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Who does not love that exciting feeling when the symbols match up and the reels start flashing while playing slots? To help you on your journey at our casino it is useful to know how frequently slots pay out, how the jackpot system works and what sort of payouts you can expect. This is where ‘slot volatility’ comes in, as each slot has its own element of risk which defines what you can expect over the course of several rounds. Much like life itself, the more of a risk you take, the greater the possibility of winning more, and vice-versa. Starting up you might want to play fewer cliffhanger slots, but once your confidence improves you could start staking your claim for the top jackpots.

It is sometimes difficult to find out how volatile a certain slot can be as individual games rarely point that out. That is why we have published this handy guide on working out the volatility of slots and what sort of bet could work in each situation, so you can concentrate on enjoying the game knowing you have covered all your bases.

How do I identify a low volatility slot?

If you are looking for a consistent flow of smaller payouts that are not extraordinary but could still be up to 400 times the original stake, a low volatility slot is the best option. While you might not become a millionaire overnight, you will not quickly feel too much of a loss to your balance either.

Low volatility slots are great if you have a small budget and just want to enjoy the experience with a higher possibility of getting exciting bonus spins along the way. There are even bonus games within the slot itself that appear more frequently than in a high volatility slot, which can make the ride all the more enjoyable.

Do you want to enjoy the slot for a more sustained period of time? Then low volatility slots might be just what you are looking for, as you can extend your game time and there is a greater possibility of being able to bet on bonuses that you might win along the way.

If you want to try low volatility slots, Starburst, Jack Hammer 2 and Blood Suckers are just some of the large selections we have on offer.

low volatility slots

How do high volatility slots work?

High volatility slots are designed for those who are looking for larger payout amounts, although you might have to wait some time for any sort of win to come your way. There might be times when you feel like everything is against you until you suddenly hit the big time. When you manage to match the high-scoring symbols you will get a pop at bonus spins and exclusive games that could give you the chance to get for instance 5,000 times your original stake. Each slot has its own payout ratio: some players have even received a jaw-dropping 20,000 times their original stake!

These larger payouts are offset by the fact that you will not get that winning feeling so often. With a comfortable balance, patience and the appropriate strategy, however, you could be in line for huge sums. If you feel you have the personality to handle these conditions, high volatility slots could be just for you.

Getting excited about high volatility slots? Try Dead or Alive, Sakura Fortune or Book of Dead to get you started on this journey.

High volatility slots like Book of Dead

Judging the volatility of a Mr Green slot

It is often not that clear whether the volatility of a slot is high or low, especially as this is rarely mentioned in the slot description. There is always the option of scouring the Web for these key facts, although you might still have doubts about whether what you find out is relevant to any given slot.

At this point, it really comes to trying it out yourself as the proof is in the eating. Have a test run of the slot in question, if possible in the non-paying demo mode, and see if you receive small amounts frequently or rare large quantities. Depending on whether it is the former or the latter, you will can work out whether it is a low or high volatility slot.

As you are trying out the games, there are a few other pointers to understand the volatility of a slot. Observing how big the payouts are for each bonus round will give you an even better idea how risky a slot is on the long run. We explain these elements in the rest of this guide.

Slots variance

Calculating the risk factors

One useful piece of information slots are likely to reveal is the highest amount of coins you can win in each game. Use this figure to find out how much you get for each stake by dividing it by the maximum bet you can wager before spinning the reels. On lower volatility slots this will not surpass 500 times the original stake, while high volatility slots will give you a value of 3,000 times or more the original amount. Based around that basic rule of thumb, you can then judge which slots have the highest and lowest volatility on a general scale.

A different method of calculating the volatility ratio is analysing the different quantities awarded between each payline of symbols matched in a winning combination. This will rise significantly when you are in a high volatility slot.

slots payouts

Now put what you know into practice

We hope this guide has served you well in working out what is the volatility that will best suit you. Now you have a sound comprehension of how to analyse volatility in slots, it might be an idea to put the theory into practice. Check out the wide range of slots Mr Green offers to enjoy more while feeling in control of your experience!

As you now know more about slots and how they award prizes you can start to spin the reels with more assurances of what to expect. From everyone at Mr Green we hope you can have the most fun playing your slots, confident that you are in the driving seat all the time.

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