How to Play Lightning Roulette at Mr Green

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Thanks to the heralded Lightning Roulette, you can experience state-of-the-art graphics with one of the latest and greatest live casino games for a thrilling online gambling experience.
Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming is unique from other live dealer roulette games you may have come across. In addition to standard bets like Odd/Even and Straight Up, the games includes special bonuses capable of being triggered on any spin. As if that wasn’t enough, these bonuses are even accompanied by high-octane graphics.
There are thrills, there are spills, and it won’t cost you a fortune to play. Let’s look at one of Mr Green’s exciting games in more detail.

Your First Steps with Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming

To begin playing Lightning Roulette, you’ll need to head over to Mr Green’s Evolution Gaming live casino. As there’s no limit on how many players can participate in a single game, you won’t have any difficulty in finding a table to play at.

Choose your screen name: The first thing you need to do is choose your screen name. This makes it easier for the presenter to know who you are when you interact in the chatbox.

Deposit funds: As of the present moment, there’s no practice mode available for Lightning Roulette at Mr Green. To start playing, head over to the cashier and deposit funds. You can bet for as little as € 0,50, so there really isn’t anything to stop you playing right away.

Set a session time reminder: As is the case with any live game from Evolution Gaming, you can choose a time limit for your session. Request to be reminded after 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or two hours, and you’ll find it easier to end your session for a well-earned break.

Game layout: The graphics may be virtual, but the layout isn’t all that different to other Evolution Gaming’s live roulette games.

In one area of the screen, you’ll find a number of display options. Here you can opt to choose a particular graphics quality, mute the audio, or change the camera view.

The numbers: If you want to know which numbers have been winning and which have been performing poorly, you can view the history of the last 500 numbers spun. In addition to that, there’s a guide showing you which parts of the table are most frequently seeing winning numbers.

Autoplay: If you want to repeat a particular number of spins without having to do anything, you can turn on this feature any time you want.

Chatbox: Here is where you can interact with the presenter. The friendly host is available to reply to any comment or question you may have. The Lightning Roulette hosts are warm and engaging, so don’t be shy if you have a question that needs answering.

Change view: Any Evolution Gaming table allows you to alter your camera view when the game is in play.

  • 3D View: This option offers the most complete view. The game is dominated here by the studio video, in addition to the layout of the virtual table seen behind the dealer.
  • Classic View: This makes the most of the betting layout. It affords you more space to place your bets either on the racetrack or on the table. The downside is that there’s a limited view of the immersive graphics.
  • Immersive view: Here is a more personal view as you see the camera accompany the wheel as it’s about to stop.

Add tables: Lightning Roulette allows you to add more than one table to your screen simultaneously.

General Settings: The Settings tab enables you to change your display quality or sound, or even turn on the game chat. The game is unique with its click background music and numerous sound effects.

Mobile: Lightning Roulette is available to play on your mobile device if you’d prefer. You’d just need to ensure that you have updated your Internet browser and that your display is capable of handling the live stream. Other than that, you’re good to go.

System Requirements: Any Evolution Gaming live game can be accessed through an updated browser. If you are playing on a desktop or laptop computer, however, we’d recommend Google Chrome 30+, along with a fast graphics card.

Getting Started with Evolution Gaming's Lightning Roulette

Placing Your Lightning Roulette Bets

Placing your bet is simple and straightforward. The game is essentially a European Roulette variant. There’s a total of 37 numbers, and you can place your bet on either groups of numbers or Straight Up numbers (one number).

Table layout: In addition to the live studio stream, you’ll see the table in all its graphical glory.
The regular table layout displays numbers 0-36. You have the option of placing a Straight Up bet, a Split bet (two numbers), a Corner bet (four numbers), or up to 18 at any one time by betting either 1-18, 19-36, red, or black.

The racetrack: As well as the regular table, there’s also the racetrack. Its name is derived from how the numbers are arranged and displayed. You can place bets on groups of numbers such as Voisins, Orphelians, Tier, and Zero.
Placing a bet: You simply click on the sections of numbers you wish to bet on and choose your chip value. Then you click either on the numbers or outside of those bet areas. You can also clear your bets should you have second thoughts on how you wish to bet.
Lightning Roulette uses a manual wheel with an actual dealer, as opposed to a mechanical wheel. One particularly great feature here is that the wheels are checked for bias and fairness.
You’re required to place your bets within a certain timeframe. Once the dealer has announced that no more bets can be placed, you’ll be restricted from placing your wager.

Favourite bets: Just like with any live roulette game from Evolution Gaming, you can choose to save certain bets to come back to later. This helps you to save time without interrupting the flow of the game.

Payouts: The wheel spins once each bet has been placed. Then the ball drops onto the wheel before it stops in one of the pockets. The software used by the live casino uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify the winning number. Prizes are automatically awarded to winning players.

