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Evolution Gaming’s Live Blackjack offered by Mr Green is one of the most dynamic, speedy and attractive live blackjack games on the market. It has many extra options like side bets and Bet Behind and has the flexibility to be played on a desktop, smartphone or tablet. Get an even bigger field of view with full-screen mode, chat to the croupier or even bet on another player’s cards if you can’t get a seat on your preferred table.

The basic rules of Blackjack Live

If you are familiar with standard blackjack rules, making the transition to Blackjack Live at Mr Green should be straightforward. The aim of the game is to better the hand of the croupier while not going over 21, which will make you go bust. A blackjack, made up of an ace and a ten-valued card, will be an outright winner every time.
You will find Live Blackjack an entertaining and yet calm game as you do not have to be watching for the hands of other players. Appropriate strategy will help decrease the percentage the house takes in a game that already has a lower house edge than other online casino games.
It might seem that Live Blackjack will be difficult to pick up, but our clear guide will help you get started with bags of confidence.
When you arrive on the Live Blackjack table you will see that there are seven places for players.
As soon as you sit in one, you must be aware of the value of the cards you are playing with. While the numbered cards take the points shown on them, the king, queen and jack each have a value of ten. The ace is the only exception to this rule as it can have both one or 11 points, making it the most valuable asset.
Eight ordinary packs of cards are used in Live Blackjack with the live croupier standing when he has reached a score of 17. Doubling down is allowed on the couple of cards you get at the beginning, although this is not possible if you choose to split.
Splitting can only be done one time each round and only if that first couple of cards has the same value. However, the croupier will only provide you with one new card for every ace if you decide to split two aces you have received at the start. You get the chance to take insurance on your hand as soon as a dealer’s up-card is revealed to be an ace. If you get the same score as the dealer, a draw will be declared.

Using Side Bets in Live Blackjack

There are a selection of side bets that you can make to complement your main bet, as explained below:

Perfect Pairs: This side bet can be won the moment you get a pair with the first couple of cards you are dealt.
Three different variations of it are available:

  • Coloured Pair: Two similar cards which are either both red or both black.
  • Mixed Pair:Two similar cards that have their own suits and colours.
  • Perfect Pair:Two similar cards with identical suits.

21+3: Match the couple of cards provided at the beginning with the visible card held by the croupier to form a poker-style combination. How much you get will be decided by the way the three cards are formed:

  • Suited Triples: Three identical cards.
  • Straight Flush: Three consecutive cards of a similar suit.
  • Three of a Kind: Three similar cards with distinct suits.
  • Straight: Three consecutive cards with distinct suits.
  • Flush: Three randomly ordered cards of an identical suit.

Why Live Blackjack is so popular

If you want to know the what gives Evolution Gaming Blackjack Live the edge over its competitors read on about some of its amazing features:

Bet Behind: There is a possibility to make a bet on another player’s cards, even if you are not sitting at their table. If that player wins, you will receive a percentage of the amount awarded to that victor.

Return to Player (RTP): Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack pays back 99,28% of what is betted. This is also true of side bets like Perfect Pairs, that has an RTP of 95,90% and 21+3, that returns 96,30% of the bets made.

Live Chat: You can communicate with other people on the table and the dealer at all times via text chat.

User-friendly Support: Whenever you want to ask a question you can contact a member of the Evolution Gaming Blackjack Live team, even while you’re playing.

Customisation: Change the settings to adapt the game to your personal needs. You can choose whether or not to display on screen the side bets you have chosen or chats with fellow players. Video quality can be adjusted to the degree your data flow allows, opting from low to HD. Auto Adjust will measure it by itself, as it may be you are out and about and have a limited data package. You can also alter the volume of both the croupier or in-game noises from the sound settings.

Account history: The clock icon will provide information on all the games you have played throughout your entire time on Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack. Whether you want to know when you logged in, how much you bet or how much you won, this database will reveal it all.

Fair disconnection policy: Evolution Gaming Blackjack Live has you covered when you get logged out of the system in the middle of a game. Bets made before the time limit was over will be refunded and it will be as if they had not been made in the first place. If the disconnection happened when the time had ran out, the bet stands and the system will give you the cash that is owed to you if you won.

Lobby: Move to another table or change to a different live dealer game using the Lobby button at the base of the screen.

Multi-game Playing: This option allows the player to take part in a maximum of four games simultaneously. Click on ‘+Table’ to get on an additional table within your browser.

Playing Guide for Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack

We have put together this step-by-step manual on how to start your journey on Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack:

Sit where you want: When you get onto your Live Blackjack table you must choose a seat from which to play by clicking on it. To leave, all you need to do is to press the ‘x’ by the seat.

Make your bet: If you are sure there is enough credit in your account you can go ahead and place your bet. To do so check on the amount you want to play from those provided. Just remember that there is a time limit, so don’t take too long thinking about it!

Choose how to react: After your bet has been made the croupier will deal two cards to every player including her or himself. At this point you must entertain one of these options:

You can either choose to get dealt out a third card (called a ‘hit’) or remain with the original two cards (referred to as a ‘stand’). Another possibility is ‘splitting’, which would mean they would each be played separately at the same time. The last move you can make is doubling your bet if you think your hand has what it takes, called a ‘double down’.

After all the players make their moves it is up to the dealer to do the same, although the latter will always stands at 17. At the end of the round the live croupier will pick up all the cards, announce the winners and each will receive what is owed into their accounts.


Payouts: Working out your winnings

Make sure your cards don’t go over the points limit of 21, because that will mean you go bust. Another way of losing is when the value of the croupier’s cards is superior to your own. However, if the sum of your cards beats those held by the croupier you will find yourself a bit richer, as you will receive even money. If you had a blackjack (ace and ten-point card adding to 21) the winnings will be valued at 3:2 in respect of your original bet.

The aim of the insurance bet is to save you from an ace held by the croupier. When you notice the dealer has one, take out insurance and benefit from a 2:1 payout in the event of a dealer blackjack.

Side bets have increased odds as you need more luck. For a Perfect Pair you will get 25:1, a Coloured Pair 12:1 and a Mixed Pair 6:1.
Some of the winnings for the 21+3 side bet can really be very significant. Suited Triples offer 100:1 of your original bet while a Straight Flush gives you 40:1. Three of a kind boils down to a 30:1 payout while a Straight brings in 10:1 and a Flush, 5:1.

Why choose Evolution Gaming Blackjack Live?

If you want to know why Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack with Mr Green is a fantastic option for you, it is because of the complete package offered. Mr Green offers an awesome distribution of live dealer games at our award-winning casino. Benefit from friendly customer service, security and fairness, frequent bonus offers and jaw-dropping promotions! In case you like live blackjack, remember that Mr Green is constantly adding new live games to its repertoire that will enrich your whole casino experience!