Eastern Emeralds Slot

Key features of Eastern Emeralds

If there’s one thing you can be almost sure about when playing a slot, it’s that there will be some sort of playing card symbols on the reels. Quickspin have decided to not make an exception here, so you can find 10 to Ace on the reels and unsurprisingly, those are the low-value symbols.
The higher value symbols are the turtle, the carp, the dragon and the lucky coins and they all have a gold parameter around them so it’s easy to tell which symbols are worth the big bucks and which aren’t.
The Bonus symbol, sometimes known as a Scatter on other slots, appears to be a red peacock but whether it is one or isn’t, you simply can’t be confused as to what type of symbol it is for the purposes of the game. It’s the bonus symbol and you know that because: it says B-O-N-U-S on it.
One of the things we liked about this slot is the design of the reels and symbols, which are beautiful to look at and no more than we’d expect from Quickspin.

Eastern Emeralds Slot Features

Eastern Emeralds Wild symbol

So far, so straightforward in terms of what the slot does, how you win and everything else. But this is where it all starts to change. If you thought the Wild symbol substituted for any other symbols to help you win and that was that…you’d be half right.
It does substitute for any other symbol, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a regular Wild but also Wilds displaying symbols for 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x.
If you secure a win using two or more of the Wilds, you get paid out based on the value of the two multipliers added up together, meaning that base game wins can be a lot bigger than what you might get on other slots. But that’s certainly not the only time those Wild Multipliers come into play…

Eastern Emeralds slot wilds

Bonus features in Eastern Emeralds

If you are all about quality over quantity and prefer the ‘less is more’ approach, you’ll surely be satisfied with Eastern Emerald’s sole bonus feature.

Free Spins

Three Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels and you’re in business. Just like the Wild symbol isn’t as straightforward as it seams, neither is the free spins round.
Once it’s activated, it’s up to you to take your pick from four different free spins rounds.

  • High Risk:  6 free spins with wild multipliers of 5x, 6x, 7x and 8x. The fewest number of free spins but the biggest Multipliers in play, meaning a 1680 multiplier is on offer if you get really lucky.
  • Mid to High Risk:  9 free spins with wild multipliers of 4x, 5x, 6x and 7x. Enough free spins to ensure a couple of them are guaranteed to pay out something, with a maximum multiplier of 840x on a win available.
  • Medium Risk:  12 free spins with wild multipliers of 3x, 4x, 5x and 6x. A real ‘sit-on-the-fence’ option if that’s how you roll, with a 360 multiplier up for grabs.
  • Lower Risk: 15 free spins with wild multipliers of 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x. If you’re risk-adverse and want to make sure you walk away with something, then this one is the one for you because across 15 free spins, you’re almost guaranteed to bank two or three decent wins.
Eastern Emeralds Bonus Features

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Eastern Emeralds Slot Game Mechanics

Analysts, pragmatists, bean-counters and number-crunchers, this is the section for you. Let’s talk numbers.  


Max Win (coins): 16,000x  

Min Bet (€): 0.20  

Max Bet (): 100  

Return to player: 96,58% 

Volatility: High to Medium 

Free Play available: Yes 




Fans of the likes of Dead or Alive will know that sometimes the more innocuous and simple-looking slots are the most dangerous. But dangerous doesn’t necessarily need to have bad connotations and in this case, we have a double-edged sword here.  

If those free spins are activated, you take the risk and get a few of those big multipliers appearing on the reels, you could walk away with a small fortune. That said, you could also play the game for a while, the free spins aren’t activated at all and it could conceivably make a decent hole in your bank.  

Such is the nature of volatile slots so be prepared for a white-knuckle ride on this one.   

Play Eastern Emeralds

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