Castle Builder

Noble builder, the King has requested you construct his daughter, the Princess, the finest summer house in the land. Prove yourself to the King and you could find yourself travelling across the vast kingdom, offering your building expertise to other royals. Your skill and hard work won’t go unnoticed, with each castle you build the King will reward you with a Cash Prize. Castle Builder has a max payout of £121,217, a fair price for a fine castle, I say!

How to play Castle Builder

The layout of the game is different than most, with the reels set on the right of the screen and the castle you are building on the left. Castle Builder has 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 paylines and after you complete a castle you select the prince/princess’s future spouse, which awards a cash prize. The game is set in a mythical land, where royalty reigns supreme. You find yourself in the role of a master construction expert, a kindly old man, who can build glorious castles fit for society’s elite.

The gameplay is simple, yet engrossing, as you gather materials to construct your castles and progress to new jobs in distant lands. Materials are gathered by collecting them each time you spin the reels. The material has different values depending on how many you find on a payline, the more material on a payline, the higher the value of your completed castle and thus the higher the potential prize in the bonus round. Material is ranked standard, bronze, silver and gold.

The other symbols in the game include the low paying symbols – 10 (princess), J (prince), Q (queen) and K (King). The high paying symbols are the bag of gold, small and large treasure chests, the castle door and the Castle Builder wild, which substitutes all symbols except the building material symbols. The minimum bet is £0.15, the maximum bet is £15.00.

There are four kingdoms that require your building expertise, the first three have 10 castles, the fourth has 5. With each castle you build in the kingdom, more materials are required, the more materials required the higher the final prize could reach in the bonus round.

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Castle Builder Features

The base game of Castle Builder gives frequent wins, with the lower paying symbols (10-K) paying out with only 2 on a payline, this can lead to frequent small wins that will help your balance stay up as you seek out materials to build the finest castle in the kingdom. The Castle Builder wild appears frequently to link up symbols on the games 15 paylines, which keeps the wins coming in.

The main aim of the game is to collect as much high quality building materials to construct the castle to house the prince or princess. Once the castle is complete, you must choose the royal’s future partner, from a choice of three potential suitors. This is where the quality of building materials is important, the more gold materials used to construct your castle will increase the three prize pools. You must choose one of the three suitors to reveal your prize, it could be a small win (poor fellow), a medium win (average citizen), or a high win (really rich guy).

The game also features achievements and rank increases which adds more depth to the game. With the achievements placed alongside the storyline that progresses with each completed construction, you’ll find yourself engrossed in the world of Castle Builder.

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Pick the suitor bonus

The most satisfying thing about Castle Builder is reaching the final point of construction, adding the last tile to the roof of your grand castle, in preparation for the royal wedding. As previously mentioned, the finer the materials you use to construct the castle the higher the three potential prize pools you have to choose from.

With the first castle you build for the princess, you are presented with her three potential future husbands – the Frog, the Knight and the Nobleman. Looks can be deceiving, however, the Nobleman could be a peasant in disguise and award a small win, whereas the Frog could have coffers stuffed with gold and award you with a high win!

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Castle Builder in-game bonus features

Castle Builder gives you plenty of of ways to boost your bankroll – through spinning, building and helping the king find his daughter a suitable suitor. The main aim of the game is to collect materials to construct castles of increasing size and pomp. The more material you get on the payline, the higher the quality the materials and thus the higher the value of the finished castle. You are rewarded for your efforts with a pick-em bonus round that can lead to some sizeable wins!

Choose a suitor bonus round

As you spin and collect materials you edge ever-closer to completing construction of your castle. As you collect materials the prize pools of the three potential suitors will rise. Once you have finished construction, you must choose from three possible suitors, it could be a frog prince, a puaper, a knight or a dandy. Only once you have chosen will the suitor reveal their riches, they could be a poor fellow (small win), an average citizen (medium win), or a really rich guy (high win). But beware, noble builder… looks can be deceiving!

Mechanics of Castle Builder

Castle Builder was released in March 2015 and was created by Microgaming.

You can play Castle Builder for free in ‘play for fun’ mode or for money in ‘real money play’ mode across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.

Max Win (£): 121,270

Max Win (coins): 20,000

Max Bet (£): 15.00

Max Bet (£): 0.15

Return to player: 96.47%

Volatility: Low

Free Play available: Yes

Final Conclusions

If you’re looking for a game that has a bit more depth, character and longevity than your run-of-the-mill slot, then Castle Builder is well worth a look. The base game is rewarding, with frequent wins and the bonus gives you the chance of winning big cash prizes.

The ability to store your progress and pick up at your last castle is a nice touch, allowing you to get right back into the adventure. Overall Castle Builder is a unique and engaging slot that has proved popular with many players, so why not join them and get building!

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