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Put on your blindfold, pick up your stick and come out swinging! Spiñata Grande from NetEnt and its cash-filled piñatas could reward you with up to €120,000 with a lucky spin of the reels. With its colossal symbols and colossal wilds, you will feel like a child again in this fiesta of free spins.

How to play Spiñata Grande

Spiñata Grande video slot from NetEnt makes use of 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 paylines. What’s best about this amazing video slot is its Mexican theme. Bright, colourful, entertaining and packed full of good old fashioned mariachi music, every spin will have you dancing in your seat.

Spiñata Grande's main eye catchers are the fantastic piñata characters. For those of you unfamiliar with piñatas, they are paper-mâché containers in the shape of animals or objects and filled with toys and candies. The piñata is then broken with sticks as part of a fun celebration to release all the goodies inside for everyone to enjoy.

You will find these brightly coloured and highly detailed animal piñatas are your big pay out symbols in the game. Along with the standard 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, you have the moustachioed fish, the wacky bird, the pink "burro" (donkey) and the charging "toro" (bull).

Even the backdrop of the game showcases the Mexican fiesta atmosphere with floating balloons and brightly coloured pennants, making you feel that your next spin could very well trigger a party.

You can try this game today for free before playing for real money.

Spiñata Grande slot poster

Spiñata Grande features

Spiñata Grande takes the typical bonus features found on the majority of other slot machine titles but does something a little different. Gone are the typical scatters and wild symbols; instead Spiñata Grande has utilised "colossal" symbols—the best of which is the "Mini-Slot" feature, which is a slot machine within a slot machine. It’s a great bonus feature that really pays out directly in the form of coin candy and also free spin rounds. It can take a little time for the "Mini-Slot" to appear, but hold out because when it does appear, it's where you will make your biggest wins.

The wild symbol in this game only appears during the free spin round bonus. The wild is a colossal 3x3 symbol featuring a huge Mexican styled skull that covers reels 2, 3 and 4. You will find that every time this symbol lands on your free spin round, the winnings go through the roof.

Colossal Wins

From the very first spin of Spiñata Grande, you will notice the colossal (and colourful) symbols, but what exactly is a colossal symbol and why is it special?

Firstly, colossal symbols are 2x2 and 3x3 symbols, double and even triple the size of a regular slot symbol. What makes the colossal symbol really special, is the way it partly stacks itself across several reels, creating winning paylines as it goes and big wins if it falls alongside its smaller symbols of the same type. For example, a 3x3 colossal landing across reel 1, 2 and 3 wins itself, but a 2x2 or standard 1x1 symbol falling on lines 4 and 5 will complete a 5x symbol payline.

This is why Spiñata Grande has a maximum coin win of 120,000 coins (€12,000)!

Spiñata Grande slot bonus

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Spiñata Grande in-game bonus features

Spiñata Grande is one of the best slot machines online for bonuses. The game doesn’t offer scatters, free spins or wilds in the usual way. The standard gameplay revolves around the use of colossal game symbols, while the bonus features are triggered when the “Mini-Slot” appears in-game. When this symbol appears, it’s almost like hitting the jackpot!

Colossal Mini-Slot Feature

The “Mini-Slot” machine is a 3×3 colossal symbol that depending on how much of the bonus symbol is revealed, will reveal 3, 6 or 9 random casino rewards from instant wins in the form of bronze, silver and gold coins, plus a chance to open up the great free spins round for even bigger win possibilities.

Spiñata Grande Free Spins

If the mini-slot feature is revealed during gameplay, three free spin symbols will trigger five free spin rounds. Every additional symbol will reward the player with one extra free spin round.

It’s only during play in the free spin rounds that the ‘Colossal Wild’ can appear. The colossal Wild is a 3×3 wild that substitutes for all symbols except for colossal bonus symbols and when hit it greatly increases your bonus payout.

Mechanics of Spiñata Grande

Spiñata Grande was released in March 2015 to Mr Green’s online casino. The game is available in “play for free” mode or “real money play” across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.

  • Max Win (coins): 120,000 coins
  • Volatility: Low/Medium
  • Free Play available: Yes

Final Conclusions

If you’re looking for a game that’s fun, entertaining, colourful and packed to the brim with character – look no further. The bonus games are fun to play and even though the mini-slot feature took a while to actually appear, we were rewarded with huge payouts that kept the fun alive and kicking when it did.

To conclude, we can’t recommend Spiñata Grande enough. From the ambient sounds and entertaining music to the detailed artwork that adorns every inch of the reels and more. It may take a little time for this slot to warm up, but once it does you’ll be left wondering why you need to play any other slot ever again.

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