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Playing online slots not only offers you fun and excitement but also gives you the opportunity to win a decent sum of money in the process. Unfortunately, there are tons of myths that continue to circulate in the casino industry and if you take them to heart it can quickly deteriorate your gaming experience.

Perhaps you have heard that certain slots provide better payouts at certain casinos or you need to play slots at a specific time to greatly increase your chances of winning. Maybe you’ve heard that slots will only start paying after you have experienced a horrible losing streak, or that the payout settings of a slot are solely determined by the online casino.

Whatever the reason, we are here to bust some of these popular myths and assist you in clearing your mind and beliefs before you set the reels in motion on your favourite slot machines. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some myths and facts that surround these popular casino games.

MYTH - Slots Only Pay at Specific Times

There is a popular myth among slot enthusiasts that slots provide better payouts at certain times. For instance, some players believe that a slot has a better chance of paying out when you play it at a specific time, while others believe that it provides better payouts immediately after you registered a new account. There is a belief that casinos want to lure you in by giving you ample payouts when you initially register to ensure you stay a loyal player.

Fact – Slots use a Random Number Generator which guarantees each spin is independent and unique. The RNG solely determines the outcome of each spin and therefore there is no specific time or date that a slot will payout better than the day before. The chances of winning will always be the same, regardless of when you play the slot.

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MYTH - Losing Streaks Lead to Better Winning Opportunities

Most players are under the impression that a big win will occur if there’s been a string of losing bets. Most also imagine that the longer you have to wait for a winning combination, the bigger the win will be when it eventually comes around. This obviously creates false hope in players which ultimately leads to disappointment and a gambling problem in the process.

Fact – Slots come equipped with what is referred to as a “Hit Frequency”. This essentially determines the probability of a winning spin occurring on the slot you are playing. Due to the fact that each spin is completely random and unique, thanks to the RNG, it doesn’t matter how long you have been playing as the probability of winning will always be the same.

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MYTH - Casinos Are in Control of Slot Payouts

One of the most common myths among players is that online casinos are in control of when and where a slot will provide a decent payout. This myth was basically created by players that have experienced a bad losing streak or by players that usually receive a payout at 100 spins but now had to wait for 400 spins before a payout was triggered. Unlucky players then assume that casinos are behind this and start spreading rumours.

Fact – There isn’t a single legitimate casino in the world that has the power to alter the outcome of a slot machine. Slots not only use a Random Number Generator to generate the results but reputable casinos, such as Mr Green casino, are also monitored and frequently evaluated by third-party auditors to ensure every casino game is fair and completely honest. Most online casinos post their audit reports to show players that every game is completely fair.

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MYTH - Slots Pay Better at Certain Casinos

This myth was materialised between online players that experienced a bad run at one casino while enjoying major winning opportunities at another. Once this phenomenon occurred, they immediately thought that certain online casinos had slots that provided far better payout percentages when compared to other online casinos.

Fact – All slots come equipped with winning probabilities, known as hit frequencies. This, combined with the value of every outcome, provides the theoretical payout of each slot machine, also referred to as Return To Player. The Return to Player (RTP) ratio is easily accessible on every single slot that is released by software developers, regardless of the online casino where the slot is available. When you read through the game’s information, you will come across the RTP percentage. This figure may change slightly from one casino to another, but only by a few decimals. A significant difference could only occur when you compare a land-based casino slot to an online version.

Better payout at other casinos

MYTH - Higher Jackpots Increase Your Chances of Winning

Most slot enthusiasts are under the impression that a progressive jackpot slot will have a higher probability of paying out the life-changing sum of money once the jackpot amount reaches a high amount. In other words, players believe that once the jackpot is higher than normal, the chances that it will payout is far greater.

Fact – Your chances of winning a large sum of money on a progressive jackpot slot will always be the same, regardless of the progressive jackpot size. On most jackpot slots, you will find that larger bets will indeed increase your chances of triggering the progressive jackpot. However, the jackpot size will not have any influence on the outcome whatsoever.

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MYTH - You Cannot Increase Your Chances of Winning

There’s a widespread myth among players in the casino industry that there is no way you can increase your chances of winning while playing online slots, regardless of where you decide to play. Due to the random number generator and the hit frequency, it is ultimately all about luck and you cannot change these factors in any way.

Fact – Every single slot comes with different settings in terms of the theoretical payout percentage and the probability of triggering a winning combination. Once you do some research, you will notice that some slots provide a better payout percentage than others which will immediately give you the upper hand while playing in the short term. You will also discover that slots are separated by their volatility level which determines if the slot is high or low risk. Due to these factors, you can greatly increase your chances of winning if you know which slot to play. Finally, you can also claim bonuses to further increase your chances of winning as you’ll prolong your gaming session with a far bigger bankroll.

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