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T&Cs apply. Claim 50% of your deposit back, up to $50. Min deposit $20. Credited when account balance is 0. New customers only. 18+.

Before Dream Catcher came along, table games ruled the lay of the land at live casinos. Then suddenly players who typically stuck to slots, bingo, or regular casino games, were presented with a live game they could all enjoy. Now everyone can play this fun game at Mr Green live casino.
Dream Catcher revolves around a huge wheel with 54 segments, 52 of which are represented by different numbers: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. The wheel also features two multiplier segments: x2 and x7. The object of the game is simple: predict which number you think the wheel land on. The HD-quality Dream Catcher streams from a live studio right to your desktop or mobile screen. The close-ups and multiple camera angles only add to the excitement, and create a fully immersive experience. The studio offers just the right kind of atmosphere you’d expect for a game show, with its catchy sound effects, flashing lights, and bright colours. And the charming and energetic dealers help to make the experience even more fun, as they engage with you throughout the game.

Dream Catcher: Overview

There isn’t much you can apply by way of strategy here. Dream Catcher is all about chance and intuition. However, inspired by game shows such as Wheel of Fortune, there are some potential big payouts hiding behind a single spin, which could be realised if luck is on your side. It does help to know the rules and how the game is played, however; especially when it comes to the numbers.
Here’s a breakdown of the Dream Catcher wheel and its 54 spindles.

Number of Bonus Quantity Potential Winnings
1 23 1x stake
2 15 2x stake
5 7 5x stake
10 4 10x stake
20 20 20x stake
40 1 40x stake
X2 1 The number payout is multiplied by 2
X7 1 The number payout is multiplied by 7

How to Play Dream Catcher

One common trait shared by most popular casino games is that they’re simple and easy to get to grips with. Fortunately, that’s the case with Dream Catcher. And while the theory behind games isn’t always the most interesting part, it helps to know about the game you’re about to bet money on in order to save you from making a crazy bet. The two most basic things to know about playing Dream Catcher is that you need funds in your account to bet with and a prediction of where the ball will land. So basically, make a guess on the number, and put your money where your mouth is.
You then let the host spin the wheel, and await the outcome. If you predicted correctly, your winnings will be credited to your account balance at the odds given for the winning number.
You can see the table limits on the screen, so they will help determine your stake. Then you’ll see traffic light colours that tell you when the game is ready for you to place your bet. Of course, green is the colour you’re looking for, although you’re still good when it shows amber. If it’s showing red, however, you’re too late.
To place your bet, choose the chip value you want to bet with. And once you’ve chosen your chip. click on the corresponding number in front of the wheel. You can click again if you want to bet with a higher value. There are a total of six betting spots, and you can bet on as many as you want. You can click on ‘BET ON ALL’ if you really want to go with it.

dream catcher

Spinning the Wheel

Once all bets have been placed, the host spins the Dream Catcher wheel. Bets are then paid out to all players who bet on the winning number, and another round of betting begins. You can then either repeat the bet you made in the previous round, double it, or place a new bet entirely.

dream catcher

Dream Catcher 2x & 7x Multipliers

Among the game’s main highlights are the multiplier segments, as that’s where you’ll find some very generous win potential. If the wheel lands on one of these, each bets remains, and the host re-spins the wheel. Each winning bet is multiplied by either 2 or 7, depending on which multiplier the wheel landed on after the first spin.
If the wheel hits on a multiplier for consecutive spins, it results in stacked multipliers, which means that the multiplier from the previous spin is multiplied again. All bets remain until a multiplier falls on a numbered segment.
For example, if the wheel lands on x2, then x7, followed by 10, you’d be paid out €1.400 on a €10 bet, as the 10-1 odds are multiplied by 2, which doubles your odds to 20-1, then multiplied by 7, which finally sees your odds at 140-1.
There’s no actual limit to how many times in a row the wheel can fall on a multiplier. In theory, it could continue to multiply wins until the €500.000 maximum limit is reached. Of course, this is unlikely, but it would certainly result in a nice win if it did.

dream catcher

Game Statistics

We summarise some key numbers below:

  • Min bet ($): 0.10
  • >Max bet ($): 2,500
  • Max win ($): 500,000
  • RTP: 90.57% – 96.58%
  • Demo available?: No


If you’re expecting your standard live casino game, you’ll get far more than you bargained for with Dream Catcher at Mr Green casino. The upbeat and energetic gameplay has a spring in its step, and is less formal than your typical game of live blackjack, for example. You can also expect some banter with both the players and hosts, with the chat window encouraging you to take part in the conversation.
The simple rules are ideal for those without much experience in playing live casino games. Having said that, the game has something extra to offer live casino veterans who like the idea of a more engaging social experience. The game looks impressive and certainly inviting, with game show-like sound effects and lights, and multiple camera angles immersing you in the live experience. All-in-all, Dream Catcher is a game that offers a whole lot of enjoyment for as long as you want.

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Dream Catcher FAQ

What is the RTP of the Dream Catcher game?

Dream Catcher has a varying RTP, depending on the segments on the wheels. The return-to-player ratios were calculated based on the wheel landing on a multiplier or numbers. Sometimes, the wheel also lands on a multiplier segment multiple times before landing on the numbers, which is considered in setting the return to player percentage. The general RTP for Dream Catcher is 96.58%, but the return-to-player percentage can go as low as 90.78% in number 40 or as high as 96.55% in number 10. Number one on the wheel has the highest number of segments, but the return to player averages 95.32%.

Who is the game provider of the Dream Catcher game?

Evolution Gaming is renowned for developing game shows and live casino games. In 2017, the gaming provider released a live dealer Dream Catcher game for online casinos and brick-and-mortar establishments. The gigantic wheel on Dream Catcher popularised the money wheel format commonly found in other game shows. Players can maximise their gaming experience with the varying RTP and the multipliers in Dream Catcher that act as bonus features. Knowing the RTP for each segment helps you decide how to spread your wager throughout the game at Mr Green Casino.

What are the main features of Dream Catcher at Mr Green?

Dream Catcher is a straightforward game show with simple gameplay. You pick a number and place your wager. When the live dealer spins the Dream Catcher wheel, you win if it stops on your number. The vertical wheel has 54 segments with six numbers and two multipliers. The numbers segment pay corresponds to the number on the wheel. For example, if the number on the wheel is five, you will get a payout of five times your wager. Smaller numbers also have more segments compared to high-value numbers. When you land on the multiplier segment, the 2 times multiplier will pay twice the winning number on the next spin.

How can I unlock bonus rounds at Dream Catcher?

The multiplier segments act as bonus features in the Dream Catcher game. The bonus round is activated if you land on the 2 and 7 multiplier segments. If the wheel stops on the segments, all bets are held, and the wheel spins a second time. The multiplier will be applied to the next winning number to determine the payout.