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Evolution Gaming clearly loves developing games with giant wheels, as both Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher would indicate. And now here comes another. The main difference between Crazy Time and the two previous wheel-based games is that here you get four bonus rounds to enjoy.
The provider has clearly put everything into this one, as the game really amps up interactive casino gameplay. Using state-of-the-art technology, Crazy Time is one of the funnest around, helped by those four live bonus games that activate every six spins, meaning a bonus is always around the corner. You could potentially win 25.000x your stake. Either way, with all the action in store, you’re in for some non-stop fun and entertainment.
Crazy Time is basically a combination of a classic game show like Wheel of Fortune and a popular casino game such as roulette. And, as it’s a live game, it’s all the more exciting. In fact, Crazy Time is a live online casino game like no other. You place your bet and spin the large wheel, hoping that it lands on your number, or even better, on one of the bonus features, where you might just be awarded with mega multipliers. There’s a lot going on with this game: along with the four distinct bonus games, there are the entertaining and sharply-dressed live presenters, and the fun graphics, all making for an enjoyable and one-of-a-kind experience. Let’s look at Crazy Time in closer detail.

Crazy Time: an overview of the game

Crazy Time is at the higher end of the volatility scale, as a result of the high number of potential multiplier wins. It might not be uncommon to find yourself on a winless streak, but the generous rewards in the four bonus rounds could very well offset these streaks. Just to give you an idea, you can win up to 25.000x your stake with Cash Hunt, and up to 160.000 your stake with the Crazy Time bonus.

Here’s a breakdown of the Crazy Time wheel and its 54 spindles:

Number or Bonus Quantity Potential Winnings
1x stake
2x stake
5x stake
10x stake
Maximum of $500,000
Cash Hunt
Coin Flip
Crazy Time

How to Play Crazy Time

If you like your games free of the kind of extensive rules found in a game such as poker, then Crazy Time is for you. As with any live casino game, it’s controlled by a real-life dealer located in a physical studio, and the action is live-streamed to your device.

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When the Crazy Time Wheel Spins

In Crazy Time, you begin by being drawn toward someone stood next to a spinning wheel. Most parts of the wheel are set numbers: specifically 1, 2, 5, and 10. The numbers are presented in sequences of five, with a bonus spindle followed by another sequence of five. Bear in mind, as you bet on which number the wheel will land on, that each sequence comprises more 1s and 2s than it does 5s and 10s. If you pick the right number, your bet is multiplied by that number. There’s a greater chance that the wheel will land on a one or a two, with the majority of spindles representing those numbers. But while there’s less chance of landing a five or a 10, you stand to win far greater rewards.
Crazy Time bears some similarities to live roulette, albeit even simpler, which means that there’s less for you to think about and more to enjoy.

Crazy Time Big Wheel

The Crazy Time Bonus Rounds

Here’s more about those four bonus rounds, offering more potential big wins at Mr Green casino.

The Cash Hunt

A gallery-style side game with 108 multipliers for you to find, and some nice payouts for doing so. If you’re awarded a multiplier in the Top Slot, all 10 are multiplied by that amount. You then fire the cannon before being awarded whichever multiplier you hit.


Players are shown a board with pegs that work in a similar way to an arcade drop machine. The goal is to drop the puck into the top of the board in order to win the highest multiplier payout, which is up to 20.000x your stake. With its 16 drop zones, you might notice some similarities with a classic game called Connect 4.

crazy time bonus

Coin Flip
This one is as easy as it sounds. A red and blue coin is flipped to determine your payout. Before the flip of the coin, each of its sides is randomly assigned a multiplier value. The presenter flips the coin by pressing a button, with the prize attached to the winning colour.

Crazy Time

It’s quite fitting that the highest rewards are found in the bonus round named after the game itself. The largest Dreamcatcher wheel in the world is found in a land featuring dream-like creations, such as trains, flamingos, and floating octopuses.
The huge wheel holds the potential to reveal some very generous cash prizes. The Crazy Time wheel is different than the regular prize wheel, as it has three flappers to signify winning statements, e.g. you bet on a flapper, and the segment that falls on it is the prize you will be awarded.

Crazy time Bonus Rounds

Game Statistics

We’ve summarised some critical numbers for you below:

  • Min bet ($): 0.10
  • Max bet: ($): 5,000
  • Max win ($): 500,000
  • RTP: 94.33% – 96.08%
  • Demo available: No


Crazy Time is an experience that makes you feel like you’re playing on a game show. With generous multiplier potentials and numerous opportunities to win, it has a lot to offer. It also boasts an impressive interface and visuals, with multipliers awarded after each spin. You’ll also find the live game’s HD quality something to behold.
Crazy Time uses a mix of slot-style elements, RNG, and augmented reality, making use of state-of-the-art casino technology, and ensuring that you’re constantly immersed in the game. As gameshows are the main influence here, entertainment is definitely the name of the game in Crazy Time. It’s perfect for players who are looking for more than a traditional table game or the latest slot.
Crazy Time combines the familiarity and simplicity of the money wheel with the four bonuses, which ensures that the game stands out over other, similar titles. You can play the fully-optimised game right here at Mr Green live casino, either on your desktop browser, smartphone, or tablet.

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Crazy Time FAQ

What is the RTP of the Crazy Time game?

Crazy Time is a prize wheel casino game inspired by the Wheel of Fortune games that are popular in carnivals. It is a simple hybrid version of roulette since players have equal chances of winning in every section of the wheel. In the Crazy Time game, each section is numbered with varying frequencies. That means some sections are likely to have higher payouts. Crazy Time has an RTP of 95.4%. However, the return-to-player percentage can be lower or higher, depending on the sections. The frequencies in the sections determine the RTP, and the section with one frequency has the highest RTP at 96.08%, while Crazy Time has the lowest at 94.41%.

Who is the game provider of the Crazy Time game?

Crazy Time is a game show from Evolution. The live casino game show has a dream catcher-style wheel with 54 segments. The software provider incorporated money prizes on the wheel and unique bonus rounds. Evolution launched the game in 2020 at the ICE Exhibition, adding it to their game show portfolio. Crazy Time has lived up to the hype, providing exciting games within the game show.

What are the main features of Crazy Time at Mr Green?

Crazy Time is a live online game show with exciting features to keep players entertained. The game show is set in a colourful studio and has a money wheel with 54 segments. The segments are divided based on the payouts. For instance, the segments with 1 are 21, segments that payout 2 times the wager include 13, segments with a 5 multiplier are 7, and segments with a 10 multiplier are 4. They also have bonus segments that activate the bonus rounds.

How can I unlock Bonus Rounds at Crazy Time?

When the presenter spins the wheel in the Crazy Time game, it can stop in any of the 54 segments. If the wheel stops on the number you wagered, your payout will be based on the number, and the game ends. However, if the wheel stops on the bonus segments, the bonus round commences, and players with active bets in the bonus section proceed with the game. There is a higher chance of unlocking the bonus round through the coin flip segment since it has four segments. Pachinko and Cash Hunt have two segments each, while Crazy Time has one segment.