Lightning Roulette Payouts & Bet Limits

Bet Description Example Min Bet Max Bet Payout
Straight Up Single number 36 €0,20 €500 29:1 to 499:1
Split Two numbers 1,4 €0,20 €1000 17:1
Street Three numbers 1,2,3 €0,20 €1500 11:1
Corner Four numbers 2,3,5,6 €0,20 €2000 8:1
Line Six numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 €0,20 €3000 5:1
Column 12 numbers 1st Column €0,20 €6000 2:1
Dutzend 12 numbers 1st Dozen 1-12 €0,20 €6000 2:1
All red / all black 18 numbers Alle rot/ alle schwarz €0,20 €10000 1:1
Even/Odd 18 numbers All even / all odd €0,20 €10000 1:1
1-18/19-36 18 numbers Numbers 1-18 or 19-36 €0,20 €10000 1:1

Lightning Roulette Payouts & Bet Limits

Lucky Numbers and Payouts

A Straight Up bet only pays out 29/1, unlike in traditional live roulette, when it’s 35/1. This is due to Lightning Roulette’s special Lucky Number bonuses.
These Lucky Numbers are one of Lightning Roulette’s most interesting features.
Once each bet has been placed and the wheel has begun spinning, the Lucky Payouts and Lucky Numbers are randomly chosen.
The computer chooses between one and five numbers to assign as Lucky Numbers. It also randomly chooses a Lucky Payout (50x-500x) assigned to each of the Lucky Numbers.

Lucky Numbers: One to five numbers randomly chosen

Lucky Payouts: Multiples of either 50x, 100x, 200x, 400x, or 500x.

As if the game didn’t provide enough drama, the roulette table can be struck by lightning. When this occurs, the Lucky Numbers are shown in the virtual studio. If you place a straight bet on a number that has been chosen as a Lucky Number, you will be awarded a Lucky Payout multiplier.

Live Roulette vs Real-World Roulette

Live roulette resembles real-world roulette closer than other digital versions of this classic game, bringing real wheels and dealers into an environment with state-of-the-art computer graphics.
Of course, there remains a number of differences. We go into those here, along with some of the advantages of playing Mr Green live roulette.

Faster games: In a real-world casino, it takes a few minutes for bets to be placed and the game to be played. More time is then added while the dealer pays out once the winner has been determined.
When you’re playing live roulette, you don’t have to wait while someone is sorting out the chips or taking money from players. Instead, you watch the wheel spin before any winning numbers are determined by the computer. Then there are the payouts, which are made instantly. What this means is that you can play far more games per hour with Mr Green’s live roulette than at a real-world casino.

Interact with the dealer: In a real-world casino, there’s barely any opportunity to engage with the dealer as they’re too busy handling bets and so on. With live roulette, it’s only the dealer, the chatbox, and the wheel. So the dealer is able to answer questions and reply to your comments.

Larger payouts: Lucky Numbers reward you with special payouts. There are also large multipliers that pay out randomly. These bonuses don’t exist at a real-world casino.

Further, there are variants of live roulette, such as Double Ball Roulette. This particular variant includes a dual-pocket wheel that provides twice the action.

No waiting for space: The majority of tables at real-world casinos can accommodate up to six to seven players. You could find yourself waiting for an entire hour for a place to become available. Restriction on space is far less of a problem in live roulette. Lightning Roulette, in fact, can accommodate up to 500 players in a single game.

Lower stakes: You can play Lightning Roulette from as little as € 0,50 per spin. In a real-world casino, the minimum wager could be € 1 for an inside bet, and sometimes even higher. There’s no point in risking larger bets at your local casino when you can ease into a session of live roulette online.

Lightning Roulette vs Land-Based Roulette

Lightning Roulette Strategies

The game of Lightning Roulette is similar to European Roulette. It features a table with 36 numbers, along with the green zero. You can also place the same bets, such as Straight Up, and Red or Black.
As Lightning Roulette includes Lucky Payouts and Lucky Numbers, the prizes are lower for regular Straight Up wins. As previously stated, this pays out 29/1 without a Lucky Number, lower than the 35/1 that is paid out with traditional online roulette. If you don’t land on a great deal of Lucky Numbers, this gap can add up over time.
If you want some basic tips on playing Lightning Roulette at Mr Green casino, read on.Cover the table: The payouts for Lucky Numbers are so large (50x to 500x) that it makes it worthwhile covering as much of the table as you can.
Betting on the entire table doesn’t guarantee you will win, of course- and the Straight Up bet isn’t a great long-term option, with its 29/1 payout- but you at least then have a chance of landing on a Lucky Number and securing that all-important Lucky Payout.

Spread your wagers: A number of roulette strategies emphasise the 1/1 outside bets. Taking the bonus payments in Lightning Roulette into account, however, spreading your wagers around can be a profitable strategy.
It’s fine to choose a small number of Straight Up bets. Then you can place a higher wager on either red or black to cover yourself is the ball doesn’t land on one of your numbers.
For instance, you could place a € 10 wager on black and cover that bet with five Straight Up red numbers. You still profit if the number comes up black. You’d win 29/1 on a Straight Up number and could even find yourself with a Lucky Number and Lucky Payout multiplier.

