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Are you a fan of online casino gaming, who has always wanted to take part in a game show? You can do just that with Crazy Coin Flip, a game show-inspired slot machine. This never-before-seen format is truly pushing the boundaries of what’s come before it.
How many multipliers might your bet incur? Will you reach the final round? And will red or blue accompany any potential wins?

Crazy Coin Flip: an overview of the game

Crazy Coin Flip is unique in how it plays. Instead of winning money as symbols appear, as with many online slots, you can win multipliers that increase your base bet. As you progress through a series of three rounds, you can win a chance to increase those multipliers.
There are two different multiplier totals, corresponding to whether your spins come in as red or blue. In the final round, a coin is flipped to decide if your total has the blue multiplier added or the red.
All this takes place using a clever combination of classic fruit machine mechanics and symbols, with the added twist of live hosts to give a game show feeling.

How to play Crazy Coin Flip

The game can be broken down into three sections. Once you qualify for one, you have the chance to move on to the next phase.
The first section is known as the qualification round. If you manage to collect three scatter symbols here, then you qualify for the bonus round. To do this, you need to match the scatter symbols in a single spin on a classic three-reel slot machine. The multipliers you gain here add up to boost your final total if you qualify.

Selecting a spin mode is important in this section. You have a choice of three: Normal, XXXtreme, and Super XXXtreme.

  • XXXtreme will guarantee you at least one scatter symbol in a spin. This comes at the cost of five times your base bet.
  • Super XXXtreme guarantees at least two scatter symbols in a spin. This comes at a cost of fifty times your base bet.

Once you have qualified for the bonus round, you enter the top-up section. Whatever happens here, you cannot lose and get returned to the first round. In any eventuality, you are going to the final bonus round. This section functions solely to top up your multipliers so you can increase your possible winnings. In this section, you are on a timer, so you need to think fast and decide on your options.

The bonus section is simple and features a three-reel, three-row slot. Symbols divide into red and blue, and you win by getting three of the same coloured symbols in a row. The container multipliers and once won, they add together and go toward the total for red or blue. You can then move to the bonus round or, if you are still waiting for it to begin, you can play again and carry on topping up your bonuses.

Once you reach the bonus round, it is time to see how much you have won. This is the point where the live casino host will flip the coin, showing the bonuses that all players will receive.

The round starts with the showing of the totals and the host generates bonuses for the blue and red sides of the coin. To these totals, all scatter, top up and coin flip multipliers are added, showing the total for red and blue. The last coin is flipped to see which colour has won, and the corresponding bonuses are given to players.

crazy coin flip live dealer

Features, Symbols and Bonuses

To qualify for the bonus round in the first round, you need to get three qualification symbols which will appear on the reels, known as scatter symbols. Other symbols comprise the letters A, K, Q, J and the number 10, which are all low paying symbols. Higher paying ones are the cherry and the bell.

For a normal bet, your payout percentage is 96.05%. This changes to 96% when you are using an XXtreme bet but stays the same for a Super XXXtreme. Qualification payouts for symbols can vary, ranging from 0.4x all the way to 20x.

Once you qualify, you will move to the top-up multipliers. Here, your symbols change to an equal mix of blue and red symbols with multiplier totals in them. Once you get three in a row, they multiply and add to the correct colour total. They include x1, x2 and x5 multipliers.

The theoretical payout percentage for the top-up bet is 95.06%. They are paid out by multiplying the player’s base bet with that of the winning side multiplier.

When you are in the final bonus round, the randomly generated totals for red and blue will be at the top of the screen. These are the highest, ranging from x 10 to x 30. 

Finally, the left and right at the bottom will show any multipliers from the top-up phase. This is paid out using the formula: Total scatter multiplier x coin flip multiplier x player’s base bet.

crazy coin flip


For anyone who has played slots before, then the game mechanics of the opening qualification round should be familiar. Below the reels will be everything you need to get the game going.
Start by choosing your bet amount, found in the bottom left. If you are using normal spin modes, this bet is your base amount.
Central, just below the reels, is the large green spin button. This will start your game. If this button is red, it shows that you have one of the XXXtreme spin modes selected.
Changing Spin Modes
To change spin modes, use the button just under the reels to the right. Click it to change from normal, to XXXtreme, to Super XXXtreme. Doing so ensures that scatter symbols appear, but at a cost to your bet.
Turbo and Auto Spin
To the right of the spin command is a small symbol allowing you to switch between normal and turbo modes. This speeds up the spinning wheel animation, making the game a little quicker. It has no bearing on your bet or probability.
On the opposite side of the spin button is the auto-play switch, which will let you do automatic spin repeats on forthcoming rounds.

Top Up Round Controls

Once you reach the top-up round, many of the controls remain the same.  The spin button is located in the same location as the bet, turbo play, and auto spin buttons. However, you have a countdown timer under the reels which gives the time to the next coin flip bonus round.

Above the reels, you will also find the totals for any top-up multipliers won for red and blue coins.

crazy coin flip live game