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If you’re the intuitive kind and you’re feeling lucky, chances are that Deal or No Deal in Mr Green live casino is the game for you. The great thing about it is that you don’t even have to travel to a TV studio to play it. That’s thanks to Evolution Gaming, who partnered with Endemol-Shine to bring you this live version of the game direct to your computer or mobile screen. So if you own either of those devices, and have access to the Internet, you’re in for a treat, Deal or No Deal is unlike any other casino game, as you’re given chance after chance to land a €500.000 prize. Aside from the familiar cash-filled briefcases and spinning vaults, this live take on the successful game show offers added excitement in the form of unique multipliers. So if you’ve ever fantasised about being a contestant on the popular game show without having to leave the comfort of your own home, now is your chance. Following is even more of what to expect when playing Deal or No Deal with us at Mr Green.

Deal or No Deal overview

The qualifying round sees each spin multiply the value of the largest-prize briefcase from 75x to 500x your stake. Each spin costs you your chosen stake amount, and the more you bet, the bigger the prize money multiplier will be for that briefcase. In the qualifying round, you can bet up to €4.500, so there’s some big-money prize potential here.
Here’s a breakdown of the betting limits for Deal or No Deal Live:

Game Round Minimum Wager Maximum Wager
Game Show

While the value of your briefcases is determined by your stake, you need to take the 95,42% RTP into account, so you should carefully consider how much to bet. Apart from that, there’s no strategy you have to bother with when it comes to playing Deal or No Deal Live. Each number is random, including the monetary amount in the briefcases. Winning the game, whether here on on the TV show, depends on your intuition and luck.
The banker’s first offer comes in the opening round after you open a total of three briefcases. You want the cash values of these briefcases to be low, so that you still have as many higher value briefcases remanding as possible. If that’s the case, the banker will make a significantly higher offer than if it wasn’t. Once you’ve removed another four boxes, the banker will make his second offer, which will be either higher or lower than the previous one, again depending on the value of the boxes that have been removed. A third offer will be made after another four boxes, and finally, the fourth and final offer is made once there are just two briefcases remaining. You then have a decision to make.
Let’s look at how the game plays out round by round.

The Qualification Round

When it comes to the rules, Deal or No Deal Live is as simple as the game show. The first thing you do is spin the three-reel bank vault. The qualification round is where the money in the largest prize briefcase is multiplied with each spin by somewhere between 75x and 500x your stake. You choose how much you want to stake with each bet, and the larger your bet, the higher the briefcase’s prize money multiplier.
You’ll have the chance to buy multiple ‘easy’ and ‘very easy’ options, which can help you qualify. It makes it easier to align the wheel. Alternatively, you can try your luck, and keep spinning as much as you can before your time expires. It will cost you your stake amount each time you spin the wheel.
Once you’ve qualified, you’ll be presented with the Top Up Wheel Bonus. Here, you have a shot at increasing the amount of the majority of valuable briefcases, from 5x to 50x.

deal or no deal

The Top-Up Round

Once you’ve completed the qualification round, you’ll be a fully-fledged Deal or No Deal contestant. You’ll see the briefcase you selected on the table, as well as the host, who will have the famous telephone right there and ready when it’s time to pick up and call the banker. The remaining 15 briefcases are also in the room, each with a number from 1-15, along with the various cash amounts. Of course, those amounts are hidden from view. Each time you open one of the boxes, the cash value is removed, and the box disappears.

deal or no deal

The Game Show Round

This is where the excitement takes on a whole new level, as the presenter and glamorous assistant join in.
The goal, as always, is to remove the lower-value amounts, so you have the advantage over the banker. If you’ve ever seen the show, you’ll be only too aware that the offer is dependent upon the amount in the remaining boxes.
The first three boxes are revealed before the banker offers you cash for the remaining boxes. That’s when the host chimes in with the name of the game: “Deal or No Deal?”.
Of course, you can then opt to either accept the deal or not. If you accept it, the round is over. If you don’t, you’ll go ahead and attempt to remove more boxes.

Game Statistics

There’s an RTP at around 95,42%, but even though that might not be the largest RTP of all casino games, the numerous chances for big wins are a big plus. You can also bet from just €0,10, although you can go up to €4.500 if you feel like high-rolling it. The important thing to note is that your winnings are determined by your stake i.e. the higher your bet, the more chance you have of scoring a big win.

Min bet ($): 0.10

Max bet ($): 500 – 4,500

Max win ($): 500,000

RTP: 95.42%

Demo available?: No


If you’ve ever sat and watched Deal or No Deal at home, and felt you could do better than the contestants, playing this live version is a pretty close second best, and far easier to achieve with Mr Green casino. This immersive live experience from casino game developer Evolution Gaming offers a unique spin on the popular show. Try your hand at qualifying by advancing through the vault wheel, where each spin has the potential to gift you a briefcase with up to a huge 500x.
Even if you’ve never seen the show, you’ll still love the live version. The game is simple enough for anyone to get to grips with right away, and exciting enough to keep them endlessly entertained. All you need to do is decide whether to ‘DEAL’ or ‘NO DEAL’, and you’re in with a shot of landing a briefcase with a cool €500.000 cash inside. Play Deal or No Deal Live, and find out just how far you can go.

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Deal or no Deal FAQ

How does the Deal or No Deal live game work at Mr Green?

The Deal or No Deal live game was released in 2019 and adapted from the American game show. The game aims to predict if the amount of cash in the 16 briefcases is higher than the dealer’s offer. The game is divided into multiple parts. The qualifying round involves spinning the vault to access the prize top-up round. The bet you use to spin the vault determines the money you use to qualify for the game. In the prize top-up round, you select one of the briefcases and keep spinning the wheel as you top-up the briefcases until the countdown is up. When the time stops, you enter the live game show.

What is the RTP of the Deal or No Deal game?

The return-to-player ratio of the Deal or No Deal live game at Mr Green Online Casino is 95.42%. That means if you wager $100, you will likely get a payout of $95. The RTP is determined by the multipliers represented by the 16 briefcases. In the qualifying rounds, it is advisable to place small bets, but in the main game, you can top up the wager amount. With the multiplier, you can win higher prizes of up to 500 times the total stake.

Who is the game provider of the Deal or No Deal game?

The Deal or No Deal live game is from Evolution Gaming. The game provider is a renowned developer of live game shows and table games, with a live casino studio where the games are streamed live. The game developer turned the popular TV show into a live casino game. The Deal or No Deal live game attracted many players globally, especially fans of the TV show. Evolution Gaming provides a great casino gaming experience, from high-quality graphics to audio effects and additional bets.

Is it safe to play the Deal or No Deal game at Mr Green?

You can try the Deal or No Deal game at Mr Green Online Casino. Mr Green is a licensed casino that provides players with a safe betting environment. While you cannot play the Deal or No Deal game for free, the real money live game is safe. Mr Green Casino uses encryption to protect your data from unauthorised access. That means you can securely deposit money into the online casino and play for real money.