Test a system: The majority of strategies around online roulette emphasise even-money bets with a progressive staking plan.
One great system you could consider is the Five Quads. It rewards you for both Straight Up numbers and Corner bets. You choose four Corner bets, with each paying out 8/1. Then you cover the bet with a single Straight Up wager that pays out 29/1.
Another option would be to bet on a group of Straight Up numbers. For this, you could use the racetrack and bet on entire groups of numbers in a single spin.
Better still is Voisins du zero, which covers 17 numbers. You aren’t required to choose each number individually. You just need to decide on your wager and select Voisins on the racetrack.
Choose 12 numbers: Tiers du Cylindre is an option if covering 17 numbers sounds a bit extreme for you. Instead of covering 17 numbers, you cover a designated set of 12 in one spin: 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 16, 23, 24, 27, 30, 33, and 36.
You could select a column, which, again covers 12 numbers. The difference here is that you can’t win a Lucky Numbers or Lucky Payouts bonus.

Check previous stats: Lightning Roulette features an in-depth statistical history, which shows the previous 500 spins. While the Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts are selected at random, some players choose to track result patterns.
The main advantage, however, is that it shows you how often Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts are selected.

Lightning Roulette Tips & Strategies

Other Live Roulette Games at Mr Green

Lightning Roulette is one of the most modern and cutting-edge live dealer games around. However, Mr Green offers a number of live variants on this classic game. Here are a number of other live casino games you can play right now.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Roulette: An ideal game for fans of classic live casino roulette. The table features 37 numbers, and a Straight Up wager pays out 35/1. The small house edge (2.7%) means that you could have a better return in the long run than with other roulette games.

Evolution Gaming’s Live American Roulette: American Roulette is difficult to be found in European casinos. For that reason alone, this one is an exciting addition to our library of roulette games.
There are two double zero slots, which means that you have an additional Straight Up bet to play with. This addition, however, means that the house edge is higher than in other roulette games. The 2.7% house edge you find in European Roulette increases to 5.25% in American Roulette.

Evolution Gaming’s Mr Green Live Roulette: As the title may allude to, this game is Mr Green’s own and you won’t find it anywhere else.
The game even includes graphics exclusive to Mr Green, and you may even see the iconic gentlemen making an occasional wager.

Authentic Gaming’s Blaze Roulette: This live roulette game really takes things up a notch, with its quiz show-style environment and video backdrop.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Immersion Roulette: If you like being able to choose which camera angle you’re looking at, this game lets you do just that. You can select slow-mo mode if you’re in the mood for drama, or go for the personal touch with the live roulette action.

Evolution Gaming’s Double Ball Roulette: This game employs a device that launches two balls into the wheel at the same time. There are also different payouts from traditional European Roulette. Two red numbers, for example, pay out 3/1, with columns paying out 8/1 should both numbers land in your column. Two balls landing in one number pays out a rewarding 1300/1.

Try Lightning Roulette at Mr Green

Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming combines some generous bonuses, a warm and welcoming presenter, and some ultra-cool graphics. So it’s of little surprise that it’s won multiple awards for uniqueness and innovation.

You can go right ahead and access Lightning Roulette from Mr Green’s live casino lobby. Simply choose your stakes, place your wagers, and hope that lightning strikes at the right time so you can be rewarded with those tasty bonuses. A place at the table awaits you.

Lighting Roulette FAQ

How to play Lightning Roulette?

If you have played live roulette, you will have an easy time playing Lightning Roulette at Mr Green. The gameplay is similar to roulette, with some extra surprises to spice up the game. You start the game by selecting the chips to place your wager. Once you place your inside and outside bets, the betting phase ends, and the live dealer pulls the lever. The single numbers are awarded multipliers between 50 and 500 times. When the roulette wheel is spun, the payouts are determined by the numbered space it stops. When the wheel stops on a lightning number, the bets on the space are awarded a lightning multiplier.

What is the RTP of Lightning Roulette?

The Lightning Roulette game has an overall RTP of 97.3%, similar to the European Roulette version. That is because the wagers are paid at the usual payout odds. However, if you place straight-up bets, they qualify for the multipliers and are paid at 29-1 instead of 35-1. The return-to-player ratio also reduces to 81.08%. When betting closes and the lightning bolt shoots across the number board, the number that the wheel lands on will determine the payout.

Who is the game provider of Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is a creation from Evolution Gaming, released in 2018. The introduction of Lightning Roulette was the beginning of the Lightning Live games, like Lightning Blackjack and Baccarat. While the format of the game is similar to roulette, it has modifications to increase its appeal. The win multipliers increase the game’s payouts.

Can I play for free at Lightning Roulette?

You can play for real cash or try the demo version of Lightning Roulette to familiarise yourself with the game. The demo version’s features are similar to the real money game. The only difference is that you will not win real cash payouts. You can find a desktop or mobile version of the demo game.

What are the main characteristics of Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette game is played on the same table as European Roulette. The main innovation is that the numbers one to five are struck by lightning. The randomly chosen numbers are struck by lightning, boosting their multipliers to between 50 and 500 times. The game plays out as any roulette game at Mr Green Online Casino, but if you land the lucky numbers, you will receive higher payouts.